April 26, 2018

I’m sorry to report that White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick for the new head of the VA, has “regretfully” withdrawn from consideration due to what he calls “completely false and fabricated accusations” that have become a distraction. Among them were claims by Democrats that Dr. Jackson was nicknamed “Candyman” because he gave staffers he traveled with the sleep aid Ambien to help with jet lag without filling out the prescription paperwork and that he crashed a government car after getting drunk at a party (Johnson says he has “no idea” where that claim came from.) The White House slammed Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, the ranking Democrat on the Veterans Affairs Committee, for publicly airing allegations that hadn’t been fully investigated.

Jackson has been the official White House physician for three Presidents over 12 years, and somehow in all that time, after being repeatedly vetted and working in the public eye, none of these wild accusations ever surfaced until he was named by Trump to run the VA. As recently as October of 2016, in the last of several glowing performance reviews, President Obama wrote of him, “Ronny does a great job - genuine enthusiasm, poised under pressure, incredible work ethic and follow through. Ronny continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me, my family and my team. Continue to promote ahead of peers.” Seems odd that nobody ever told Obama that his doctor was a drunk driver and a drug pusher.

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Now, despite these wild accusations, he’s back at work as the President’s trusted physician, but will not be able to insure that our veterans receive the kind of top quality care that Obama verified that he provides. Why, it’s almost as if his real offense was just being chosen for a Cabinet position by Donald Trump. And now, Democrats who’ve spent over a year blocking and obstructing Trump's nominees for suspect or unconstitutional reasons, or none at all, can go back to complaining that there are still so many government positions that haven’t yet been filled.




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  • Alice F Stephenson

    04/29/2018 10:58 PM

    That situation is absolutely disgraceful.

  • Wendy Bowen

    04/27/2018 08:07 AM

    Completely Railroaded. These politicians disgust me

  • Tricia Kennemer

    04/27/2018 12:19 AM

    Democrats have tried to destroy and denigrate everyone they feel they can't manipulate, and are slow walking confirmations etc. according to Saul Alinsky's Rule Book for Radicals. Choose your target. Demean, degrade, demoralize then ISOLATE. In fact if one reads the book the Democrats are following it to the could use it to predict their next move...

  • Kimberly Bell

    04/27/2018 12:15 AM

    I agree with the prior 3 comments. Unfortunately, I believe this is a spiritual battle and God will enable the called. If God is behind us and we are in his will, nothing can stop us. I think it’s vital to pray and remember we will be persecuted. We must have faith and persevere!

  • steve dunklee

    04/26/2018 05:46 PM

    This is terrible the way anyone who goes near Trump is treated. Their new whipping boy in the news today seems to be Kanye West. If Kanye had not said he supports Trump, he would not be in the news being raked through the coals.

  • Ronald Bashore

    04/26/2018 04:19 PM

    Aside from prayer, What can we do to put a stop to this nonsense and turn things around?

  • Mona Rogers

    04/26/2018 02:32 PM

    I am sick and tired of the people that President Trump has picked for his officials are not being put into office, but are being bullied by the same people that say the President and his followers are deplorable. To me the only ones who are deplorable in these situations are the people who are tearing everyone down that President Trump wants in his cabinet and in his offices under him. I am also sick the Congress and 'senate not doing their jobs, and not following their leaders lead. The republicans won each house and the presidency but yet they are still acting as if the democrats are still in power. Come on guys get your heads out of your butts and work with the President not against him.