November 17, 2018

In response to my commentary about possible reasons for the unexpected outcome in the Arizona Senate race, I got a helpful reader reply from someone who lives in Arizona.  So let’s see if we can gain some insight from her.  Even though most of us live in other states, these “case studies” can be instructive for winning races in our own states.

Mary tells us she is Hispanic, over 55, a Republican and Trump supporter, an Air Force veteran, and a small business owner, yet she actually came close to voting for Sinema, the Democrat.  How could this be?  Well, from her perspective, McSally really wasn’t very popular among Trump supporters, many of whom thought she was a RINO who was pretending to support Trump.


(Of course, we now know from the Project Veritas undercover video of Sinema’s campaign headquarters that SHE was pretending –- to have moderate views when her background is really far-left.  Behind the scenes, she made fun of conservative Arizona voters.  She is not going to be a moderate Senator, though apparently many who voted for her had the impression she would be.)

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Mary says that another reason Sinema won goes back to the Republican primary, in which McSally was running against Kelli Ward.  According to Mary, the people who loved Ward were so upset McSally beat her that they voted for Sinema.  (Good lord.  If this is true, let me say again, it’s this kind of failure to look at the Big Picture that has given us the Democratic Congress of 2019 and all the unspeakable mess that will come with it.)


Also, it appears that in this race, timing was everything.  Mary says that just a few days before the election, a friend of hers, a popular Hispanic preacher, made an appearance with some other Hispanic church leaders to endorse McSally.  This particular preacher “has a lot of clout in the Phoenix area,” she says.  “Had she endorsed her [McSally] early on, Sinema would have been slaughtered and McSally would have won.”


Incidentally, Mary says she used to be active politically in her community, but “decided to lay low and not make waves” since she is a small business owner.   (In that sense, she’s like many small business owners nationwide who fear not only loss of business but even violent retribution.)  Most Hispanics in her area vote Democrat, she says, because they “have no clue” what is going on; they’re too busy working to pay attention.  Mary also claims that Hispanics walking through the parking lots of low-income shopping shopping centers were targeted and offered money to “sign up Democrat.” --- not sure if that means a pledge to vote for Democrat candidates, or what, but it would not be surprising to see large amounts of “walking around money” being used by campaigns in this way, especially with the millions of dollars pouring in from out of state.  This wasn't just a rumor, either; Mary says that she herself was offered $20.


Thank you, Mary, for helping us try to make some sense out of what has seemed to be a very odd Senate race.  As with the guest editorial we ran on voting irregularities in the Los Angeles area, it’s great to have reader response from around the country to get a clearer picture of what’s happening.  Unfortunately, what we're getting is a pretty disturbing picture.








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    11/30/2018 10:48 AM

    Although I have posted two comments; rather lengthy ones; I would be grossly remiss if I did not express my most sincere appreciation of as well as my amazement at the ability of your dear daughter in dealing with the literal trash that she so effectively contends within each and every WH News episode. She so effectively handles the literal trash that she contends with each time she who is always the epitome of CLASS while almost without exception dealing with complete and total TRASH!
    I, and I am sure there are many others among those like me who witness these circuses who would like to use a ball bat on these miserable excuses for humans who seem to seek at every opportunity to abuse her, (My excuse is - although pitifully as it is - that my Viking ancestry tendencies at this late date remain in my makeup and the thoughts, though not really fleeing ones, are counter to the Born Again Christian demeanor.
    Whatever the amount of her salary is . . . it is only a token of what it should be; actually, no amount of money would adequately compensate your dear lady for having to deal with these miserable excuses for humankind.

  • Joseph Perron

    11/28/2018 10:30 AM

    Timid Ministers of Politics, medicine and Religion to support innocent unborn Babies
    as Our Pro-Life President Trump made his belief that ripping Babies from their Mother`s
    womb was not good , note good ..It is the message ,not the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Amen

  • Karen A Armstrong

    11/19/2018 09:10 AM

    Something very similar is going on in Mississippi. The President backed the wrong horse in Cindi Hyde Smith, so Espy will probably take it. She had refused to debate McDaniel because she doesn't have a leg to stand on. Cindi was a democrat up until Thad Cochran appointed her to the seat she holds right now. When asked who she voted for President, her answer was, 'I don't remember'. Does anyone in the whole US not remember who they voted for President last election? She is also getting contributions from Sean Parker (a staunch Hillary supporter) and she pleads ignorance about that too. So either way we get a Democrat in our seat. Either way, so why bother to vote (words I never thought I would hear myself say ever)? Sadly Espy has this. A conservative Republican should have had it, not someone who votes with Planned Parenthood. So most people I have spoke with will be sitting this one out. Its a sad state of things these last days. Sincerely, Karen

  • Mary Anne Berry

    11/18/2018 09:31 PM

    Can you write an article about if/when President Trump is going to END the Federal Reserve Banking system? Are we going to go with cryptocurrencies? Are we going to stop paying international banksters interest? Who gave the international banksters/Federal Reserve the authority to preside over our country's finances? Thank you kind sir!

  • Betty Nelson

    11/18/2018 09:21 PM

    I think it is terrible the way that all of the elections have been 'messed with' this year. [yes and past one's too, and on your comments last week, I too believe that a lot of votes come from the graveyard. Especially In Wilkes County, NC.
    My husband said to tell you to 'Keep on Keeping on' you are doing great, He just loved it when we found out that you have a show back on, We tried to always see you on Fox, and have really missed you. Am always glad to see you subbing for Hannity or Judge Jennine

    Mama was a democrat, so when i first registered, I registered as one too. But lately my pastor has been mentioning that the dems believe in all of those things like abortion, and other things that Christians should not, and he hasn't said that I should change, but I feel that I might be better able to 'help' like I did in '08, when I voted for Hillary in the spring and in the fall I voted for 'Sarah'. So I haven't changed my registration. I know I can at any time. Should I? What do you think? It is not really bothering me, but I am just wondering... It really is no one's business how I have registered, but what do you think that God would say about that?

    In our family there is a comment that I like to use often when someone asks me what I am having for my holiday dinner. I say " I am cooking the ham this year and inviting the turkey, ..... Uh, are you coming?" Or sometimes I will reverse that to a particular 'ham' kind of person.

  • Wanda Schulcz

    11/18/2018 08:22 PM

    I have wondered how many races across the nation were influenced by "paid" voters being asked (or told) to vote a certain way.
    Thanks, Mike, for your work and commentaries which keep us informed. God bless you.

  • Wiley Brooks

    11/18/2018 06:51 PM

    The demographics are changing fast in AZ for a number of reasons. One of the big reasons: The hi-tech companies in and around the Phoenix are moving into and expanding at a very high rate. The hi-tech companies employ and army of millennials. These millennials are very bright but they live in a different world than their parents and grandparents. They have little time to understand the issues of real world challenges. They were educated in universities staffed by far left academics They vote dem.

  • Wiley Brooks

    11/18/2018 06:17 PM

    The “walking around money” charge must be investigated. If true, the money source culprits should receive long prison sentences..

  • Richard Marineau

    11/18/2018 03:50 PM

    Another example of the continued acceptance of moral relativism in this culture--there is no right -no wrong. Only what pleases the individual. The only real answer is for our culture to return to GOD"S way.

  • Sue B.

    11/18/2018 02:16 PM

    Back in 2016 Obama refused to answer any questions from the Gowdy Benghazi panel so why should Trump answer Mueller's questions? have to convince Trump not to submit his answers to Mueller this week because it is a Mueller trap for Trump. Trump has the same reason Obama had not to answer questions. Look up the article on the web that was published back in 2016.
    I just don't understand Trump's advisors and attorneys allowing Trump to enter into a potential trap.
    No one looks out for Trump.
    Also, have you realized that Jared and Ivanka keep advising Trump? They are liberals. All the mistakes in hiring people are because of those two. Trump needs a Conservative braintrust to tell him the people to hire who are true Conservatives. Trump keeps hiring neverTrumpers.
    Boehner people are hiring people for the West Wing who are leakers and disloyal. Trump is so naive about the difference between RINOS and loyal Conservatives. I wish Jared and Ivanka would go back to NY because they keep steering Trump in the wrong direction.

  • dennis k dressler

    11/18/2018 11:53 AM

    We must make a law that mandates all elective candidates get a designated amount of free television and radio advertising in their elective districts . No other media may be purchased. Mailer's, telephone or printed ads may be limited to a certain amount. Lets get the money out of our politics and make our elections legitimate and equally fair to all. The MONEY is the dirty and destructive item in our politics.

  • Linda Olds

    11/18/2018 10:22 AM

    Sorry, I can't understand the 'logic' of someone who thinks that a Republican candidate isn't far enough to the right, so they vote for the Democrat, who is required to do whatever Chuck Schumer tells her to do???
    I do understand the feeling of being intimidated. Republicans are afraid to give their opinions, and small business owners can be put in a difficult situation.
    About the bribery and outright voter fraud, it's difficult. If Republicans try to fix it, they are accused of taking away people's rights to vote. But the Right is right! We need to fix this.
    If the Democrats were as good at running things as they are at running for office, this country would be better off!

  • Jim Kindle

    11/18/2018 10:15 AM

    I also believed McSally may be a RINO but is that any worse than what a left wing socialist Sinema will do??? I think a push to get the Governor to appoint McSally might balance the scales somewhat better. As it stands now Arizona still does not have a Senator!!!!!

  • Sid McClelland

    11/18/2018 09:08 AM

    First, I'm a constitutional conservative and a Ward supporter. I viewed McSally as a McCain like republican, RINO. Although I did vote for her, and still can't understand why anyone would vote for the democrat socialist.

  • Don LaFlamme

    11/18/2018 08:49 AM

    The right will never be as well-funded as the left, and the right is more prone to vote (or not) for personal or moral reasons rather than for political or "big picture" outcomes. If they voted for Trump, then they need to set aside their personal opinions and bottom lines to vote for who he says he needs. The country has never been more polarized, so each individual 'opinion' vote was okay in times past, but not anymore. Trump is in there swinging every day for no money. We need to swing in the voting booth for no money and aside from what we feel or think or postulate about any of the candidates. If you do nothing for the good of the country, then bad forces will jump into your spot.


    11/18/2018 08:18 AM

    I couldn't vote for Sinema. She is supporting abortion. I couldn't support her.

  • Sharalee Wilson

    11/18/2018 07:41 AM

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info. It doesn't surprise me that money was given for some votes. That does appal me however.
    I was in favor of Ms. McSally all along and was disappointed she lost her bid to become a senator from Arizona. That state has had 2 too many liberal senators. How I wish John James had won in Michigan, too.

    I admire you and your daughter Sarah and wish you both and your family peace, good health and continued success in helping our country.

  • Loren Laney

    11/18/2018 07:40 AM

    Since the election, I have received hundreds of emails asking me to donate $ to support the recount efforts. Should there not be govt/state funds to take care of this? If there is already election fraud by Dems receiving mass amounts of money from outside sources, what hope is there for an accurate recount even if I send a donation? Are all election officials so corrupt that we can't trust anyone to verify where these newly discovered ballots are coming from? Thank you, Mr. Huckabee. I appreciate your newsletters.

  • Mabel Ramsthel

    11/18/2018 05:23 AM

    My daughter-in-law ALSO shared insights into the recent election in Arizona as well. She said that the Democrats threw everything they had into “ grooming” Sinnema to being the better candidate, much like the new harem brides were groomed for presentation to their husband in Biblical times! Not so with McSally! When the two debated publicly, McSally definitely was “rough around the edges,” while Sinnema was refined, polished, smooth, & politically savvy! The other thing she pointed out is that America has sadly underestimated the California “exodus,” especially to Arizona & Texas! They move into new areas, much like religious zealots, with their slightly modified political beliefs intact. These “transfers” are actually changing the political demographics of our nation!! However, my daughter-in-law says to “take heart!” Governor Doug Doocy will have to name a replacement for that vengeful traitor, John McCain, to fill in as an Arizona Senator until 2020, and it will most likely will be Martha McSally! Let’s hope & pray that the despicable behavior of the Democratics will be revealed as His truth coming forth, as that is the ONLY thing that will shut down evil! “The truth will set you (us) free! “ Thanks for the update, Mike! Praise God for the work you are doing!! Love you to pieces!!!

  • Joe Analco

    11/18/2018 01:07 AM

    Unfortunately I have lost full confidence in the integrity of the California voting process. No picture ID required only verbal name identification, even if they were unsure of their home address. Happiness will be seeing California in my rear view mirror.

  • Kathy Wingate

    11/18/2018 12:58 AM

    Guess timing is very important. Makes me mad Senima was so deceptive. I really wanted McSally to win, but I don't live in her state. My friends who do live there supported her. I hope she will run again.

  • Gerald Ashley

    11/17/2018 11:24 PM

    Mike, thank you for your reply to my response. I lived in the Phoenix area for 32 years, until an illness forced me to move back to Illinois and closer to family members. I have a very good idea on how politics work there. I knew John McCain fairly well with conversations I had with him through my Air Force Association; although, I do not believe I was one of his favorite people! Politically I am in a worse place again.

  • Barbara C Blaine

    11/17/2018 09:52 PM

    I also, like Mary, am in the Phoenix area. I"m white and age 75, I'm saddened to see that our voters were duped by Cinema. I think Mary's right in saying that people are working so hard, they claim to not have time to be involved or even interested in politics, but on the other hand, many have plenty of time to watch TV and many of the younger ones have lots of time for entertainment of all sorts. $20 in certain parking lots, just to make yourself a Democrat, doesn't surprise me at all.

  • Evelyn B

    11/17/2018 09:02 PM

    I live in Arizona, and I was disappointed that Ward lost too. But I also was paying attention and heard all the things Sinema had said, but there was no way I would have vote for a democrat anyway, they have become the party of underhanded, lying, cheating, and do what ever it takes to win. "Dirty politics"

  • Patricia Reynolds

    11/17/2018 09:01 PM

    Unless I am mistaken, offering money for registering to vote or to cast a vote is illegal. This requires a thorough investigation by the Arizona Attorney General and perhaps a disqualification of the candidate.