February 16, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Evidence of foreign government "meddling" FOR HILLARY -- Trump Revival  -- "See Life Clearly"  -- She chose her path --- New York's Amazon Debacle -- President Trump makes his move -- Weekend TV Note -- "Huckabee" preview  -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Here’s some fascinating weekend reading for you: from the Daily Caller News Foundation, testimony that provides the first real link so far between a Presidential campaign and a foreign government. The foreign government is Ukraine, and the Presidential candidate is...Hillary Clinton.

According to former Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr (married, of couse, to Bruce Ohr of the Justice Department), who testified in a closed-door session before Congress last fall, Serhiy Leshchenko was providing source material to Fusion GPS.

Mike Huckabee

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Trump Revival

By Mike Huckabee

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the “dying middle class” – everything from Grammy critics blaming the decline of rock on teens not being able to afford instruments and families no longer having houses for garage bands to play in, to all the Democratic Presidential candidates vowing to help the dying middle class somehow by taxing the bejeebers out of the businesses that create their jobs.  And of course, there’s the endless nonsense in the media about how the Trump tax cuts robbed and cheated the middle class by…making them pay less in taxes?  What?!

I keep wondering if any of these people have ventured outside their elite bubbles since Obama left office because the uphill battle for America’s workers that they describe fits his Administration to a T but is starting to appear as outdated as the 2009 Grammy Awards.

At the link, Investor’s Business Daily lists some of the good news pointing toward a revival of the middle class under Trump that the media are trying desperately not to report.

When the media grudgingly mention any good news about the economy, it’s usually to try to give credit for it to Obama.  Anyone who owns a business will tell you that things are booming now after eight years of anemic growth because Trump reversed the liberal policies that were keeping the government’s heavy foot pressing on the economy’s throat. 

But if they told you that, you wouldn’t vote to bring back those toxic policies.  So even if every American family could suddenly afford a four-bedroom house with a Whole Foods chicken in every pot and a rock band in every garage, you’d still be hearing about how the middle class is dying under Trump.  Come on, who you gonna believe, the media or your stupid paychecks?


"See Life Clearly"

By Mike Huckabee 

New York’s new Democratic majority, with the gleeful support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, recently passed a law legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth (there have been many articles attempting to dispute that; they are wrong and based on weasel words such as “health of the mother” that can mean literally anything the abortion doctors want it to mean.)  This law not only defies basic human decency, it also flies in the face of all we’ve learned in recent years about the development of infants in the womb.

New York’s politicians want to keep people in the dark about what abortion really is because the only way it can thrive is by hiding it behind clinic walls and euphemisms like “reproductive choice.”  When people see it what it actually is, they turn away from it in horror.  The vast majority of women change their minds about having an abortion if they see a sonogram, which is why killing laws requiring sonograms is also part of the left’s current tide of pro-abortion laws (to paraphrase the Washington Post, “Abortion thrives in darkness.”)

Well, Focus on the Family is about to turn on the lights in New York to see if the cockroaches scatter.  They’re launching a 12-week campaign called “See Life Clearly.”  It will culminate on May 4th with an event in Times Square called “Alive in New York.”  It will feature pro-life speakers, music, and most importantly, live 4-D ultrasounds of a third trimester baby projected on a massive Jumbotron screen. 

FOTF President Jim Daly said, “It looks like a picture of a 1-year-old. There is no way a person is going to be able to say, 'That is not a child.' It is a child and we want everybody to see it."

I am bracing for pro-abortion groups to try to challenge the event’s permits or use any other tactics to keep New Yorkers from seeing the kind of carnage they endorse.  If there’s a blackout in NYC on May 4th, I’d suggest the police look for pro-abortion activists with wire cutters.


She chose her path

By Mike Huckabee

In the UK, a pregnant 19-year-old who fled to the Middle East at 15 to become an ISIS bride now wants to come back to Great Britain and give birth to her terrorist-fathered baby at the expense of the National Health Service.  Britain’s Home Secretary Sajid Javid is moving to block that, saying he won’t hesitate to keep people from returning who are full of hate for their own country.  And Security Minister Ben Wallace agreed, telling BBC Radio 4, “I’m not putting at risk British people’s lives to go and look for terrorists or former terrorists in a failed state…actions have consequences.”

But giving the US yet another reason to ignore "international law," Lord Carlile, a former independent reviewer of terrorism laws, said blocking her from coming back might violate international law: unless she has a second nationality, she must be allowed to return to prevent her from becoming “stateless.”

My response to that is that she chose her state: the Islamic State.  If she wants to let some nice British couple who don’t believe in mass murder adopt her child, then that’s great for both the baby and the couple.  But why should British taxpayers be expected to provide free medical care and probably an array of other public benefits to someone who abandoned Great Britain because she wanted to see it and everything it stood for obliterated from the face of the Earth?

For background: she had two other babies in Syria that died and admits she’s not sorry she went there and only wants to return for the free health care.  As this article notes, she “claims she lived a 'normal life' in ISIS' capital Raqqa and was 'not fazed' by the brutal execution of its enemies, recounting how she once found an 'an enemy of Islam's' decapitated head in a bin.”

You can read more at the link then feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section on whether compassion and the concept of welcoming back the Prodigal Son (or daughter) should extend to someone who abetted torture, enslavement and mass murder and isn’t even sorry about it. 


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New York's Amazon Debacle

By Mike Huckabee

In recent years, New Yorkers have gotten used to seeing residents and businesses move out to escape the high taxes, heavy regulations, bureaucratic corruption, micromanagement and other crushing burdens of “progressive” blue state leftism.

Still, this latest story must set a new speed record for high-tailing it out of New York.

Amazon had barely decided to locate its new headquarters in Queens when all the liberal politicians and activists swarmed like ants at a picnic, accusing the company of “greed” for accepting tax breaks to move in, demanding more pay and benefits for workers, and raising other typical leftist complaints.  Seeing that this was going to be more trouble than it was worth, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said “thanks but no thanks” and pulled out of the deal, taking his $2.5 billion building project and 25,000 new jobs with him.

That’s right: the “blue state model” in New York is so hostile to business that businesses are now fleeing New York before they even open there.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is already facing blowback over his inhuman abortion bill and sweating over a $2 billion+ drop in tax revenues is now saddled with the bad publicity from this debacle.

Meanwhile, leftwing activists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are crowing about their victory in driving away Amazon.  She tweeted, “Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”

Actually, they didn’t defeat his power.  His power is that he can take his 25,000 jobs (which, incidentally, have a starting pay of $15 an hour, not below minimum wage, as she apparently believes) and put them anywhere he likes.  And if New York’s political and union environment is hostile to that, then other states would be more than happy to roll out the red carpet, which they probably bought on Amazon.  As for AOC, let’s hope she runs for reelection on a campaign slogan that highlights her two greatest achievements so far: “I brought you the Green New Deal and helped drive away 25,000 new jobs!” 

It’s no surprise that I’ve seen joke caps and other merchandise popping up online that read “MABA: Make Alexandra Bartend Again.”  With her kind of leadership, bartending jobs may be all that her constituents will be able to get. 


President Trump makes his move

By Mike Huckabee

As I already mentioned, President Trump reportedly plans to sign the compromise budget bill to keep the government from shutting down again, but he’s not happy with the paltry funding for border security and intends to build the wall and fund other measures by declaring a national emergency and shifting military funds that he controls to border security.

Before he signs it, I hope he will read it carefully and have his best legal staffers do so as well. Word is that the bill has been loaded with poison pills designed to block him from taking independent action to do what Congress refuses to do. If so, then he should refuse to sign it and force them back to the drawing board, even if there is another partial shutdown. There’s also the concern that Democrats will use this as precedent for future Presidents to impose their agendas by declaring gun control or other hot button leftist issues to be a national emergency. But that’s a red herring: do you really think they wouldn’t try to do that anyway, no matter what Trump does? And if he really thinks something is a national emergency, then he shouldn’t ignore it just because someone might try to abuse that power in the future.



Weekend TV Note

By Mike Huckabee

Weekend TV Note On a “Huckabee” Family Member:  If you enjoy the essays by “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth, look for her this weekend on your TVs and computer screens.  She’s not only a fine writer, she’s also a fantastic retro-jazz recording artist.  She was recently honored by the Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards with an unprecedented triple win for Video, Album (“New Vintage”) and Female Vocalist of the Year at a ceremony hosted by Thelma Houston. 

A TV special made from that evening recently aired nationally on Dish Network.  This weekend, it will be broadcast on WATC-TV in Atlanta at 10 a.m. EST on Saturday and again at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday.  You can also watch it streaming live online at WATV’s website.  Here’s more info on the AMG Awards show:

And more about Laura’s music.  Congratulation, Laura!


"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Continue your romantic Valentine weekend tonight by snuggling up with your honey in front of the TV for another new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! We’ll visit with the new president of the NRA, Oliver North.  Blogger Sheila Wray Gregoire will have some advice on balancing family, romance and vacuuming.   Author Heather MacDonald will talk about how identity politics is destroying college campuses. On the lighter side, we’ll introduce a fun new segment hosted by country music legend Leroy Van Dyke, visit “Our Kind of Town,” and meet a Huck’s Hero with a tasty way of helping others.  I’ll also have some serious commentary and some crazy news “In Case You Missed It.”

All this and more fun and surprises are coming tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, repeated at the same times on Sunday, only on TBN.  To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit


Evening Edition - February 15

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: 
he shall preserve thy soul. 
The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in 
from this time forth, and even for evermore."

– Psalm 121:7-8

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  • Harry Eich

    02/16/2019 03:35 PM


    You never have addressed the opposition to your comments concerning vaccination. Why? We respect your opinion but going silent is a typical political dodge to legitimate questions. What is your response?

  • Stephen Russell

    02/16/2019 10:35 AM

    Amazon NY Pullout:
    Guess God is judging hard with Amazon vacating its NY base for 2 other sites.
    Lose tax $$$ & jobs, Great job NY, can U do it again.
    & oh yes Payless shoes closing all stores 2.
    & all this Amazon pullout after NY claims its OK to kill infants.