August 8, 2017

After taking office, one of a new President’s most pressing duties is to fill approximately 1,200 executive positions, with 577 classified as key. Care to take a few guesses as to why President Trump, after 200 days in office, might be behind other Chief Executives on getting those important spots filled?

Well, let’s see. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Washington is plagued by a metastasizing and conflict-laden special counsel investigation that was sparked by a fake dossier and intentional leaks from his own FBI chief, a stunningly adversarial relationship with the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself), massive internal leakage even of classified conversations with world leaders, courts challenging the President’s proposals at every turn and sapping his clearly-enumerated Constitutional powers, unforgivable paralysis among Republican legislators, and, finally, foot-dragging on his nominations by the Senate, which is now in recess. Oh, and we’ve got war, the terrorist threat, Iran’s missile program, and a chubby sociopath who dreams nonstop of lobbing nuclear warheads at us.

No wonder he sometimes seems to be slogging through molasses. Come to think of it, that's not molasses he's stuck in; it's the sort of contamination that requires hip boots.

Those who are playing politics, pulling out all the stops to make the President’s job even more difficult in the hope that he will fail, need to remember that this is no game –- that the world truly is a dangerous place right now. If he fails, we fail. And nobody’s too big to fail, brother, not even The Land Of The Free. We’re at increased risk not because Trump is President, but because he’s not allowed to be.


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  • Barbara Douglas

    08/09/2017 12:26 PM

    Why can't President Trump just FIRE Muellar? Can't Trump use the neucleur option to get most of his appointees in? I am a strong believer in GOD, and I am having a problem trying to pray for those who persecute, and doing good to those who do evil, like MCCain! I believe that GOD will take them down, but When, and will we have been through the "Great Tribulation" when He does? It is very troublesome for me to have a forgiving attitude toward all of these demon possessed people!

  • Patricia de la Tejera

    08/09/2017 11:27 AM

    Messages form heaven, read at an ecumenical site, 30 years old.
    Recent message called President Trump a "righteous man".
    So easy to make a pilgrimage, near Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Lois Dommer

    08/08/2017 11:42 AM

    This is so sad and true. How very disappointed in those who demanded our President to run as Republican, and I wonder why...but then they just knew he would lose because he was not one of them. I'm so grateful he wasn't and isn't! Now we understand why Obama was so successful. They were doing what they do best, sitting in seats with doing noting but grandstanding. Now they are in the spotlight with the millions of us who voted for President Trump. I am hoping and praying that good honest men rise up and run against them so we can vote them out. These men and women gave an oath when they were sworn in, but seem to not remember what an oath is, and certainly have no respect for the President nor the people who saw a man who loved the people and the United States of America.
    Thank you Mike Huckabee for your integrity and giving us honest news - plus not ripping the President to pieces. I don't know of anyone who is perfect except our Lord!