March 17, 2018


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The mainstream media will paint the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a politically-motivated hit job, but it isn’t one.

Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions acted on a recommendation from the FBI’s Office Of Professional Responsibility --- their version of an internal affairs office --- that McCabe be fired less than two days before his official retirement (he’s been on leave since January). The recommendation came after they were provided with allegations of his misconduct from the Inspector General’s office. For such a high-level official to be fired after 21 years of service suggests that his transgressions are considered extremely serious. Indeed, the accusation that he deceived the Inspector General while under oath seems awfully similar to the charges made against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. No one in the mainstream media is crying for Flynn, who, according to his questioners, willingly submitted to an interview without a lawyer present and may not even have lied.


Mike Huckabee


"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Tonight at 8 Eastern, 7 Central, we have another jam-packed episode of “Huckabee” for you on TBN! I’ll talk about how the pro-abortion movement hijacked the feminist movement and the new push to protect Down syndrome babies with Serrin Foster of “Feminists For Life.” We’ll take a sneak peak at the upcoming movie, “I Can Only Imagine,” with stars Dennis Quaid and Trace Adkins, plus singer/songwriter Brad Millard of the top Christian rock band MercyMe will tell us how his hit song inspired by his father’s death went from iTunes to the big screen. We’ll also have a hilarious visit with the dean of comedy impressionists, Rich Little, plus music from country superstar Lorrie Morgan, and more! You have to watch, just to see how we’re going to fit it all into one show!

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Simple assault

By Mike Huckabee

I find I’m using the word “decency” an awful lot lately. It’s not that I have a limited vocabulary, it’s just that each day’s news presents another reason to remind people of the importance of basic human decency. That means showing respect and common courtesy even to those you disagree with.

I suppose that once you decide that losing an election gives you carte blanche to viciously insult not just your opponent but also his wife and children and anyone who voted for him, or to concoct bloodthirsty murder fantasies and openly wish death on a sitting President under the guise of “art” or “satire” – and then to condone through your silence physical assaults on people of different views by black-hooded thugs trying to stamp out free speech -- then the next slide down the slippery slope must be for an operative for a Democratic PAC to violently shove a female Trump Administration staffer to the floor, right in the halls of Congress.

It was reported that Capitol Police “arrested an adult male for simple assault.” I’d quibble with the phrase “simple assault.” The assault wasn’t simple; it took a long trip down a winding road of ever-declining standards of decency and respect to reach it. I’d also quibble with both words of the phrase “adult male.”




By Mike Huckabee

How the Twitterverse works: If you are a conservative, your account can be disabled for any accusation of racism or anti-Semitism, no matter how questionable or politically-motivated. But if you’re one of the organizers of the Women’s March, you can hang out with Louis Farrakhan, who’s notorious for his shocking rants against Jews, white people, gays and women, refuse to repudiate his hateful comments, and claim you’re the victim because you’re being criticized, and Twitter rolls out the red carpet for you.

So if you ever wondered why the root of “Twitter” is the word “twit,” now you know.



It started with Obama...

By Mike Huckabee

According to the left, what’s needed to stop mass shooters are more gun laws and background checks. Yet we know that the people in charge of enforcing the laws already on the books failed at every level to do so. And we know that due to Obama Administration policies, discipline and reports of student threats to the police were severely curtailed in the name of fighting racism and making the records look better. Now, the latest twist: more background checks for felony records likely wouldn’t do much good, since the names of over 500,000 people with active arrest warrants were recently removed from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (you can read the questionable reasoning at the link.)

This was reported last October by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which so relished finding an anti-Trump story that it was rushed into print as a tragically dumb decision by the Trump Administration, naturally prompting Senate Democrats to demand an investigation.

Oops! Turned out the purge of felons’ names from the database might have happened under Trump, but it was decided and set in motion by the Obama Administration (I can hear the Senate Democratic investigators now: “Oh…never mind!”)

Of course, the Atlanta paper, in its follow-up report on the investigation, concentrated on the dangerous consequences, not which Administration was responsible. But considering that the authorities were unable to identify a deadly threat even when his name was brought to their attention literally dozens of times, what are the odds that they would have stopped any criminals from getting guns even if they did have another half million names in the database to sort through...or ignore?



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  • Waylon Bush

    03/17/2018 01:55 PM

    Well, knock me silly, I stand corrected, Jeff the Giant stepped in and actually did something! the next Dim POTUS will restore his pension. Meanwhile, he can live on income from the book he is going to write. You know, those notes of Trump conversations. Jail time? Nah, he's been punished enough.