July 3, 2019

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Our Top story ---  Self-government requires self-discipline

Featured Stories --  Programming note - Pat Reeder’s 4th of July Jukebox: “4th of July” – Randy and Helen Tredway - Pat Reeder’s 4th of July Jukebox: “Paul Revere” – Johnny Cash

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There are a lot of things people like to believe that are patently absurd if you think about it. Much of the Obama Administration was based on making nonsensical declarations – we can’t just drill our way out of an energy shortage, it would take a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, 2 percent growth is the “new normal,” etc. – all delivered in a somber, imperious tone that made them sound like unassailable fact. One of the most common pieces of false conventional wisdom is that “the government can’t legislate morality!”

But of course, they do it all the time. We have millions of laws, just to enforce society’s consensus of what’s morally right or wrong. Liberals used to protest this, and now they’re the chief generators of morality laws, usually bans on everything they find morally offensive, including smoking, using racist words (or the “wrong” pronoun), giving someone a plastic straw, etc. etc. etc. Each law comes with loopholes that someone will try to exploit, so government adds more laws. Plus police, courts and jails, because some people will always insist on doing the wrong thing anyway. All to legislate morality.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Programming note

By Mike Huckabee 

This week, I’m giving my research, writing and tech staffers some time off from the headlines for the 4th of July vacation. But never fear, the newsletters will continue! I’ve prepared some non-topical commentaries that I hope you’ll enjoy. And our resident pop culture historian Pat Reeder has created a YouTube 4th of July Jukebox List of great but obscure songs related to patriotism and American history. There will be a new one in each mailing. Please check them out because I know you’ll get a kick out of hearing them.

Of course, if anything major does happen in the news, I’ll step back in and let you know about it. But with Congress safely out of Washington, just lean back and take a break with your family; enjoy the beaches, parks and picnics; and have fun watching some fireworks that are not of the political variety for a change.

From all of us at have a happy, safe and patriotic Fourth of July week!


Pat Reeder’s 4th of July Jukebox: “4th of July” – Randy and Helen Tredway

By Pat Reeder, “Huckabee” writer, record collector, former radio DJ and our resident pop culture historian. Read more at  

Here’s a personal one that’s perfect for the holiday.  Our friends Randy and Helen Tredway are Americana musicians who have a studio near Waxahachie, Texas, where they present regular online concerts by great singer-songwriters.  You can stream those prior concerts and hear upcoming ones at

They asked us to share this song with Gov. Huckabee, which we are happy to do, and to share it with you, too.  And while I don't take payola, in full disclosure, they did give my wife, Laura Ainsworth, and me each one of those great red T-shirts Randy is wearing that say “Make Americana Great Again.”


PS – Our friend Bill Sanner has done a couple of concerts in the Music Room. He’s also a US Navy submarine veteran, and Laura co-wrote an award-winning memoir about his time in the service called “The Sub-Par Adventures of Snakebite & Stonefinger.” ( )  In one of the shows, Bill asked Laura to sing his song, “Colors of Goodbye,” that she sang for him on his debut CD.  You can find that concert and a photo of Laura at this page:


Pat Reeder’s 4th of July Jukebox: “Paul Revere” – Johnny Cash

By Mike Huckabee

(Pat Reeder is a writer for “Huckabee” and our resident pop culture historian. Read more at )

How can we salute America in song without including the man who is known as the voice of America, Johnny Cash?  So much to pick from (the obvious choice might be “Ragged Old Flag”), but here’s a cool obscurity from his 1970 LP, “America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song.” 

The album covers everything from the Revolution to the Space Age, including songs about the Alamo, the Gettysburg Address and possibly the only song you’ll ever hear about the assassination of President James Garfield.  It’s all great, but for this week, what could be more appropriate than Johnny Cash singing the story of Paul Revere?



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read this commentary...


The Washington Post, which is apparently eager to justify political hatred and violence as long as it’s aimed at people they disagree with, actually gave op-ed space to the owner of that “restaurant” (I put it in quotes because real restaurants are in the hospitality industry) who ordered my daughter and her family to leave and go eat someplace with a nicer owner and better food.  Surprisingly, this op-ed was not to publicly apologize for her unprofessional behavior, which would have been both appropriate and wise, but to double down. 

She wants the current outbreak of rudeness and lack of class toward political opponents to become universal, as long as it targets people whose politics she disagrees with…or people who “spread hate,” which is how political disagreements are described by those who are literally choking on their own hatred for people of differing views.  Here’s a sample of the suicide note she wrote for her business disguised as an op-ed:

“New rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home. For the rest, your table is waiting.”

No, thanks, I wouldn’t want to sit at that table.  How do I know you’ve squeegeed the spit off it from the last customer who didn’t live up to your personal standards of rigid leftist groupthink?  Besides, I can get better chicken at Chick-fil-A, where everyone is welcome. 

Instead of linking to her garbage article, I’m linking to a great write-up on it by Lisa Carr at the Victory Girls blog, who brings up the elephant in her inhospitable dining room:

If it's the "new rule" that business owners have a right to refuse service to people who offend their personal moral codes, then isn't she arguing that Christian business owners have a right not to have to violate their religious beliefs by being forced to provide services to same-sex marriage ceremonies?



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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,"

– 2 Tim 3:16

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  • David Molony

    07/03/2019 07:47 PM

    I think we should stimulate people to go to the Red Hen, or whatever it was, and buy a small fries and a glass of water and sit there for an hour or two, using their WiFi. I am doing the same with donating $1.00 to Democrats and getting put on their mail list and being required to be written into their FEC paperwork with additional mailings, which I send back if they have the return paid envelopes. Small cuts, but remarkably fun to do!

  • Bob Tidwell

    07/03/2019 07:44 PM

    I’ve said government can’t legislate morality for quite a while - meaning, you can put all the laws on the books you want, but unless the heart is changed, behavior will not be changed. Sort of an OT vs. NT thing.

  • Anne Amato

    07/03/2019 04:00 PM

    Dear Governor
    First of thanks to Pat Reeder....and you...for providing the great Fourth of July music! I was born after WWII, so...part of "Vietnam generation", but I had NEVER heard that great Canadian "ThankYou" message before in my life and....think it applies even more today.
    And...have never heard the Johnny Cash recording about Paul Revere either!
    Not a big fan of his music, but must say...personally...I REALLY LIKE that song!
    So....many thanks! obsevation....sometimes I tend to notice how some names fit various people---example: one of the origins of the word (and name) "Trump" originates from the word "triumph". (Let us hope and pray that continues!)
    But..."Paul Revere"?....."revere"..... "to be held in great esteme" should be remembered and revered!
    Once again...Thank You For The Music! And Happy 4Th to you, your family, and your staff!

  • Alice Landolt

    07/03/2019 01:16 PM

    Love the Johnny Cash Paul Revere song.