June 25, 2018

What happened at the Red Hen was nothing like the Christian baker case

I wish I didn’t have to comment on the inexcusably rude treatment of a Virginia restaurant owner in asking my daughter Sarah and her family to leave, simply because she disagrees with their politics.  But it became a major news story and seems to be part of a growing trend on the left, as these increasingly desperate losers ramp up the hysterical attacks (“Everyone who does anything I don’t like is worse than Hitler!!”) to cover for the fact that the policies they espouse in all areas are being exposed as hopeless failures, and more and more people are catching on that they’ve been conned. Their fury over their ever-declining influence has reduced them to the level of angry adolescents, screaming, “It’s not fair!!” and lashing out with temper tantrums. 



If they can’t even behave like civilized adults, then I can’t imagine voters will entrust them with the vast powers of the federal government (aside from Maxine Waters’ constituents.)  Seriously, does this woman not even remember that one of her own colleagues, Rep. Steve Scalise, missed quite a bit of work after being shot by an unstable Bernie Bro, hopped up on anti-Republican propaganda until he attempted to pull a massacre at a charity baseball practice?  But I digress...


I’m not going to mention the name of this restaurant because they don’t deserve any more free publicity.  But I do want to share a few reactions:


First, I am immensely proud of Sarah and her family for the graceful and dignified way in which she responded to this unconscionable (and possibly illegal) discrimination.  Note that she didn’t throw a fit, pull rank, threaten anyone or file a lawsuit.  She simply left quietly and ate elsewhere, I’m sure at a place where both the hospitality and the food were far superior.


I’d also like to implore her supporters not to lower themselves to the opposition’s level by making threats or vandalizing the restaurant’s website or Yelp page.  The owner wanted publicity.  Don’t give it to her.  Instead, simply grant her wish of never having to serve anyone whose politics she disagrees with. 


I’m also relieved this was a quiet, non-violent incident.  There have been other shocking incidents of violent mobs harassing and threatening members of the Administration, forcing them to flee restaurants.  Those people need to be arrested and prosecuted.  As for those trying to gin up more ideologically-based violence (looking at you again, Rep. Waters), they are a perfect illustration of the Supreme Court’s exemption to the First Amendment, that inciting a riot (i.e., yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater) is not protected free speech.  It’s also not something that any decent human being with a maturity level above age five does.  Even the reliably liberal Washington Post recognized the dangers of such incendiary rhetoric and condemned it in an op-ed.  And no, whining, “Trump started it!” doesn’t make you sound more like an adult.


Finally, I want to respond to the idiotic claims by the left that conservatives “have it coming” because this is just like that Christian baker who declined to make a same-sex wedding cake.  No, it’s nothing like that.  I know that people who use the word “nuanced” a lot don’t seem to understand what it means, so I’ll attempt to explain the nuances of the two cases clearly and in words short enough that even a liberal intellectual can understand:


The baker in question never ejected anyone from his store for being gay.  He made it clear that everyone was welcome to the part of the store that serves the public, and he would happily sell them anything in the store.  What he declined was a separate contract job custom-designing a cake that he felt violated his religious beliefs, for the same reason he refuses to use what he considers his God-given talent to design Halloween cakes or cakes that personally attack people.  His objection to being forced to accept the custom contract job was based on his First Amendment right to be free from the government forcing him to violate his religious beliefs, not on some nonexistent right to ban gay people from the public area of his shop because he doesn’t like them personally. 


I wonder if leftists who are cheering the restaurant owner for ejecting my daughter’s family from a public accommodation just because she didn’t agree with their politics even realize that they are making a very different argument that goes far beyond the defense of the Christian baker.  In fact, they are making the same argument one would use in defending Southern lunch counter owners of the 1950s who refused service to black customers. 


Although, come to think of it, those Southern lunch counter owners and the officials who defended them were Democrats, too.  I guess some things never change.


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Another irrelevant opinion that inexplicably made news over the weekend came when former Obama ethics watchdog…(sorry, I had to quit typing for a minute until I could stop laughing) Walter Shaub tweeted that my daughter Sarah violated five federal laws by using her official Twitter account to tweet what had happened to her and her family at that Virginia restaurant.  Shaub seems to be laboring under the delusions that Sarah both threatened and endorsed the restaurant (a neat trick, but she did neither) and that she was the first to identify the restaurant, in an attempt to spur mindless rightwing mobs to attack it.  If true, that would be the height of irony, since she was just one of a rising number of Republicans being attacked by mindless leftwing mobs.  But it’s not true at all.


In fact, the restaurant identified itself first, with a staffer tweeting the story to the world.  It was only after it made news that Sarah was inundated with requests for comment or confirmation by the media.  Since responding to media inquiries IS her official capacity, she did so, in a completely dispassionate way (she did not call for any retribution against the restaurant owner.  That sort of reprehensible and illegal incitement to violence is the province of leftists such as Maxine Waters.) 


I’m really not surprised that partisan attacks are more in Mr. Shaub’s wheelhouse than researching facts, after reading his history and scrolling through his Twitter feed.  He left his position after clashing with Trump and amid accusations of covering up for Hillary Clinton.  When not attacking my daughter with bogus accusations of violating federal laws, he’s tweeting his adventures in Texas as part of a big protest of the enforcement of immigration laws.  The slogan of the organization he’s backing, which is prominent in his posts, is “We Demand Families are Reunited and Free!”  Notice this doesn’t stop at merely calling for reuniting families, but for setting them free, even though they violated federal immigration law.


So to recap:  the “former director of the Office of Government Ethics" under Obama (pause for laughter) thinks that for a Republican to write a tweet in full compliance with the demands of her job is a quintuple federal offense, but entering the US illegally is not only fine but should be rewarded.


Now I finally understand why Obama seriously believed that he had a “scandal-free administration.”



"Visualize World Peace" 

For those who sneered that there will be no real change from North Korea after the meeting between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump: aside from the return of three American detainees, and the dismantling of a nuclear test site, and the beginning of the return of the remains of US veterans, it’s been noted that the anti-American propaganda posters that used to be ubiquitous in Pyongyang have disappeared, seemingly overnight. 


And what have all the Trump-haters with “Visualize World Peace” stickers on the bumpers of their Priuses actually done for world peace lately?



 New study out

New study proves Washington, DC, is the psychopath capital of the world. We really didn’t need a study to prove that when we have Maxine Waters.


Think that’s catty?  From the article: the psychological definition of a psychopath is “a person with a particular collection of antisocial traits, including a powerful sense of spite and an inability to consider the welfare of others.”



Excellent Piece

Excellent piece by Roger L. Simon on why the left is having a nervous breakdown in public.  Hint: the fault lies not in Donald Trump, but in themselves.


Simon’s observation that they are going insane at the realization of their dwindling influence is born out in several recent news stories.  We’ve read of Hispanics and African-Americans who are waking up to the fact that despite the left’s constant howls of “RACIST,” Trump’s tenure has resulted in the lowest unemployment numbers both groups have enjoyed…ever.  


Meanwhile, Asian-Americans are also starting to rebel against discrimination in liberal institutions such as Ivy League colleges.  At the link, UC-Berkeley law Prof. John Yoo calls on fellow Asian-Americans to reassess their allegiance to the Democratic Party, pointing out that they own many of the small businesses being helped by Trump’s tax cut, while liberal Harvard is using the same tactics against Asian-Americans that were once used to keep Jews out.


Even the New York Times recently admitted that it had no words to describe how great the economy is doing.  More recently, the Times lamented that the increasingly strident attacks on President Trump not only aren’t repelling his supporters, they’re making them distrust the media and support him all the more.  (I’d rather link to Don Surber’s entertaining article on that story, but you can find the link to the Times piece in it, if you really want to torture yourself.)


As I watch the remaining leftists rant and scream, and attempt to foment hatred and violence against people who are just trying to dine quietly at restaurants, and yelling the F-word at the Tony Awards and somehow being stunned that this is making them less and less popular with most Americans, I keep thinking of a scene in the movie, “Mars Attacks.”  A belligerent general is struck with a Martian shrink ray, and the tinier he gets, the louder and angrier his threats become, until he’s finally squashed like a bug.  If the rapidly-shrinking left in America doesn’t want to end up with the same fate, they’d better start growing up fast.


At this link, a terrific piece by Ed Driscoll, explaining why it’s embarrassing, insulting and self-aggrandizing for the consequence-free anti-Trump loudmouths to name themselves after the French Resistance and compare Trump to Hitler.  He reminds us of what the genuine Resistance risked and the price they paid for standing up to real Nazis.


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 The Left turns it's fire on Half Pint


I guess Laura Ingalls Wilder should have rewritten her accounts of the past to reflect modern progressivist dogma, as in "Little Sensitivity-Training Center on the Prairie."


Strzok to testify:  what if he pulls a "Bill Clinton"?

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, is getting ready for a scheduled closed-door deposition on Wednesday with FBI agent Peter “We’ll Stop It” Strzok, who is appearing in response to Goodlatte’s subpoena.  In an interview Sunday with Maria Bartiromo on FOX News, Goodlatte pointed to Strzok as a key figure in both the Hillary and the Russia/Trump investigations, and he made it clear he’s very interested in questioning him about the extremely biased text messages he exchanged with Lisa Page.


As we all know by now, the most eyebrow-raising of his texts was sent to Page just eight days after he was placed in charge of investigating Trump.  It suggests more than bias –- it reeks of the desire to act on that bias, and Strzok certainly was in a position to do so.  And the fact that THIS PARTICULAR TEXT wasn’t included in the texts supplied to the IG by the Justice Department --- the IG had to use a painstaking process to turn it up himself --- gives the impression that the DOJ had drawn a red line on what it would and would not reveal and had decided that this was especially damning.


We all know the message in question.  Lisa Page had written Strzok, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right?  Right?!”  Well, that’s pretty straightforward.  But Strzok answers more cryptically:  “No.  No he’s not.  We’ll stop it.”


What does THAT mean?  Who is “we”?  What are “we” going to “stop”?


Now, if this were, say, 1998 and the subject were Bill Clinton, we who knew him well could imagine just how he’d answer a question like this.  Remember how we used to have to parse every word he uttered to figure out his dodge?  (In fact, I think that’s when the word “parse” entered the common language.)  It’s not that hard for a skillful lawyer to finesse an answer that deals with his own state of mind.  After all, who’s to know, besides himself, what was in his mind?  Here’s the type of answer Clinton might give:


“Well, I think it all comes down to what the meaning of ’we’  (small smirk)  By ‘we,’ I didn’t mean myself and that woman, Miss Page.  By ‘we,’ I meant, um,  the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  The American people...will stop the BALLOT BOX!  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Now, I want you to listen to me.  I’m gonna say this again.  (wagging finger)  I did that candidate.  Mr. Trump.  These allegations are FALSE.”


I chose a Bill Clinton parody simply to show how easy it is to bamboozle people about what you really meant by something.  The word "is" meant just what was going to get Clinton out of immediate legal jeopardy.  Strzok, I’m sure, is an exceedingly crafty lawyer as well, with access to a host of similarly crafty lawyers.  If he tries to claim his text was about something innocuous like voters stopping Trump at the ballot box, I’m not buying it.


For one thing, if Strzok had meant anything other than what we think, he likely would have phrased it differently, as in, “No, he’s not going to get elected,” or “No, people won’t vote for him.”  Also, it was four days after he sent the text that he and Lisa texted about meeting in Andy’s office and discussing the “insurance policy.”  It’s doubtful he can convince anyone that this was about anything but an insurance policy against President Donald J. Trump.  (Claiming you were talking about a literal insurance policy might work if you were in Health and Human Services ha-ha, but not the FBI.)  And let’s not forget Page’s text to Strzok about being in the right place at the right time.  The “stop it” text has to be be taken in context with scores of viciously anti-Trump messages.  When that is done, any ambiguity falls away.


So let’s all put on our skeptics’ hats and hold them on through what are bound to be powerful gusts of wind from the witness chair.  These seasoned lawyers have spent years shielding themselves from public view, and they’re not likely to “stop it” now.



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    06/28/2018 12:40 AM

    I am an 85 year old (on July 3rd) who is a disabled veteran of the Korean era. (I had a tree fall on me a few days after my 20th birthday at Subic Bay in the P.I.) In this 242nd year of the rebellion against the Monarchy of England, we face many roadblocks. We have Senators who take great isssues with opposing any limit on open borders and allowing non-citizens from voting in elections in California. I served my country to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic. It appears that we have people in our own Government that want to change it by any means. This will become a nation without borders and with non-citizens voting and changing out country without legislation to do so.

  • Heidi Petrick

    06/26/2018 02:11 PM

    Hi Governor,
    I don't know whether to laugh, look dumbfounded or blow my stack, I guess these government types and their supporters want us to hang our heads like reprimanded children, promise never to disagree with any of them ever again and let them walk on us and wipe their feet in passing. Kudos to Sarah and her family for their dignity and courage for simply getting up and leaving. For the rest of those who hoot and holler when something is done or said that is not seen as " politically correct ", do you have the courage to stand for your faith, your convictions, the safety of your country? Well, do you? Governor, you and yours are wonderful. God bless and keep up the good work!

  • rodney burke

    06/26/2018 11:50 AM

    what Strzok needs is a good verbal slap down from the get go and more as time goes on. He has a lot of splainin' to do and we don't have time for his double talk. he has been clearly caught in criminal activity and it's time to fess up. Taking the 5th only confirms his guilt. Goodlatte, Nunes, and Gowdy ALL have the evidence of his guilt. So does Sean Hannity. The texts are out there and they are incriminating.Peter and Lisa have no where to run and no one to hide behind. I don't know who was behind this but LYNCH and barry are good suspects. Rice needs to be given the third degree. Yes, Barry and co. WERE a crime spree and they continue. It's time for the criminals to be in jail for using Alinsky tactics which they made no attempt to hide. Libs in general have nothing left, they are losing so we have incidents like this weekend which are inexcusable. Time for Waters and co. to be put in jail for "inciting to riot" If anyone gets hurt, it's her fault. her speeches CLEARLY tell people to get physical. Yeah, we have a deep problem and when the dems LOSE even more in November, it will be worse. We have laws already ON the books to deal with inciting to riot. Field offices of the DOJ will have to deal with it. Sessions won't and Rosenstein condones it. People all over are going to see these incidents over the weekend and they will be driven away from the libs in droves. They have been driving conservatives away for decades, now it's time to drive them into extinction.

  • Ed Thomas

    06/26/2018 11:47 AM

    Hi Mike: I really enjoy reading your articles. All this kicking and screaming from the left reminds me of what Jesus said in math 25:31-34 about the sheep and the goats. Thank you for the fine articles. Ed

  • Carol Mulshine

    06/26/2018 10:51 AM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !
    We are blessed to have you and your insight on our World issues.
    You are gifted by God to be able to convey to us what the real story is.
    Praying for you & your family.
    Please keep up the good work , as it is much appreciated by many.
    God bless you always.
    Best regards,
    Carol ~

  • Bernadette Dillon

    06/26/2018 10:40 AM

    Your daughter follows after her Father when she turned the other cheek. This speaks volumes about you as a Dad. Great job Governor Huckabee. My concern turns to you as an outspoken supporter of the Trump Administration. I do not think our commander and chief understands what those that support him are up against. Especially out here in California. I would love to go out to rallies for President Trump or even just to voice my support of my President. I would gladly die for God but not for President Trump. In my home in San Diego I am surrounded by illegal immigrants. That would be suicide to support Trump outwardly. I have my family also to think about. I am praying that our beloved President removes these people from this state so I can feel safe again. I was here first. I am not trying to change my country to Shari law or turn into the Tijuana river as these people from other places feel our nation needs to change from our current belief systems. I know for some people that is a racist hateful discriminatory statement. To clarify, if you come to America become an American. Support this country as it is with all its freedoms. Join our military and defend it. Do not try to change it to they way your country is. If you love your old country so much please go back and make it great again. Leave America the Great as she stands. All countries have challenges and we are not short of any challenges but when we unite, One Nation Under God.... we can accomplish the impossible.

  • Wayne T. Moser

    06/26/2018 10:10 AM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee!
    Seems you have really upped your game in recent weeks in exposing the hypocrisy and insanity of the far left liberals! Thank you! Thank you!
    Listening to many of the far left protestors ranting that Trump and his supporters are ripping babies from the arms of their mothers… wonder if they forgot they are party that rips babies from the mother’s womb by the thousands and kills them! I wish they really cared about children, but they don’t !
    Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to your every article and analysis!
    God bless,
    Monroe, NC
    II Chronicles 7:14

  • Ruth Ferraro

    06/26/2018 09:19 AM

    I love reading all your newsletters. One of my husband's liberal cousins who is totally against President Trump & relies on the "fake news" posted "What would Jesus do?" referring to the separation of parents from their children. He would do what President Trump and Sarah do! How proud you must be of such a wonderful daughter. You have proven yourself to be a great commentator as well as a wonderful father. Thank you!

  • Patty Wilson

    06/26/2018 08:51 AM

    Governor, I can't adequately express my gratitude for what you and your staff do here. The truth of ANY news story is increasingly difficult to find. While I would not call you unbiased, I do believe you are truthful. I also think anyone unbiased in this climate is either living under a rock, or is the walking definition of apathy. Your sense of humor (yes, I love the snark! ??) makes it a bit easier to laugh myself at the duplicity when normally the steam coming out of my ears would scald someone standing too close!
    God bless you, Governor, and please stay in good health! America needs your voice. (Btw, great interview with the President!)

  • Larry Davis

    06/26/2018 08:47 AM

    I don't understand why the questioning of Peter Strzok has to be in private. I think we the people should be able to see it for ourselves. Your thoughts? Oh, and I am sorry that your daughter had to endure those idiots the other night at the restaurant, but I always believed the old saying; "just give them enough rope and they will hang themselves". That's just what they are doing. :)

  • Genie Caldwell

    06/26/2018 08:05 AM

    We think it is a shame and disgrace that Sarah and her family were asked to leave the restaurant!
    Sarah is such an asset to our country as she serves in the difficult position of press secretary. Her intelligence,
    calm demeanor and ability to beautifully answer questions under pressure make us proud! May God bless you
    and your lovely family always.
    Genie Caldwell
    PS. Sarah is the best!

  • Sherri Leonhard

    06/26/2018 07:18 AM

    I am deeply sorry that your daughter & family were “asked” to leave that unworthy establishment! The fact that she left in the manner she did speaks volumes about the difference between having class & being an ass...kudos for her! Thank you for being so honest & informative in your reporting. I can only hope that people will open their eyes to see how despicable the behavior of the leftists has has to wonder how they can sleep at night.... keep up the good work sir. I am proud to be a deplorable! Peace ??

  • Vicky Maurseth

    06/26/2018 04:40 AM

    THANK YOU! For the following: providing a small dose of sanity at these perilous times. You do it with such grace and wit. THANK YOU, AGAIN! And please keep it up!

  • Dennis A. Smith

    06/26/2018 04:20 AM

    So glad I stumbled upon your website. I have always found your take, slant and view on matters quite refreshing (Probably because we are about the same age!) and appreciate your approach and your efforts to inform. Love seeing you on Fox News. Keep up the good work and I'll visit this site quite often from now on. And maybe you'll try another run for that presidency some day!

  • Brenda H. Fitzpatrick

    06/26/2018 01:14 AM

    I believe your statement that the immigration marathon of media coverage is meant to divert attention from the FBI scandal is right on target.
    The image of the shriveling vindictive democrats wearing blinders to aid their tunnel vision is in sharp contrast to Sarah looming as a giant displaying cool-headed dignity.

  • Nancy Williamson

    06/26/2018 12:31 AM

    Oh, how much I enjoy your articles!!
    Enjoying the opportunity to have a good laugh along with you and others.
    Congrats to your daughter for her diplomacy in the restaurant! A class act just like her dad for sure !!

  • Kathy Wingate

    06/26/2018 12:20 AM

    I'm so sorry Sarah and her family had this experience...The Dems are jealous, and are so desperate, they're resorting to craziness, because they've lost the grip they had with OBummer and Hillalry...They were so shocked to lose the election, and I think the way they're behaving now, shows their true colors, and I hope even Dems who aren't crazy will be so turned off, they won't vote these people back again...we need to clean house, and drain the swamp, which is much larger than we ever realize...Love your articles, and the fact that I can trust what you say...Can't say that about too many people. Much Thanks to you and Sarah, she's doing a tough job, and doing it very well.

  • Linda Radosevich

    06/25/2018 11:30 PM

    I am so proud of your daughter Sarah! I know you and your wife are standing by, seeing how she is belittled and disparaged, and it breaks my heart. BUT she has her dad's sense of humor and grit. The Left are going ballistic because they have lost, just don't know it yet. (Did you know a chicken can survive over a year after it's head's been chopped off??) If you ever want to punch those morons out, I'll hold them down. Politely, of course. Thanks for your insights, humor, and general all-around good sense! God bless you, and God bless America.

  • Cheryl Breon

    06/25/2018 11:19 PM

    You mentioned the restaurant incident reminding you of refusing to serve black folks; at least back then they didn't chase them from the restaurant and follow them to the next one!! I was with a black friend in Alabama in the 70's and they did refuse to serve us ice cream at an ice cream store. They didn't holler at us though, just disappeared into the back and never came out. She got the hint and got a little scared too. We left. BUT this also reminds me of another incident that is being bandied about right now...Natzis. Let me see, would Natzis refuse to serve someone or scream at them and chase them from the store? I think the former at the left is now worse than the Natzis.

  • Gary Heckman

    06/25/2018 10:40 PM

    Governor Huckabee. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and your lovely daughter, Sarah. You and your family are True Americans. My daily prayers go out to you and may God keep you safe in this disarranged society. God Bless America. Hard to believe what the Democrats are trying to destroy our country. In my 80 years, I have never seen a President go through such evil people. Thank you for all your emails... everyone is most appreciated.

  • Janice Short

    06/25/2018 10:16 PM

    If the left wants to never separate children from their families, then I guess from now on when a parent or parents are incarcerated, their children will have to serve time in jail or prison with the parents! These left wing hate mongers probably haven't even thought of this b/c they are only thinking to protect illegals not Americans. Does the left not know that more & more US citizens are getting sick of their insanity??? The true God is a god of Love, not hate.

  • Joan Cuascut

    06/25/2018 10:13 PM

    I enjoy reading your daily newsletter. It’s refreshing to hear the real news and your take on it. Sarah is truly a wonderful press secretary. She is such a professional. I give her lots of credit

  • Johanna Nuzzo

    06/25/2018 09:59 PM

    I am so sorry your family and others who support OUR president have to endure such hate by those who choose to worship the devil. I pray that God will save their souls because they are taking such pleasure inflicting pain on others. Continue to embrace and share the truth.

  • Kathy Wingate

    06/25/2018 09:53 PM

    I'm interrupting my reading as Hannity is talking about the hacking of Hillary's emails, and others...can we suggest AWAN brothers to him?? I don't know how to get a message through to him...If the Gov't hasn[t replaced every hard drive, the Awan brother's work is likely still working in the computers all over Washington....I'm just sayin'.

  • John Callaway

    06/25/2018 09:46 PM

    Thank you Guv for your daily missives. Informative and thoughtful with a dash of dry wit and outright humor. I'm sure I cannot truly appreciate the time and effort you put into each issue but again, THANK YOU !!

    John Callaway
    Spring, Tx.