August 7, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- It's all for nothing if they don't get rid of Trump -- Shocking new poll -- Primary Tuesday -- Censorship online:  The removal of Alex Jones' InfoWars -- RIP Charlotte Rae -- Hope for Baby Boomers -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


Think of all the time that must have been spent by our intelligence agencies in behind-the-scenes maneuvering to manufacture a pretense for investigating Trump. (And, yes, we’re on to them; we’re still working on getting the last few puzzle pieces, but we know they did this.) The many millions of taxpayer dollars spent on prosecuting attorneys skilled in the ways of ruining lives in order to win cases. The show trials designed to intimidate and “flip” a former campaign associate whom the judge knows would otherwise be of no interest to them. The immunity deals. The strategic leaks. The close collaboration with major media outlets, through former government officials such as John Brennan and James Comey, to reinforce a chosen narrative while twisting like a pretzel to excuse blatant examples of lawbreaking by the President’s political enemies. The endless redacting of documents for no good reason other than covering their tracks. So much time, so much money, so much effort. What is it all for?




Mike Huckabee

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Shocking new poll

By Mike Huckabee

A new poll of Americans suggests that we had better confirm Supreme Court Justices who know and respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because if they take away our rights, too many Americans won’t even realize it.

A survey by the Freedom Forum found that when asked to name the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, just 56% of Americans could name freedom of speech, and it got even more depressing from there. Only 15% knew it protected freedom of religion (that probably doesn’t include some federal judges), 13% could name freedom of the press, 12% knew freedom of assembly, and a pitiful 2% knew that it guaranteed the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Only 3% of Americans could name four out of the five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment (or six, if you count as two the freedom from government imposition of a religion and the freedom from government interference in the practice of your religion – a lot of people seem to know the former, but not the latter.) Nine percent thought the right to bear arms (Second Amendment) was in the First. Two percent thought it guaranteed the right to vote. And a shocking 40% of Americans couldn’t name a single one of their First Amendment rights.

Not surprisingly, the survey also found that the more respondents knew about their rights, the less likely they were to support more government restrictions on them. I would add that it’s also not surprising to learn that the rise in support for “Democratic” socialism has been accompanied by a huge rise in ignorance of the Constitutional rights of individuals.



Primary Tuesday

By Mike Huckabee

Today, primary elections are being held in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and Washington State, and there’s a special election in Ohio’s 12th district to fill the House seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Pat Tiberi.  All of these races are drawing fevered attention from the national media for what they might indicate about how voters feel about President Trump (Translation: “Come on, you stupid voters! Please, please, please forget about the booming economy and your new jobs and lower taxes and hate Trump like we do!”)

The race getting the most attention is that Ohio race, where the seat has been held by Republicans for over 35 years, but polls show a dead heat between 31-year-old Democrat Danny O’Connor and two-term Republican State Senator Troy Balderson.  However, the polls also still show 7% undecided, and the only accurate poll is the one being taken today at the ballot boxes.  O’Connor tried to show some independence that might appeal to moderates when he said he wouldn’t back Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if the Democrats took over the House, but he’s since backed away from that.  As I’ve explained before, she is so entrenched and has so much control over committee assignments and purse strings that she will never have to leave until she walks out on her own accord or is carried out feet first. 

Our objective journalism corps will also be watching intently to see how candidates endorsed by President Trump fare, as an indicator of whether Republican voters are still with him (“Boo!”) or abandoning him (40-point New York Times headline: “YAY!”)  Much will also be made of turnout: will there be a big turnout of Democrats, signaling that much-vaunted “blue wave” in November?  Will it be matched (or even swamped) by Republicans, dead set against allowing Democrats to take over the House, where they can halt all the investigations of Deep State perfidy and block all the reforms that Trump has been trying to make, while bringing back the type of tax and regulatory policies that made living through the Obama economy feel like crawling across a hot parking lot covered in fly paper?  Another big question is whether Independents who supported Trump will stick with him or fall for the siren song of socialism being pushed by the Dems' young Bernie Sanders Mini-Me's?  That, we might not know until November, unless a lot of Independents turn out to vote in party primaries.    

I’ll have a wrap-up of the election results tomorrow.  But until then, I’ll just urge Republicans in those states to turn out and vote as if the future of America depended on it.  Because it does. 



Censorship online:  The removal of Alex Jones' InfoWars

By Mike Huckabee

All within a period of about 24 hours, the social media giants Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple (iTunes) removed Alex Jones and his InfoWars videos and podcasts from their platforms. As Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz notes at this link, the sites have been under pressure about censoring conservative commentators, but they apparently felt that Jones’ brand of conspiracy theorizing fell outside the line of acceptable free speech.

Personally, I don’t care for what Jones does, and I would never rely on InfoWars as a news source (then again, same goes for the SPLC, and these sites use them as their trusted advisers!) But I would rather have the marketplace of ideas remain open to all, including bad ideas, with the understanding that the rancid fruit will be identified and rejected, rather than have a self-appointed group of speech police in Silicon Valley pre-judge who’s allowed to speak online.

Besides, as several commentators noted, when you’re dealing with people who are allegedly paranoid conspiracy theorists, how do you think they’ll react to all the social media platforms banning them at the same time?

Meanwhile, (another site that’s had its problems with being blocked by social media) pulled up a remarkably prescient Jones interview from 2015 in which guest Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report warned Jones not to rely on social media for an Internet platform. Drudge has one of the most-visited sites online, but it’s an independent website, with only a small presence on Twitter. Drudge said this:

“Make your own place. The Internet allows you to make your own dynamic, your own universe. Why are you gravitating toward somebody else’s universe?...They are taking your energy, and you get nothing in return!”

Young people might not remember this, but in the Paleolithic days of the Internet, bloggers each had their own pages, on websites they paid to host. Then they began moving to blogging platform sites, and then to social media sites like Facebook that promised convenience and visibility, easy connections and free membership. But as always, those “freebies” came at a steep price. First, it was loss of privacy and exposure of your personal information, then demonetization of “controversial” content, and now, the corporate bosses are trying to police what users are allowed to say. This has started an exodus of users.

So where will they all go? To other social media sites that will grow big and rich and arrogant and repeat the same cycle? Back to printed books, manual typewriters, friends you know personally and going out into the fresh air occasionally? Or will commentators follow Drudge’s advice and return to hosting their own sites, independent of the speech monitors of Silicon Valley?

I have no idea what happens next. But I can tell you this: If I suddenly disappear from Twitter or Facebook for expressing a very-bad, triple-plus-ungood thought, you can always get my newsletter twice a day by email, or find me at



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RIP Charlotte Rae

By Mike Huckabee

I’m sad to report the death of Charlotte Rae, one of those familiar TV faces many of us grew up with. She passed away Sunday at 92, surrounded by family at her home in L.A.

Most people remember her as the motherly Mrs. Garrett on two long-running shows, “Diff’rent Stokes” and “The Facts of Life.” But her career stretched over seven decades. She first came to fame playing Mammy Yokum in the original Broadway production of “L’il Abner;” appeared on such early TV shows as “Car 54, Where Are You;” and kept working almost to the end, on such recent teen shows as “Pretty Little Liars” and “Girl Meets World.” She was one of those rare actors whose colleagues describe her as being as warm, funny and down-to-earth in real life as she appeared on screen. In fact, she once said that at a book signing, the fans “all wanted a hug from me! And I gave it to them. All of them."

She will be missed by fans, and boy, will her attitude be missed in Hollywood.


Hope for baby boomers

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a story that gives hope to aging baby boomers that you’re never too old to rock, and not just in a rocking chair.  In Germany, police launched a search after two elderly men disappeared from a retirement home.  They were finally located at 3 a.m., in the crowd at Wacken Open Air, the world’s biggest heavy metal rock festival (I can imagine them being the only ones there yelling, “Turn it up!”) 

Police said they were finally persuaded to go back to the home, although they were in a “disoriented and dazed” state and reluctant to leave.  I’ll bet that described everyone there. 


Evening Edition - August 6

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good."

-Romans 12:9

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