October 7, 2020


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  • Althea Kwappenberg

    03/14/2021 11:31 PM

    Mike: I appreciate your offering gifts like this for our Children and our grandchildren. I have a special request, would you kindly send a copy to the House of Representatives and a copy to the Senate. I believe these 545 needs to be reminded of what the truth really is, also send a copy to the Biden group n the White House After that is do are other groups who need reminders such as THE FBI,CIA,HOMELAND SECURITY,NCIS,THE SUOPREME COURT,AND THE PENTAGON. I am in hopes if these gifts can teach our Children the truth ,then just perhaps it will educate those in Washington. thank you,God Bless you.

  • JoAnne Fields

    10/13/2020 01:37 PM

    I can’t understand how a woman can lie to your face & act the way Kamala acted. Is power and money worth your soul. She needs prayers. God bless VP Pense & family.

  • Mike Bearden

    10/11/2020 08:24 PM

    Our vice president was spot on!

  • Christine Cervantes

    10/11/2020 11:36 AM

    Pence won by a landslide. Harris needs to learn to kerp the smirk off her face. I couldn't take her seriously ftom the moment she didn't answer the first question.

  • Mark Patt

    10/11/2020 10:43 AM

    Joe did a great job. You could tell he wanted to call her out on so many lies, but held his cool. We continue to pray for God to continue to surround the President with Christians and the truth will prevail about President Trumps heart and those around him. Wake up church your very existence is at play here. Over all God is still in charge and is calling his people to fight the good fight.

  • Lori McCarthy

    10/11/2020 10:30 AM

    Mike Pence definitely won that debate! Even though he did interrupt Kamala Harris a couple of times, it was with good reason (to refute her lies) and it was done in a tasteful manner. In stark contrast, Kamala was quick to point out his mistakes by repeatedly saying, "I'm still speaking." However, it was done so in a condescending manner. Her constant eye-rolling, smirks, and laughs at his comments also came off as arrogant and condescending. In addition, there were some questions she didn't even answer. Mike Pence did a great job remaining professional at all times (in spite of his couple of times interrupting her) as well as pointing out the ways in which the Obama-Biden administration failed the American people (such as Russiagate and the deliberate spying on President Trump) and how they would continue to fail the American people (due to demanding funding for abortion right up until the day of birth, placing people on lockdown again and making masks mandatory, and raising taxes to pay for all of their government programs which basically do nothing).

  • John Crow

    10/11/2020 08:31 AM


  • Donald Philip Baker

    10/11/2020 02:38 AM

    I think Pense's comments were well though out and he was respectful. Kamala lied her way through the debate and just did the blame game. Her expressions betrayed her acknowledge that Pense was right.

  • Dawn Lawrence

    10/10/2020 07:21 PM

    I enjoyed listening to Vice President Pence what I didnt like, was how biased the moderator was. But then Wallace did the very same thing with President Trump. But both Vice President Pence and President Trump held their own and they did it with TRUTH! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told so many lies and most always were given the green light by both moderators. It was easy to see just how far to the left both moderators are. Kamala is such a fake, it dripped off her lips with each and every lie she told. But with all they were given, OUR President and OUR Vice President smoked both Biden and Harris! "TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  • Joyce J. Sawaya

    10/10/2020 06:43 PM

    Pence copied Trump in overtalking and interjecting comments in Kamalas time. I felt that was " rude"! Kamala did a little of that to make up for her time. She held her cool and was firm , respectable iin asking Pence to please let her speak. Their differences were " obvious" in what they project for the ruling of our country. My vote still goes with ( Trump and Pence) , because they have integrity and the people in mind, not just a Socialistic dictatorship agenda. AMEN!

  • Arlene J Chance

    10/10/2020 04:40 PM

    jPence won hands down. Harris sounded like she was talking through her nose. It drove me crazy every time she talked. She also told so many lies.

  • Cheryl Perry

    10/10/2020 02:58 PM

    I think Vice President Pence did a great job! He spoke the truth! Kamala Harris seemed rattled, angry and not as intelligent. I’m praying for the re-election of Trump and Pence!

  • ZsaZsa Rendeczky

    10/10/2020 12:37 AM

    Pence did great. Harris is a joke. You all need to quit asking her if Joe Biden is going to do this and that. He’s not going to do anything. She will. Along with the other radical left. You all also need to have a closer look on Soros son. Senior Soros is to old to organize what has been happening. Blessed be the fruit.

  • jeannette keller

    10/09/2020 08:18 PM

    I think Vice Pres. Pence did a good job. Did not get real excited, kept his calm and answered the questions. Kamala kep smirking, rolling her eyes, very juvenile.

  • Elizabeth Mastrocinque

    10/09/2020 08:13 PM

    I believe Michael Pence, V.P. Of our country definitely won the debate. He is an excellent public speaker. He is intelligent, reserved, and spoke the truth. On the other hand, Karmela, who has a poor command of proper grammar, acted like Kitty, on Gunsmoke, trying to defend her saloon and a rough crowd. Her facial expressions were not professional and she lied regarding her comments about Abraham Lincoln. She refused to comment of a question asked by the moderator regarding “packing the Supreme Court”.

  • Nadine Zerbe

    10/09/2020 08:13 PM

    Kamala stayed true to form: rude, arrogant, condescending, dishonest, pompous, disgusting, snobbish, and childish to name a few traits! Vice-President Pence was a patient but perseverant gentleman!!!

  • Lorraine Floreen

    10/09/2020 07:07 PM

    Junk yard dog verses a gentleman

  • Nancy Staley

    10/09/2020 06:30 PM

    Pence outclassed and was a much better speaker than Harris

  • Kathleen Westbrook

    10/09/2020 03:06 PM

    I thought the leader was set up to ask items to give Harris a top edge, her best ideas. And a couple of times Harris looked like she was liying, a sneaky attitude. All of which makes the whole thing useless and Penses answers are against impossible situations.


    10/09/2020 02:31 PM

    I think the Democratic Party should be removed from office

  • Michael Richard Wheeler

    10/09/2020 10:43 AM

    VP Pence won hands down

  • Janice Love

    10/09/2020 08:22 AM

    Mike Pence was class all the way. Working in the jail setting of the Maricopa County Sheriff's office, I interacted with some of the most dishonest and vile inmates in the world. And they all had a higher level of integrity than Biden and Harris and the rest of this group. But God has chosen Donald Trump and Mike Pence to do this job, maybe to save this country. But Sir you and your daughter are in that mix. God Bless Janice Love

  • Debra Lynne Kuykendall

    10/09/2020 07:17 AM

    Pence won by a mile! The moderated kept making false claims when asking him a question, but he rallied. Kamala smirked and lied. She talked like a lawyer. She thinks she's the smartest person in the room. I would have liked for her donations to bail out rioters had been brought out.

  • Peggy Gwinn

    10/09/2020 06:44 AM

    I thought Mike Pence held his own especially with you can’t change the facts. I thought the moderator was again bias against Republicans. I thought Camilla was aggressive and avoided the questions more than Pence. Overalll good debate!

  • Debbie Fowler

    10/09/2020 05:24 AM

    I think Mike Pence was a great man of God and he showed that is his debate ? Ms Harris was rude and acted like a teenager rolling her eyes and making faces ! Way to go Mr Vice President