August 24, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  The Phoenix speech -- Supreme Court to hear First Amendment case soon -- Polling Virginia voters -- Reparations -- Mattis gets "in your face"  -- News Bits 


Good morning America!

At his rally in Phoenix this week, President Trump was back in full-on campaign mode, serving up more red meat than a Texas barbecue joint. He strongly defended his love for all Americans of all backgrounds, and went after the media tooth-and-tong for its attempts to depict him as a racist and KKK sympathizer. He recounted his exact words in response to the violence in Charlottesville and smacked down his critics by name, including dismissing the Washington Post as a lobbying tool for (it’s now owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, a major Trump opponent.) He said there are bad people in the media who don’t like America and are more interested in ratings than the truth, blamed them for stirring up divisions in the country, and mocked them for turning off the cameras as he called them out.

It will be claimed that it’s unpresidential or counter-productive to attack the media so vociferously. But Trump obviously believes that the media are so biased against him that nothing will ever change it, so he might as well not even try to curry their favor. Instead, he’s doing what he did during the campaign: using Twitter and rallies to go around them and take his case directly to the people. You can be skeptical of whether that will work, but as he pointed out, he’s living in the White House. That was something the media thought they had the power to prevent.


Mike Huckabee



Supreme court to hear First Amendment case soon

By Mike Huckabee

The Supreme Court will soon hear the case of a Christian grandmother whose florist business is being sued and fined into bankruptcy because she declined a job servicing a same-sex wedding. The lower court ruled that she violated the state’s law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Two conservative groups have now filed an amicus brief on her behalf, arguing that she did not discriminate against gay customers – indeed, she had long provided flowers to one of the plaintiffs – but the government forcing her to participate in a ceremony that violates her personal religious beliefs constitutes "a frontal assault on liberties Americans have treasured for over 200 years." It will be up to the SCOTUS to clarify whether a right they invented out of whole cloth trumps a right embedded in the First Amendment.


Polling Virginia voters

By Mike Huckabee

There’s yet another poll showing that a large proportion of the public agree with President Trump that the blame for the Charlottesville violence was not all on one side. But this poll is particularly interesting because it involves those closest to it. MASSInc polling found that 41% of Virginians blame the left and right equally, while 40% put most of the blame on the white nationalists. It also found that by a 52-25 margin, Virginians think Confederate monuments represent history, not racism. However, only 30% approve of the way Trump responded to the violence. Judging from the way it was covered by the media, I wonder if they realize he responded to it pretty much the way most of them did.



By Mike Huckabee

Here’s where we separate the genuinely repentant white liberals from the fashionable virtue-signalers: A self-described “core organizer” of Black Lives Matter Louisville issued a list of reparations that she thinks white people owe to black people. They include downsizing your living space and giving your house to a black or brown family.

There are an awful lot of liberal celebrities, politicians and news media figures living in houses much larger than they really need and lecturing hard-working Americans who are just trying to keep a roof over their heads about how racist they are. Here’s your chance: put your mansions where your mouths are!




Mattis gets "in your face"

By Mike Huckabee

When it came to military strategy, the last Administration “led from behind.” This one is leading from “in your face.” Defense Secretary James “Maddog” Mattis just made an unannounced trip to Iraq, so he could tell ISIS to their faces that they’re a bunch of filthy, murdering cowards who are about to die. His full comments at the link, but yeah, that’s the gist of it.



News Bits

At his rally in Phoenix, President Trump was back in full-on campaign mode, serving up more red meat than a Texas barbecue joint.



Donald Trump made his first televised address to the nation as President this week, a lengthy foreign policy address revealing what he has decided to do about American involvement in Afghanistan. As a candidate, Trump ran on pulling America out of foreign wars, but the speech represented a reversal of that stand.



Many in the media are still too busy having a collective conniption fit over President Trump’s bludgeoning of them at a rally in Phoenix to have reported much on what he later said to veterans at the American Legion’s national convention in Reno. If you’re more interested in substance than WWE-style smackdowns, it would be worth a click.



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  • Helen Feldman

    08/24/2017 11:42 PM

    Dear Gov.,
    Have a very delightful birthday! Thank you for your helpful information on the daily happenings. My country and my President are being ripped apart. This reminds me of my childhood in Europe when my parents and I lived in fear. President Trump is the first and only leader who gave me hope, only to see so many evil anti-Americans intent on destroying him. Whatever happened to the word "treason"? It hurts to see these criminals thumbing their noses at us for escaping punishment. Thank you for allowing me to vent some of my frustration. By the way, you have an exceptional daughter. I must quote Mr. Spock: "live long and prosper"!

  • David Edgington

    08/24/2017 02:08 PM

    Mike - I appreciate all you are doing with these newsletters. They are FAR more informative than the MSN. Plus yours are honest. My adult son and I live in Phoenix and attended the Trump Rally. We waited in the approx 5 mile long line outside but could not get in since it was filled to capacity. There were at least 10k people who didn't get in, probably more - the Convention Center has a 19k capacity. Outside in the line the Trump supporters were all cordial, friendly, calm, peaceful and orderly. There were absolutely no problems, nor were there any hotheads near us. But the "protesters" (actually "Revilers" is a more accurate term), were vicious, angry, mocking us and vicious towards all of us. And we did absolutely nothing to provoke them. We were called "Racists, KKK lovers, Nazis, White Supremacists, Xenophobes, and they hurled a lot of 'F-Bombs' at us, etc." There was a large Socialist presence (we could tell by their signs), and a lot of LGBTQ people. We outnumbered the Revilers by about 5,000 to 1. The police were literally, physically holding the crowds back from getting close to us and did a fantastic job. What is amazing is that the MSM did not report on ANY of this whatsoever. If they did, I could not find any. I think we have to stop calling the MSM "Fake News" and instead call them the "Corrupt News" since this is not just "fake" it is a deliberate misrepresentation of facts. We later learned that people were hired on Craig's List and paid to oppose and be hostile to freedom loving Americans.

  • Randy lee Rigsby

    08/24/2017 10:30 AM

    MR. Huckabee, Thank you for your wisdom and insight. I truely enjoy your common sense approach to todays issues. I dont know if you have noticed but the media doesnt seemed to be focused on the Russia investigation anymore. The issue has completly disappeared. Mr. Trump is getting hit from all sides and we the people see it for what it is. They are trying to take him down at all costs, dividing our nation with ridiculous fake news. the American people are smarter than they think. We arent falling for it. I applaud him for standing up to them. I would like to see someone speak about why the Russia issue has been dropped completely, Was there no story ? no collusion ? Thanks, Randy

  • Gladys Hizer

    08/24/2017 10:23 AM

    Happy, Happy Birthday, young man!