May 24, 2017

Today's Commentary:  The Supreme Court Rules -- California Considers The Unthinkable -- Roger Moore RIP

The Supreme Court handed down a number of rulings Monday, but most weren’t on major cases. The most newsworthy was a 5-3 ruling that North Carolina illegally drew Congressional districts along racial lines to stuff black voters into two districts. But the case has been in court so long that the district lines have already been redrawn.

Mostly, it shows how difficult it is for legislatures to keep up with the ever-changing standards for what’s politically correct.

Democrats once demanded that some districts be drawn so that African-American voters would be in the majority, to insure people of color would have elected representation in Congress. Now, they decry majority-minority districts as racist attempts to shove all people of color into a handful of districts. If black voters are divided up into more districts and that results in fewer black candidates winning, will they denounce what they’re now demanding as racist again? Maybe someday we’ll get to the point where we can all agree that what’s racist (or sexist) is just assuming that all voters will vote only for candidates who look just like them.


Mike Huckabee

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California Considers The Unthinkable...

By Mike Huckabee

In California, America’s West Coat nature preserve for loons, there’s a big push to declare health care a “human right” (for the record, in case you’re ever a pageant contestant, rights are God-given; nothing can be a “right” that requires coercing other people into providing it to you) and institute statewide single-payer health care.

The state Senate Appropriations Committee commissioned a study on how much that would cost, and the numbers are in. Financial analysts estimate that creating a publicly-funded universal health care system would cost approximately $400 billion a year, or more than double the entire state budget of about $180 billion. Proponents say the $100 to $150 billion currently being spent on health care benefits by employers would help offset the expense. Great, then it wouldn’t lower health care costs for employers at all, plus taxpayers would have to pony up an extra hundred billion a year at bare minimum. They also might want to ask Vermont and Tennessee just how accurate initial cost projections are for vast expansions of state health care benefits. Or look at other nations with single-payer systems for a frightening preview of what happens to the quality of health care when the money runs low.

California’s Chamber of Commerce said the single-payer plan would “result in significant loss of jobs,” and a spokesman for the California Association of Health Plans called it “massively, if not prohibitively expensive.” Most surprisingly, the Sacramento Bee said the cost analysis “is seen as the biggest hurdle to create a universal system.” Since when has the crushing cost of anything been seen as a hurdle to the California legislature?

Still, $400 billion a year (to start) is so obviously, ruinously unaffordable that even California politicians may be forced to abandon their dream of a state single-payer system and fall back on Plan B: Demanding that Washington implement one nationwide.



Roger Moore RIP

By Mike Huckabee

Sad news from the entertainment world: the family of Sir Roger Moore announced that he has died at 89 after a short battle with cancer. Moore was most famous for his debonair roles as “The Saint” on TV and James Bond in the movies, and he seemed onscreen to be the kind of handsome, witty, aristocratic type who was born wearing a tuxedo. But in fact, he was the son of a policeman, and he grew up in a poor neighborhood of London. He quit school at 16, was drafted into the Royal Army and served as a second lieutenant before ever becoming an actor. He had to drop out of acting school for lack of funds, and it only after MGM signed him that he was able to take lessons to lose his Cockney accent. Despite his later worldwide success, he kept his ego in check and spoke of his acting career with self-deprecating humor. He said he wasn’t an actor in the Olivier sense, but he joked that he had managed to work his way up from two facial expressions as the Saint to four as 007.

The obituary at the link has more fascinating stories about Roger Moore's life, roles and charity work, plus lots of interesting photos. Yes, some Bond Girls are included, along with video of a spectacular James Bond car-flipping stunt. Roger Moore wouldn't have wanted his obituary any other way.


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