May 11, 2019

The most unreported story of the 2020 election might be how the liberal narratives (“Trump is an evil, racist, sexist, Nazi, Russia colluder!”) are slowly imploding as Americans start paying more attention to their own experiences than they do to the tall tales from the hysterical media.  It’s much easier to question them after the Mueller report.  If they could be completely wrong about the thing they’ve bellowed about for two years, then what else could they have gotten wrong?  Well, here’s an example you might not have heard yet:

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Trump is raising big donation dollars from women.  The Democrats just assumed women would buy the “Trump’s a pig” narrative and vote for any woman, as if women made all their decisions based on nothing but gender (which seems like an awfully sexist assumption.)  They must’ve hoped women wouldn’t notice that Trump has appointed more women to important executive posts than any President in history (and defends them from media attacks), or that he’s presided over the lowest unemployment for women since 1953.


Well, some women must be noticing.  A new report found that 45% of Trump’s recent campaign donations came from women.  Percentage-wise, that ranks him third of all candidates in female donor support, behind only Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris. 


I can’t help wondering how many Hispanic and African-American voters are also starting to tune out all the media gatekeepers screaming, “Don’t believe your own eyes, believe us!” and noticing how much better off they are now than just a few short years ago?  Democrats might be very worried to find out.  Even scarier for them, I wonder how many working class Democrats would like to donate to Trump’s reelection but are just too scared someone will find out and say mean things about them on Twitter? 


If it gives them courage, I can attest that people say mean things about me on Twitter all the time, and I couldn’t care less. 


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  • JAMES McCollum

    05/15/2019 10:17 AM

    The Democrats ar pathetic! They misjudge Trump because he is successful where Obama was not and Hillary would not have been. Now they turn to hate, socialism, and so many other lame ideas like "keep the borders open" that they should be killing their party!

  • Robin P Wilson

    05/14/2019 12:37 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I enjoy all of your articles, and it helps me, as I know you are honest, and all trustworthy information. I wished you could be our next President, (definitely voted for Trump in the end) but you have my vote, always. I appreciate you and your smart and beautiful Sarah. We all love you and your daughter. Both of you are so beneficial to each of us who have a brain and uses it. Thank you for your site and educating people like myself, who understands your articles.
    May the good Lord continue to Bless you and your Family.

  • Joan Dormer-Deaner

    05/13/2019 05:39 PM

    I look forward to reading your nightly newsletter. You give me JOY!!!!

  • Rick Dean Schramm

    05/13/2019 03:45 PM

    What if president Trump offered North Korea's leader Kim Jung Ill protection from foreign invaders like the U.S. does for Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and offered World wide help to make North Korea prosperous. The U.S. could even move in troops from South Korea to protect the whole Korean Peninsula. They wouldn't have to spend so much on weapons of mass destruction, could eliminate thier nuclear program and live in peace and prosperity and the North Korean people would love him and hail him as the greatest hero they have ever known.

  • Karen A Armstrong

    05/13/2019 11:54 AM

    Its obvious with the 'Walk Away' campaign still going strong that many people no longer listen to the rhetoric of the left. I have the opportunity to listen to many opinions as a public servant and I know a few still buy into it but most people are very happy with the President and as the left (and right in some cases) make it more and more clear its simply a 'I didn't get my way' issue I believe you will see more and more changing sides. Most now realize what a bullet we dodged. So as the left keep promising to do away with Constitutional amendments & electoral votes, to defile our rights, open borders, to raise our taxes and turn us into a socialist country, they hand our President more votes daily. Maybe its a good thing they have gone so off the rails. They forget there is a vast and wide America that are still sane, between New York and California. You and I both know, as believers, we can't stop what is going to happen, but we can buy some time for others to be safely brought into the fold, praying daily for our President and country as a whole. He's coming soon. I sure hoped it would not be in my time, but looks like it will be within these next 7 years since Nancy unleased a Muslim to speak the prayer in our WH. Why every single Congressman did not stand and walk out is the testament of what we have become as a country and a nation. God help us. Sincerely, Karen

  • Ingrid Dreyer

    05/12/2019 06:46 PM

    It's refreshing to know that the Swamp is being drained. Waiting for DECLAS and FISA! The Dem Party is over!!! never to come back. They backed themselves into a corner and there is no way out! Public is waking up to that fact, and after this chaotic storm is over, we will enjoy a new life with Prosperity and Love! Thank you for being President Trumps Spokes person, we love you and Sarah!

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    05/12/2019 04:29 PM

    Only people ridiculously detached from reality would even try to convince others to deny what they are seeing, and experiencing, for themselves. I don't know which is greater, the Democrats' audacity, or their collective delusion.

  • Deb Cuddhy

    05/12/2019 03:12 PM

    You are so spot on. What concerns me is one of your last comments about this. I know for a fact there are Democratic women who are not even sure why they are except for the fact that their liberal neighbors and co-workers are and it's considered "cool" ad we are not! Breaks my heart some want to fit in with the very loud left and progressives rather than take the time to look at the issues on all sides and make a decision!

  • Floyd Hale

    05/12/2019 02:37 PM

    I am with you , the LIBERALs cant be believes or Trusted

    The LIBERAL,s cant be Trusted or Believed !!!!!!!!

  • Lois Matson

    05/12/2019 02:29 PM

    I try to always watch your program on TBN on either Sat. or Sun. at 10 p.m. So enjoy your political comments at the beginning.


    Lois Matson

  • Alice Claar

    05/12/2019 12:20 PM

    Your doing a wonderful joy!!! We are praying for all of you. Keep listing to Father God, he has it all under control.

  • Susan Junco

    05/12/2019 11:46 AM

    Pure and simple.... THANK YOU

  • Marjorie Conner

    05/12/2019 11:41 AM

    No matter what Trump does, he will not be given credit for. Any intelligent person does not agree with the media. Heaven help us if we do.

  • Ralph Cox

    05/12/2019 11:37 AM

    This is so encouraging. It a great deal that average folks start listening to allthe lies that the Democrats are spewing from there mouths and people deciding that they are waiting time and not doing the job they were voted into office to do. And this scare tactic that Pelosi and other Democrats throwing out the is is a Constitutional Crisis. Give me a break. Democrats are waiting tax payer dollars by making every effort to discredit President Trump. Well they will be surprised by this report that 45 percent of donations are from women. When this gets in their crawl not you know they will be so sick. They gave brought this on their selves.

  • William Anselmo

    05/12/2019 10:57 AM

    Governor Huckabee, i would like to thank you for all your daily posts. It is a wonderful blessing to hear about what is going on behind the scenes from someone with knowledge, and not from the bias and liberal media.
    I live in the state of confusion.....oops i mean the state of california, and your posts are a breath of fresh air, which gives me the opportunity to correct others here from the "crap" that is thrown down our throats from the media.
    May the GOD and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you and your family richly.
    P.S. Your daughter is doing a fantastic job there in the white house!

  • Elaine M Gibilisco

    05/12/2019 10:14 AM

    Respect you SO much Mike and your beautiful daughter Sarah! Why does Judicial Watch keep having to sue to get documents and texts from our DOJ and FBI? I thought Republicans controlled BOTH of these! Is the deep state that powerful? Are more Obama people than Trump people squashing these documents? Where is Christopher Wray????
    Just give the documents over to JW and we’ll quickly see who needs to be indicted!!!!
    Please respond to one frustrated Conservative that gets colitis over these corrupt bureaucrats!!! Thanks

  • Barbara G Kirschbaum

    05/12/2019 09:45 AM

    I love your honesty Mr. Huckabee!
    Keep up the great work!!
    Trump 2020!!
    Your daughter is amazing too!!!

  • Margaret Wood

    05/12/2019 09:28 AM

    Dear Governor:
    We love and appreciate you and your family and are in constant prayer regarding our nation. I believe Biden or Sanders are being set up to be the Dem. candidate for President because the Dems know they cannot win in 2020. So they would not want to expose the younger candidates to a loss but would rather place Biden or Sanders in that position.
    Just our view...Margaret and Clayton

  • Robert Patrick

    05/12/2019 09:09 AM

    Great Job Mike,

    I'm also disturbed by the recent fake "Polls" that show Trump trailing Biden. What a JOKE !! Are these the "Polls" that predicted a Hillary win in 2016 ? A POLL only represents the POOL the sample was pulled from.
    Keep up the great work. God Bless yourself and beautiful daughter Sarah.

  • Lyrnn Carter

    05/12/2019 08:53 AM

    I am proud of women stepping up and supporting the real facts of Our President and disregarding the crazed liberal left theories and rhetoric of hate, racism and the list goes on. Now, we need to ensure that our smart #RedWomenRealWomen step up for Congressional and Senate campaigns to knock the lunatics out of office, where they belong - it takes courage and strength and Real Women survive on just those two things. Hope your PAC will support Real Women for 2020 races.

  • Susan Hamilton

    05/12/2019 08:03 AM

    I read Psalm 64 and was amazed at how well it described this attack against Trump. My favorite part is when it changes after verse 7 when God gets involved.
    Their attacks WILL turn on themselves. They WILL fall into their own trap.
    God is still watching over this crazy world we are living in!!

  • Richard Leedy

    05/12/2019 07:56 AM

    I finally figured out why every show on the Mainstream Media has the same catchphrase of the day: their ratings are so low that they know that no one is going to watch more than one show of theirs a day; so they want to make sure that everyone gets to hear that catchphrase.

  • Charles/Ruby Freund

    05/12/2019 07:09 AM

    We can hardly believe how many national emergencies President Trump is trying to handle virtually alone. Besides the people he's selected to assist him, the Congress might as well go home. Someone attaining the office after him will have a hard act to follow. We've wondered what insurance the Elite in Washington will have while they're trying to put us all on Medicare. You notice the Congress didn't approve their staffs to go on Obamacare at the time. And how about the Universities tuitions skyrocketing when the loans became backed by the Federal Government. It's not just the Chinese ripping off the American public and we've always backed trade schools.

  • Jeffrey Gura

    05/12/2019 05:48 AM

    When African-American voters finally realize the extent to which they have been targeted with abortion, by Democrats, they will be "game on" for real good "change".

  • Linda B Daniel

    05/12/2019 04:53 AM

    Still know you would have been an excellent President. Hope you think hard about 2020