November 2, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Moving the goal posts -- Media foolishness -- North Korea's intent -- Russian trolls hate everyone -- Buy a magazine -- Stunning story -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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The suspect who “allegedly” drove a truck onto a New York City bike path, killing eight people and injuring a dozen more in the name of ISIS, is reportedly recuperating in his hospital bed, laughing and bragging about his “accomplishment.”

Meanwhile, many liberals are outraged…at President Trump, for saying this vile excuse for a human deserves the death penalty or at least to be sent to Gitmo. Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any more out of touch with Americans, or for that matter, with reality, they move the goalposts a little further left until they're now out in the parking lot.


Mike Huckabee


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Media foolishness

By Mike Huckabee

In the wake of this week’s deadly terrorist attack in New York, some media outlets felt the need to bend over backward to keep from identifying the killer as Muslim or ISIS-associated. One commentator astoundingly tried to argue that Christians are just as likely as Islamists to launch terrorist attacks by pointing to a Catholic who became a terrorist -- after he converted to Islam. Way to make your point.

But when the efforts to whitewash the New York attack failed due to truth getting in the way, Jake Tapper at CNN felt compelled to tell us how beautiful the phrase “Allahu Akbar” can be when used under circumstances other than killing and injuring a lot of innocent people.


North Korea's intent

By Mike Huckabee

While the US media are consumed with who met with whom during an election campaign over a year ago, North Korea is continuing its plans to attack us with nuclear weapons and invade South Korea. At least according to Congressional testimony from a very high-ranking defector that I’ll bet you never heard about on the news.


Russian trolls hate everyone

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of Russian trolls misleading Americans: if you think they support Trump, guess again. Once Trump was elected, the Russians reportedly turned to trying to sow unrest and division by questioning the legitimacy of his election. Apparently, they didn't realize they could have saved a lot of rubles and effort just by letting Hillary Clinton and most of the media do it for them.


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Buy a magazine

By Mike Huckabee

Some conservative commentators have argued for years that if deep-pocket Republicans really want to help win elections, they’ll quit giving millions to PACs with no record of success and instead buy a women’s magazine. That way, there would be at least one fashion and style magazine for America’s women that doesn’t constantly push leftwing political messages. There’s an excellent book about the lockstep leftism of the fashion rags called “Spin Sisters,” and it came out 12 years ago, so it’s hardly a new idea.


Stunning story

If you can stand one more book about the 2016 Presidential election, this excerpt suggests a new one may be a stunner. It has the inside details on the mismanagement, financial chaos, overspending and outright corruption roiling the Democratic Party as Hillary Clinton wielded control before she even had the nomination while Bernie Sanders tried to fight a rigged system. And these are the people who wanted us to entrust them with the government?

Even more stunning: this is the book by former DNC chair, Donna Brazile.



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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • J. R. Whitby

    11/02/2017 10:57 PM

    RE the Allahu Akbar comment from Jake Tapper and CNN, here is a link from Middle East Media Research with a much more thorough explanation of why the God is Great translation is not accurate. I found it enlightening. It is definitely not politically correct.
    I enjoy your newsletter and commentary.

  • Betty Smith

    11/02/2017 09:46 PM

    Thank you for your comments on the news. I appreciate the conservative point of view.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    11/02/2017 09:42 PM

    Who does Donna Brazile think she is writing for-- 5-year-olds?? Her BS is nauseating. NOT KNOW???? The hell she didn't!! "Poor" Bernie -- he didn't get a chance to turn this country into a "socialist paradise"! I feel for her and for him...I feel revulsion and disgust.

  • Ginger Cox

    11/02/2017 08:18 PM

    Any signs of hate should be nipped at the bud. We will not tolerate such hate ideology or anti-American attitude. Put them on watch list and surveil every step and action. I am not against Muslim, but I am against a growing number of people who follow Isis propaganda. I am also against supremacist ideology and they should be treated the same way with surveillance. Those who are under George Soros need to be under surveillance as well. In the lesser unharmful form like the hatred toward those in blues and unclear mission by the NFL, there need to be dialogue on how to improve. I am against The massacre in Las Vegas and Stephen Paddock from bad influences (father under FBI watch, brother in porn), this should have been on the watch. I am against riots and harmful activities - they are not to be tolerated and SWAT team must be brought in to save the people and those in blues. I think we need more people signing up for military just for protecting our nation internally.