October 5, 2018

Remember, all of the angry protests and unhinged rhetoric you’re seeing and hearing over Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination is based on the premise that women never lie about sexual assault allegations.  Tell that to this teenage boy, who I hope had no dreams of ever being on the Supreme Court 40 years from now.

Imagine how that boy's mother feels.  Now imagine all the women who have sons, husbands, fathers and brothers who would be potential targets of the same kind of Salem Witch Trial justice that the left is trying to bring back to America if the Democrats win back Congress next month.  Now you know why, despite claims that the Kavanaugh story will spur women to rush to vote for Democrats, polls show a huge leap in motivation to vote among Republican women. 

Here is an interesting op-ed by one of those women for whom the Kavanaugh hysteria has proved to be “the last straw,” and she’s now officially “done with feminism,” as least as it’s being distorted and used as a political weapon by today's left. 

In a possibly related story, Rasmussen reports that President Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans has jumped from 23% this time last year to 35%.  I imagine that’s mostly because of the improved economy and jobs, and a crackdown on illegal immigration, which hurts black workers more than any other demographic group.  But I also can’t help wondering how well the Democrats’ embrace of the idea that an accusation alone is evidence enough to find someone guilty of rape is playing in the black community.  It must sound scarily familiar (the Innocence Project reports that of wrongly-accused people they’ve freed from prison with DNA evidence, over 60% were African-American.)



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  • Richard Priode

    10/05/2018 08:49 PM

    I think most Republicans are more even tempered than leftists, and would never (have never) engaged in the sort of smear tactics the left used against Bork, Thomas, and now Kavanaugh. I hate the current state of politics.

  • Vernon Thompson

    10/05/2018 04:55 PM

    Thank God for Susan Collins! I did not think that Senators were capable of rational thought but Collins surprised me.

  • Robert L. Fragoman

    10/05/2018 03:31 PM

    There is an old saying that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Maybe it is time that someone starts looking into the past history of the dimms to see which ones liked beer, or maybe something stronger when they were in their teens.

  • Pamela Miller

    10/05/2018 02:20 PM

    The left has become unprosecuted domestic terrorists. Their tactics of fear and intimidation are designed to destroy.

  • maureen innis

    10/05/2018 12:51 PM

    ANARCHIST: one who excites revolt, or promotes disorder in a state. ANARCHY: want of government; a state of society, when there is no law or supreme power, or when the laws are not efficient, and individuals do what they please with impunity; political confusion. - American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828 edition

  • Patrick Marks

    10/05/2018 12:23 PM

    I had the same experience - I was molested by a female teacher in 1983. She, of course, wouldn't then (or now) admit the truth. And since I'm a white male who voted for trump I can't be telling the truth. So I'm left to remember what that felt like when I was 15 and realize what it feels like today at 51 to not be believed simply because I'm white and male. I wrote about it in my blog spread it around, maybe someone will care...

  • John Carter

    10/05/2018 11:57 AM

    The dems have shown their true colors and they are not red , white and blue! They are now desperate “ demon rats “! May God bring them wisdom and forgiveness !

  • Lisa Ford

    10/05/2018 10:45 AM

    Gov Huckabee; Is there anyway to let the Judge Brett & family know that there are more women supporting them, than against them. I feel so bad for them. Pray for them. But I feel like all the bad news is screaming louder, than us good folks. It's shameful what they did. God will hold them accountable. I rather be held accountable for praying for righteousness to prevail. God Bless you! I have sworn off all news on TV. I just read what you say. My friends also. We don't want to fill our heads with the devil's junk. Thank you!