June 15, 2016

I don’t know if Russian hackers are really that good, or if Democrats are just really terrible at protecting national security. Or more likely, both. Two stories today confirm both those scenarios. The Washington Post reports that Democratic National Committee officials admit that Russian hackers thoroughly compromised their email system and were able to read all their emails and chats (I feel for the Russians, having to read all that moaning about missing Jon Stewart). They also stole the DNC’s entire opposition research file on Donald Trump (hope they had a big backup drive to hold that). I can understand how Democrats would be nonchalant with classified national security documents, but how could they be so careless with something really important to them, like their slime file on Donald Trump?

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Meanwhile, cites reliable Western intelligence sources as saying that the Russian government could be getting ready to release all of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails that they hacked. If true, that would prove that she did compromise US security, and that contrary to her backers’ claims, foreign hackers did access her homebrew email server. Along with the recent Fox News report that some of her emails actually were “marked classified,” that would pretty much run the table on disproving every single feeble excuse she’s made since this scandal broke.

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  • Deborah Block

    06/16/2016 07:05 PM

    Governor this is my response. I am very angry at the moment. Thank you for your candor. Russians claim they did not do the hacking. KGB would have the same things anyway. Thank the Russians for helping out here. We have an oppressive government. We are paying taxes for our own demise as a country. Government is not representing us for the most part. They are representing Power Brokers. We are paying for terrorists to come into our country to kill us. Sharia Law is here. Facebook removes posts from Americans who complain about Muslims. The Blacks think they are still slaves who live in the Civil War. Many Blacks fought in that Civil War for the South too. Our schools are rewriting history so the young learn that America is terrible and brutal while they are not learning how we struggled to keep us free. We stand around complaining while our 1040s are used by our NON Representing Reps. in Congress and the Senate. We sit by idly. Our Churches hide behind their alters quiver to wait...

  • Barbara Carter

    06/15/2016 03:16 PM

    That is one way we all could see the emails prior to the election! Let the Russians release them.

  • Rebecca DeHaven

    06/15/2016 11:39 AM

    I can see, the Russians wanting Donald Trump to be President and releasing Killary's emails, because improving the USA economy would be good for Russia too. But, if they want Killary to be Pres, they prob are planning some more cyber attacks (or other devious plans) and hope/need a weak leader to be in in place. Now there's a 'tell' for the Russians.