September 17, 2019

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A couple of days ago, my commentary focused on former (fired) deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and what the leaking which led to his criminal investigation was really about: not Trump at all, but, surprisingly, Hillary. In bending over backwards to resuscitate his own image of “impartiality” (ha) after it was reported that his wife had received a huge Clinton-connected campaign donation, he ordered Lisa Page to leak that the Justice Department was telling the FBI to back off its investigation of the Clinton Foundation and that he was standing firm!

Oh, brother.

Anyway, leaking is leaking, or at least it’s supposed to be. But in the real world of Washington, DC, which is overwhelmingly Democrat, the question of whether McCabe was leaking something damaging on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton probably makes a big difference. I find it interesting that so far, the only person involved in the “Trump/Russia” scandal who faces criminal indictment is in trouble for doing something damaging to HILLARY, not Trump.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Crazy Beto

By Mike Huckabee

“Beto” O’Rourke seems to think that not only does the Second Amendment not impede his plans to take away certain types of your guns that he doesn’t like (while cursing like a frat bro’ with Tourette’s Syndrome), but that the power to do that is covered by the Commerce Clause.  I suspect that when his college civics class was in session, he was out practicing skateboarding.

In fact, not only does he think this irrelevant clause supersedes the Bill of Rights, but that people will happily comply with his gun confiscation dreams.  He claims they’re even telling him so at places like a gun show in Conway, Arkansas, and a Buc-ee’s in Katy, Texas.  Were there hallucinogenic mushrooms growing in that dirt he ate? 

To be blunt: I not only do not believe that Trump-voting AR-15 owners at an Arkansas gun show and a Texas truck stop were coming up to “Beto” to tell him he’s right about wanting to confiscate their guns, I seriously don’t believe that any AR-15-owning Texan would strike up a conversation with another man standing next to him at the Buc-ee’s urinal on any subject whatsoever. 

Trump's economy

By Mike Huckabee

With the Democrat candidates for President on video promising on their first day in office to raise taxes, bloat government, confiscate guns, spend umpteen trillions of dollars on things like free health care for illegal immigrants, and shut down the domestic oil and gas industries, I can’t wait to see the campaign ads Trump and the RNC will be running. But those ads don’t have to be all negative.  Trump can point to successes at crushing ISIS, renegotiating trade deals, standing up to China and Iran, and especially the record low unemployment numbers and booming economy.  At the link, Dick Morris spotlights another statistic that I haven’t heard anyone else point out yet:

Between 2014 and 2018, inflation-adjusted median household income has risen from $55,913 to $63,179.  Despite the brazen lies by Democrats amplified by the media until many Americans actually believed them, the benefits of this economy are not all going to the wealthy and corporations while middle class Americans are doing worse and paying higher taxes.  In fact, Census figures show that the average American family has $7,266 more in their pockets per year than in 2014.  Since 1999, inflation-adjusted median household income had risen by just 2.7%, but in the past four years, it’s risen by 13%. 

Of course, I can already hear the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) responding, “That’s because Trump inherited the booming Obama economy!”  All right, here are a few of the reasons why household income has jumped:

The 2017 tax cut put more money in consumer’s pockets and gave companies more money to expand and hire…Renegotiated trade deals and tariffs on China reduced imports and goosed American manufacturing…Taking the chains off domestic energy production kept fuel costs low and supplies stable…Increased border security and immigration enforcement discouraged the hiring of cheap illegal labor, boosting job opportunities and pay for American workers.

Okay, pop quiz: Which of those policies are carryovers from the Obama Administration? 





Great Observation Department

By Mike Huckabee

It’s been a real head-scratcher watching liberals in the media attack President Trump over the departure of John Bolton as National Security Adviser. I respect Bolton, I consider him a friend, and I’m concerned that Trump won’t have his no-nonsense counsel.  But advisers serve at the pleasure of the President, and Trump no longer took pleasure in that service, so it’s over.  It happens in very Administration, but for some reason, it’s only “chaotic” when it happens in this one.  In fact, I used to argue that Obama didn’t fire enough people, keeping them in place even after their blunders led to Americans being killed and they were held in contempt of Congress.  But I digress.

But for once, the media’s frenzied negative reaction to Bolton’s leaving (he says it was voluntary) was puzzling, since they’d attacked Trump just as harshly for hiring Bolton in the first place. Do they just go berserk about how everything Trump does is wrong, even if he's undoing something that they attacked him for doing in the first place?

Hat’s off to Fox News contributor and Greg Gutfeld Show regular Tyrus for suggesting a very astute explanation for the self-contradictory media response.  He said the reason the media are so worked up is that they don’t understand someone like Bolton who is cursed with integrity.  Bolton has principles that didn’t mesh with his boss, Bolton being more of an interventionist, Trump a negotiator. They tried to work together for a year, but neither could change the other’s mind.  Rather than give up his principles and keep his job, Bolton agreed to leave.  This sort of principled break-up happens all the time in real life (i.e., outside of politics.) 

As Tyrus said, the media are in a lather because they can’t figure out why Bolton didn’t just become a yes man to keep his cushy position, then try to undermine Trump by leaking to the press, like they and everyone they know would do. They simply can’t understand the concept of having integrity.

It’s a great observation, but to be fair, how can you expect our current class of political reporters to understand integrity?  It’s simply not part of the environment they inhabit 24/7.  It’s like expecting a fish to understand what a desert is. 


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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Here’s a surprise: Hollywood handed Nike an Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial for its ad featuring Colin Kaepernick saying, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”  In Kaepernick’s case, it apparently meant sacrificing a fading career in the NFL for a full-time job as a professional virtue signaler who makes a fat living merchandising his divisive rhetoric and showing disrespect for the National Anthem and the flag that many brave Americans made real sacrifices for.  Now, in addition to his millions, he has a trinket from Hollywood liberals, which has appropriately been described by some as the Emmy equivalent of that Nobel Peace Prize Obama won before he even did anything.


You can tell the Democratic Presidential candidates’ open borders rhetoric is too radical for American voters when even former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to warn them that we “have to have borders” and that the law criminalizing unauthorized border crossings has been on the books “for about a hundred years.”

One thing I never hear the Democrats explain (not that any of the softball tossers they select for their debates would ever ask) is this: How are you going to ban all the guns from America if you’re also going to leave the borders open so that criminals like the MS-13 gang members your sanctuary cities keep releasing can just bring them into America illegally and sell them like they do drugs?  After all, the mayor of Chicago blames her city’s many shootings on the fact that you can buy guns across the open borders of neighboring states.  So how do you rid America of guns if you get rid of border security between the US and Mexico?  Confiscating guns would just create a lucrative market for illegal gun dealers.

I’d ask Eric Holder to confirm how tough it is to keep guns from moving back and forth across the Mexican border, but I imagine that’s a sore spot with him. 

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  • Sherry Sireci

    09/17/2019 04:11 PM

    I read your newsletter regularly and bless you for your conservative and Christian stand. I also appreciate your Daily Verse. However, today's verse was not completed -- an oversight? It should be Romans 8:38 & 39 -- one long sentence. Keep up the good work and God bless you! Sherry

  • Donna M. Sims

    09/17/2019 02:26 PM

    I enjoy reading your columns and generally appreciate your humor. However, the Tourrette Syndrome comment hurt me. I have a grown son who has lived with TS since he was in elementary school. Many of his tics were verbal (along with some muscular). Despite his bird calls, his echolalia, and his repetitive phrases (such as "walk like a goose"), he worked hard each day to control his sounds at school and to focus on his work. Doing so would be equivalent to a person's having a terrible cough but expending the energy to stifle it eight hours a day. Once he arrived at our doorstep, all the sounds, pent up for eight hours, exploded for the next eight hours until he crashed into bed, exhausted from suppressing the distraction around his friends (of whom he had many) and classmates and teachers and then incessantly and uncontrobably. Again, controlling these sounds drained him of energy as he progressed through college as a pre-med student, as he sat for the MCAT, and as he continued his studies through medical school, residency, and fellowship. At one time before a major rounds of tests in medical school, he came hom,e to an eviction notice nailed to his apartment door because of his noise (they never were obscene or racist), again causing undue stress in an already stressful situation. Today, as a cardiologist, he still expends much of his energy having to stifle his tics. . . . until he arrives home. There, surrounded by wife (God's gift to him) and three beautiful teens, he feels comfortable enough not to have to muffle his verbal tics any longer. I know your writers may not have experienced TS personally and therefore chose this as a metaphor. However, for those who live through it, TS sometimes is not a laughing matter.

  • LeeMar Zarr

    09/17/2019 01:43 PM

    Are the vicious BEATINGS in Minneapolis and elsewhere because "Some people did something?" NOT a HATE many minorities were attacking a skin of a different color???????