October 21, 2017

In his press conference, White House Chief of Staff Kelly made reference to the dedication ceremony for an FBI building named after slain agents, where he was stunned to see a female Congress member making it all about herself and how she got the funding for it. Turns out he misremembered or something, and at the dedication where Rep. Frederica Wilson spoke, she spoke about how she got the building named, not the funding.

Frankly, it’s a point that I considered so beside the real point that in a long essay about Kelly’s remarks yesterday, I didn’t even mention it. But it illustrates the importance for Republicans of getting every word they say accurate, because they are always held to a far higher standard than anyone on the left. The media, of course, are trying to use that one mistake to discredit everything he said about the loss of respect for the sacredness of condolence calls to grieving military families.

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Rep. Wilson and some of her media defenders, even more unconscionably, ignored the point of his comments and tried to smear Kelly as a racist for criticizing her. At the link, you can see two MSNBC commentators claim that Kelly must be racist because he was raised in an Irish Catholic neighborhood in Boston (thus pulling the repulsive trick of crying racism by using a racist stereotype of the Irish.) And Wilson claimed that the term “empty barrel” was racist. Other, more professional journalists dug into the history of that term and couldn’t find any racial connotations. It means just what it says: you can always tell an empty barrel because when you tap it, it’s the loudest of all.

In answering that ridiculous charge, the White House Press Secretary (full disclosure: my daughter, in case you’ve been living in a cave since Spring) offered another term: “all hat and no cattle.” But after listening to the way Rep. Wilson and the liberal media clique have studiously ignored Kelly’s point about the sickening politicization of the death of military heroes and the grief of their families for cheap, anti-Trump point-scoring, I’d offer my own variation: “All hate, and too much prattle.”

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  • Debbie summers

    10/22/2017 02:17 PM

    Wish she would quit wearing cowboy hats. She's giving all us "real" cowgirls a bad name! I doubt that she would know how to ride a horse if you gave her one.

  • Jo holland

    10/22/2017 02:11 PM

    Ummmmm. Should Fredericka give Hillary a hat to wear with her latest pantsuit or
    vice versa? What a fashion statement that would make!

  • tom jeffs

    10/22/2017 11:19 AM

    EAVESDROPPING overlooked by MSM !!!!!!!

  • Lynn Nielsen

    10/22/2017 01:51 AM

    "All hate and too much prattle." Ten points, Gov. Huckabee!! Excellent!!! Just when we think the liberals can't sink any lower, they do - to depths we'd never even considered possible. And ironically, and so very mistakenly, they throw "hater" accusations at conservatives when it is they who are perpetrating all the animosity. Gov. Huckabee, would you please do me and everyone else who voted for President Trump a favor, and remind those who vilify President Trump and do anything they can to demean, insult, offend, and criticize him that, in doing so, they are, in actuality, degrading and disparaging their fellow citizens who exercised their rights to elect him. Their nastiness and vitriol doesn't hurt the President; he just keeps on going like an Energizer bunny. But it is a slap in the face to the voters - a middle finger so to speak. God knows, we endured eight years of Bill Clinton and another eight of Obama, but I know no one who was as mean-spirited and/or vile to those who voted for them as these people are toward the Trump voters. THEY are the ones causing the division. They're not wounding President Trump, they are severely damaging this nation's ability to come together by denigrating their fellow countrymen and women. Or, maybe I'm naive to think that wasn't quite their intent...

  • CW Dewitt

    10/21/2017 10:00 PM

    She needs to go away....sit down and shut up!! Dishonest politicts is what got us into this mess......sad for our country....but we need to nip it and n the bud and stop the venom....she is a sorry excuse for a politician, let alone a woman, let alone a human being....SHAME ON HER!!!!

  • cheryl branum

    10/21/2017 06:47 PM

    not to mention she said almost the same thing about 2 police officers .... i can not take too much more of this "you did this!" when they DID IT FIRST ...

  • Dave Buursma

    10/21/2017 05:56 PM

    Right on, both of you. It is a shame that we have to spend time with this garbage, but if we don't speak the truth, the lie becomes reality in the minds of the public. Too long we have let the voices of hate dominate the media! No more!

  • Kalashnikov Dude

    10/21/2017 05:25 PM

    You are the man Mr Huckabee. I would have loved to have voted for you for president. Look, I really don't think what this Congress person says resonates with actual Americans who are engaged, either in reality, or our elections. These radical loons are losing sway by the hour, and her own ludicrous statements are exactly why. Real people across the country are getting fed up with it, and it's being made very clear where it's all coming from. What we need are the actual elected policy makers to make a stand for decorum, and respect in addressing the American electorate. The lies and twisted half truths, saying one thing and doing the complete opposite on the part of so many politicians is having an effect. Trumps election was a backlash against all of it. But the momentum has been bogged down in the same old Washington swamp. It remains to be seen whether Trump can, or is even willing to actually drain that swamp and turn this nation again to a respectable path of world leadership, based on the values and principals that made this nation what it is. Or if he will forsake his promise and just fill a place for a while and move on. Thus far, he has me extremely disappointed in his words over this Vegas shooting. He had a chance to reaffirm the true meaning of our 2nd Amendment and instead he merely towed the NRA line which simply does not meet the standard set forth in our Bill Of Rights. Mr Huckabee, that's my issue and I'm not willing to accept a single further compromise to it and there are some things which must, MUST, be rolled back if we are truly a nation of laws. That's how it is, and that is a roadmap to my continued support and votes.

  • Cynthia Duke

    10/21/2017 04:39 PM

    I realize that the Democrats are focusing on every little thing imaginable to make the President look bad. How about not acknowledging their petty attempts so much? Those of us with sense know what they are doing. We have more important things that we need to focus on. This drivel the Democrats keep coming up with is juvenile to say the least.

  • Ryan Gattoni

    10/21/2017 04:32 PM

    Great article yesterday Mike... When I watched Gen Kelly’s press conference, or rather lecture to the press and the country, I was speechless and it sent chills down my spine. When I woke up yesterday, I was blown away when I saw the media’s reaction and Rep Wilson’s interview on CNN... Gen Kelly was right, you really can always tell an empty barrel because when you tap it, it is the loudest of all... How do people like her get elected and remain in office in our country?

    As a 30 year old, I am blown away by our current state of affairs, the divide in our country, and the zombie like group think, mob-like mentality of the portion of our country associated with the Progressive Left.

    As the we are coming to learn about the real Russian scandal of the Obama Administration, I begin to wonder if even the President of the United States has the power to fix the corruption within it.

    Thinking back to the founders, I wonder what they would think about what has been transpiring. The system they designed was meant to protect us from these things. To be a nation ruled by laws, not by man. But we have a justice system that looks to have been compromised and a federal bureaucracy so large and powerful, tucked away without accountability, it really makes one wonder what it will take for this country to move back in the direction the founders once visioned for us.

    In theory, the people and our voting power was the check to prevent such a thing from happening, but I’m not sure even that will be enough because that was based upon the belief that we’d have educated individuals in our country with independent thought.

    Keep up the great work. I always enjoying learning about your perspective.

    Ryan Gattoni

  • Linda G. Baize

    10/21/2017 04:10 PM

    I like that "all hat, no cattle" comment by your daughter. I have been thinking to myself "it's a Rhinestone Cowgirl". What is the deal? Does she really think a real cowgirl would be caught dead in those hats? Fake just like her.

  • Jim Spaulding

    10/21/2017 03:42 PM

    Great one, Governor! What a great party these demos are morphing into,...Pathetic Pelosi, Mad Maxie, and now Wacky Wilson! I hope you are thinking about Tallahassee!