October 18, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Mocking McConnell -- Sessions earns NYT praise -- Jacksonville Jaguars apoligize..sort of -- Michigan City council takes a knee -- Dow Jones record -- Additional Commentaries 

POLL: Do you agree with the TV networks' plan to stop showing the National Anthem on TV so viewers don't see any protesters? Over 26,000 votes cast.


Memo to the media: Remember how you jumped all over candidate Trump for mocking a hostile reporter, claiming he was ridiculing a physical disability Trump said he didn’t know the reporter had? And how you refused to believe that phony excuse and assumed the absolute worst about his character? Well, when you mocked him and Mitch McConnell this week for Trump helping McConnell climb some steps, not realizing that McConnell had polio as a child and often needs help climbing stairs, should we also assume the absolute worst about you – that you were mocking McConnell’s disability -- or does that apply only to Trump?

Not rubbing your nose in your ignorance and hypocrisy, just trying to establish the rules here. Thanks!



Mike Huckabee



Sessions earns NYT praise

By Mike Huckabee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions earned rare praise from the New York Times for sending an expert hate crimes federal attorney to Burlington, Iowa, to help in the case of Kedarie Johnson, a gay, “gender-fluid” teenager who was shot to death in 2016. The Times noted that while Sessions’ DOJ has reversed the Obama-era move to redefine sex discrimination under Title IX to include “gender identity” (which was done, despite the left’s claims, not out of hatred and prejudice but because the President doesn’t have the authority to rewrite civil rights laws), he is proving that his Department will still defend the rights of transsexual individuals who are the victims of hate and violence.


Jacksonville Jaguars apologize...sort of

By Mike Huckabee

Jacksonville Jaguars President Mark Lamping has sent a formal letter of apology to Jacksonville’s Director of Military Affairs for the team owner and several players kneeling during the National Anthem at a game in London last month against the Baltimore Ravens. They later stood during the playing of “God Save the Queen.” There was a furious reaction in Jacksonville, a conservative town that’s home to a US Naval base. Lamping wrote that the team was “remiss in not fully comprehending the effect of the National Anthem demonstration on foreign soil has had on the men and women who have or continue to serve our country.”

While I applaud the Jaguars for belatedly waking up to how offensive it is to the US military to show disrespect for the National Anthem on foreign soil, I can’t help wondering how much longer it’s going to take them to realize that it is also offensive to show disrespect to the National Anthem on American soil. That's same soil so many military members have fought and died to keep free to preserve their right to protest, even though some people are still having difficulty comprehending that just because you have a right to do something stupid, offensive and counter-productive, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it.


Michigan city council takes a knee

By Mike Huckabee

Four members of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, city council “took a knee” during the Pledge of Allegiance. You can read their explanation of why at the link, but don’t expect it to make any sense. It sounds like a “word salad” tossed by a chef with a poli-sci degree from Berkeley. The only message that they managed to deliver loud and clear is that Ann Arbor voters need to elect four new city council members.



Dow Jones record

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly topped 23,000 for the first time ever. It gave conservative websites yet another chance to quote liberal economist Paul Krugman’s election night prediction that markets would “never” recover from Trump’s election. But then, the Dow has topped so many records since, and that quote has been repeated so many times, that some Trump supporters who own stocks might finally be getting tired of winning. Not many, though.


Additional Commentaries

The links below are to commentaries I have written.  Please leave me a comment on my website.  I read them!


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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Marlene Glidden

    10/18/2017 05:48 PM

    It will probadly take some empty stadiums to really make them see the light ,that we do not approve of the childish actions .They needed some discipline when they were children . You can not make people like other people and seems we are finding out who loves their country and who would be canidates for ISIS

  • Joan Berndt

    10/18/2017 04:38 PM

    There probably isn't a more liberal, far out wacko city in MI than Ann Arbor. Unfortunately those are also characteristics of its great university. I have two degrees from U of M from the 50's, and while it has always been on the liberal side, it was still reasonable and rational...not sure that is still true today.

  • Horatio W. Turner IV

    10/18/2017 03:59 PM

    Dear Mike,

    I read and value your newsletter every day. Thank you for staying on top of so many important subjects and adding your perspective and the results of your research. You serve us all well.

    For the record, I am like most of the NFL fans I know ... Done with the NFL! I am also Done with the arrogant elitist Hollywood, Political and Leftist Hacks who seek recognition for insulting our nation, our flag, our President and our military, alive, dead and disabled. I find it hard not to despise these people, after serving as a career uniformed military professional.

    I grant their Right to Free Speech but I totally condemn their lack of honesty, taste, patriotism ... and respect. They are truly unworthy of one of the greatest gifts God could grant them: American citizenship, and the True Freedom, Opportunity, Safety and Security ... all of which are assured by their much betters who serve and have served in uniform, in National Security and Public Safety.

    NFL = OVER

  • David Marthers

    10/18/2017 01:48 PM

    The networks should show the playing of the National Anthem, just don’t put the players in the frame. Why not video the spectators standing. The least they could do is frame the flag during the National Anthem.