May 15, 2018

It’s always nice when a little joke on my Twitter feed sets off alarm bells (I don’t care if I upset Twitter trolls; I consider it a public service to distract them so they don’t leave their parents’ basements and do something genuinely harmful to themselves or others.) But I admit that I was only about half-joking when I referred to CNN’s breaking news coverage on the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem as “breaking wind.”

I am in Israel, and I was at the ceremony, which was one of the most important and most moving public events I’ve ever witnessed. It’s tragic that this historic moment was marred by the terrorist group Hamas’ disregard for the lives of the Palestinian people in urging them to surge toward the security fence and over the border to attack Israeli soldiers. They knew it would result in deaths and injuries, but were more than willing to trade other peoples’ lives and suffering for a PR advantage.

The coverage of Monday’s landmark news from Israel did not focus on the US finally keeping its word 23 long years after Congress voted to recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital (and after 3,000 years of it actually being the capital of the Jewish people, and no others). Instead, the media focused on the violent Palestinian protests, with many cable news commenters openly blaming President Trump and Israel for the violence, not those who actually caused it. Tell me, is there any nation on Earth that would allow violent mobs to rush across its borders and physically assault its soldiers and not stop them by force if necessary? Hamas knew what the result would be, but they didn’t care. They expected the predictable press to spin the responsibility for their criminal behavior onto Trump and Israel, and they were not disappointed.

I appeared yesterday live via satellite on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News, and she put together a montage to illustrate the stunning difference between cable news coverage of Obama upending generations of US foreign policy to reestablish relations with communist Cuba (this was a new era for peace and diplomacy; they were so congratulatory, they were practically passing out Cuban cigars) and of Trump ending decades of America shirking its responsibility to obey its own duly-passed law and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (it’s gloom and doom and the end of the world!) Of course, they trotted out old liberal diplomats who were never able in 70 years to broker a real peace agreement with the Palestinians, to carp that Trump has made it less likely that the Palestinians would agree to a peace deal.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The liberal media and diplomatic corps may not like what Trump is doing, but at least it’s different from what got zero results for 70 years. Maybe it’s time we tried something totally different: recognizing reality. And the reality is that the terrorists who proclaim themselves as Palestinian leaders are desperate for attention and relevance because Arab nations are deprioritizing their endless threats and complaints and making alliances with Israel against the rising common threat of Iran.

If the Palestinians truly want to form a homeland and join the brotherhood of civilized nations, then it's long past time for them to put aside their Anti-Semitism and opposition to Israel’s existence and – to use a phrase I’m sure the left knows – get on the “right side of history.”

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For those who think that the idea of a “Deep State” of politically-motivated insiders trying to affect the outcome of our elections is just wild conspiracy theory nuttery, here’s a story you probably have never heard. It’s a tale – backed up by the admission of one key person involved – of how an FBI informant infiltrated the campaign of a Republican who was on track to beat a liberal and deliberately undermined him, and of the ginning-up of false charges to destroy a Republican's reputation. And no, it’s not about Trump in 2016. It’s about alleged FBI involvement in affecting Senate races in Alaska as far back as 2008 and 2010.

No wonder it’s so hard to drain the swamp: it’s even deeper than we thought.

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And another plank of the Obama legacy hits the wood chipper: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed an Obama policy that allowed transgender felons to move from men’s prisons into women’s prisons. The new policy will instead base prison location on the prisoner's “biological sex.”

This will be spun as an attack on transgender rights that will expose transgender prisoners to physical and emotional abuse in men’s prisons, although threats to the prisoner’s safety will be taken into account. Its opponents will do their darnedest not to mention the potential physical danger and emotional abuse that the Obama policy inflicted on women prisoners, who were to be deprived of privacy and personal safety and security by being locked inside cells with male criminals – most of whom, it should be noted, have not undergone surgery to become physically female, but who simply claim to “identify” as female. In fact, the change was sparked by a lawsuit by four female Texas inmates who were frightened for their own safety.

As I’ve pointed out again and again, in the current “progressive” atmosphere of dividing people into victim identity groups and pitting them against each other to promote the leaders’ power, women are increasingly finding themselves at the very back of the line for civil rights protections.

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The group Campus Reform has released yet another “man-on-campus” student interview video, the kind that makes you laugh until you realize you’re actually looking at the next generation to take over America, and then you feel like crying. In this one, intrepid interviewer Cabot Phillips asks UC-Santa Cruz students whether President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (horrors, no!), then whether Obama deserved one (but of course!) and finally, the body blow: what exactly did Obama DO to deserve one? To quote Ralph Kramden: “Uh, homina-homina-homina…”

To be fair, I don’t hold it against these kids for not being able to say what Obama did to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ll bet you couldn’t say, either. In fact, I’ll bet the people who gave it to him couldn’t really explain what he did to deserve it.

Check out the video at the link below. And if you’d like to know more about these videos and Campus Reform, I recently interviewed Cabot Phillips on my TBN TV show. Just go to and watch the episode from April 28.

First Lady Melania Trump is recuperating at Walter Reed National Military Center after undergoing an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. Doctors say the procedure was successful, there were no complications, and she’s doing well but is expected to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. I’m sure you’ll join me in sending her prayers and get-well wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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This is a harrowing story of a true Huck’s Heroine: Samantha Tygrit was packing up her car after shopping at a Las Vegas Walmart when two men got into a shootout in the parking lot and a bullet struck her in the shoulder. She ran to protect her daughter and her baby son and nephew. She would have been too late, except her daughter, Aaliyah Inghram, had spotted the danger and threw herself between the shooters and the two babies just in time. A bullet that would likely have killed her 18-month-old brother struck her instead. Luckily, she’s recovering. Police caught one of the shooters, and they believe they know who the other one was.

For the full story and to meet this incredibly brave young woman who reacted instantly to place herself in the line of fire to save her brother, click on the link. But don’t be surprised by Aaliyah’s size. She’s only 10 years old.

Incidentally, I love her American flag dress. Somehow reminds me of Wonder Woman.



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  • Ken Lawyer

    05/16/2018 03:34 PM

    AG Jeff Sessions is hopefully looking for another job. He appears to pick and choose which Obama laws he disagrees with and he "might" pursue changing it. Lackadaisical is one word I will use to describe this less than zealous AG.

    In regards to our college students who choose to not think for themselves is also a testament to their parents not teaching them to not allow the "blind lead the blind." The liberal college professors are easy to spot and to think the parents had no clue what their children would be subjected to is giving them an out. The parents of these college students need to be mentioned in the articles that are written about their snow-flake children. We need to spread the wealth and give credit where credit is due.

  • michael b murphy

    05/15/2018 10:50 PM

    Thanks again for the insightful updates, I always appreciate the wit and clarity. I have a need to push the buttons of the basement dwelling, collective think, hive city dwellers as well, if only to cause them of moment of honest introspection. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Richard R Lardinois

    05/15/2018 10:16 PM

    Well Mike, You had a lot to comment on but one topic stands out. The media's ignorant pointing of the finger at President Trump blaming him for the discord between the Nation of Israel and the Hamas terrorists/Palestinians. It seems they have been at odds since long before Trump was even thought of being in the picture !