December 13, 2019

Any time there’s a report as long and dense as Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s investigation of President Trump, it will take a while to comb through its hundreds of pages and figure out what it all really means and what's buried in the details (of course, that didn’t stop many media outlets from immediately trumpeting that it “vindicated” Comey and the FBI and “debunked” the idea that anti-Trump bias played a role in this outrageous abuse of power.) 

But now, it’s been a few days, and things that weren’t apparent at first glance are starting to come into focus.  For instance, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel found a problem with the timeline of the narrative we’re all supposed to swallow unquestioningly.  Brace yourself for this deep dive into the swamp...



Having run for President twice unsuccessfully, I can spot the signs of a campaign that’s in trouble.  I think it’s safe to say that one of them would be when your donors start demanding a refund.  And no, that did not happen to me.




It’s comforting to know I’m not the only person who can make an obvious joke and have humor-challenged Trump haters think it’s serious and go ballistic (take that, all you critics who claim my jokes are too obvious!)  After President Trump retweeted a link to a story in the conservative satire site The Babylon Bee ridiculing the Democrats’ “impeachment” circus, the “fact-checking” site actually tried to contact him.  They wanted to know if the President was “aware that this quote was fake when he sent it? If so, why wasn't it accompanied by a message labeling the quote as fiction?"

Uh, maybe because anyone with two brain cells to rub together could tell it was a JOKE?!

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, since their sense of humor was the first casualty of the left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (it’s so debilitating, they actually think Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin on “SNL” are funny.)  It dates back so far that even before the election, when Trump joked that if the State Department couldn’t recover Hillary’s missing emails, maybe the Russians could share them with them, most of us laughed (it was funny because it was true: we all assumed the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, etc., already had all her unsecured emails.) 

Democrats, however, went ballistic.  Ever since, they’ve claimed that Trump was soliciting Russia to hack into her server, a charge I’ve heard as recently as last week when they were still desperately flailing around for some grounds to go with their impeachment charges.  It would’ve been a neat trick for Russia to be able to hack a server that by that point had been disconnected, erased, Bleach Bitted and smashed with hammers.  But the Dems couldn’t recognize that it was a joke any more than they recognize what a joke they’ve become.

Just to whack the beehive with a stick one more time, I’ll link to this story about how Trump has nefariously figured out a way to stay in office for one hour longer.  It’s also from the Babylon Bee, and it’s also a joke at the hysterical left’s expense, and I bet they will also not be able to recognize one of those (after all, their “comedians” only tell jokes about the other side) and that they’ll go ballistic over it.



Many commentators have been suggesting better picks for Time’s Person of the Year than 16-year-old climate radical Greta Thunberg, who has been cruelly exploited and terrorized by adults, some of whom must have put a lot of money into promoting her as the face of a worldwide “impose socialism to save the planet” movement.  One suggestion that I especially liked was “the Hong Kong protesters,” who were actually in the top five, but rejected in favor of Greta.  Pardon my un-PC-ness, but I think it is much more consequential to risk your safety, life and freedom to stand up against an oppressive regime than to make a speech at the UN, where you’re greeted with more fawning adulation than red carpet reporters give to Julia Roberts. 

(Here are some excellent/amusing comments and links on that subject: )

However, if Time wants a really worthy nominee for Person of the Year, one who’s come up with a brilliant new method of recycling, then I nominate this mom from Colorado Springs:



Behold the late-stage results of “progressive” “leadership!” After 20 years, San Francisco has lost the OpenWorld tech conference after Oracle decided to move it to Las Vegas. It would have brought San Francisco nearly $200 million in revenue over the next three years. 

Oracle decided to relocate the event because of San Francisco’s high hotel prices and “poor street conditions.” That doesn’t mean potholes; it means crime, aggressive homeless people, discarded drug needles, medieval diseases and human feces, all problems directly attributable to the city’s far-left governance.

If their living conditions haven’t convinced San Francisco voters to throw the leftists out, maybe the news that they are driving away hundreds of millions of dollars in convention business will.  It’s long past time that San Francisco voters woke up and smelled…well, let’s say “the coffee.”



Clint Eastwood’s new movie “Richard Jewell” opens nationwide today, and it’s a timely reminder that Deep State abuse of power and irresponsible media rushes-to-judgement are not a recent development.  Just take a look at this 22-year-old, historic video clip that could have happened this week:

Some media outlets, particularly the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that was at the center of smearing Jewell, are threatening a defamation lawsuit if a disclaimer isn’t added because it suggests that their female reporter slept with an FBI agent to get the story. This is based on an actual reporter who died in 2001. They deny the accusation.

While I think everyone should see this film, if it does insinuate something false against someone who can’t defend herself, then that’s a mistake I wish hadn’t been made, particularly considering the message of the film and its importance.  On the other hand, it is awfully rich to hear the AJC and other media outlets protest how unfair it is to smear someone who can’t defend themselves, in the context of telling the story of Richard Jewell!  And as this article reminds us, the New York Times’ slam on the movie for using the “sexist trope” of a female reporter sleeping with a source (something they claim never happens in real life) suggests that they haven’t been paying much attention to what’s happened around their own offices in recent years.


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  • Linda Rush

    12/16/2019 11:36 AM

    What can we do about the reversal decision of Hallmark? And other companies that cave? What are Christian faith-based organizations doing? And churches?

    Also, what Christian channels are there for traditional family viewing now?

  • Tom Post

    12/14/2019 03:36 PM

    Mike, I read your posting everyday and look forward to it. Nice to have an honest straightforward comments.
    I have some serious questions that I'm sure that you can answer or at least put some thought to it.
    These stupid time wasting, expensive, one sided hearings have driven me crazy and I only watched 1 hour of each one because I just couldn't stand the lies and and fabrications that the dumbo Democrats were doing. Disgraceful is not severe enough.
    My questions are:
    1. How come Shifty Schiff gets immunity? This is ridiculous!! He can get up in front of the world audience and lie like a rug and get away with it- Just like crooked Hilary.
    2. How many staff members do these highly paid, highly privileged house members have? When I watched the hearings, I noticed the most of the Democrats read everything from notes that were offered from their staff members. If this is the case, let's get rid of the politicians and have their staff do their job.
    3. It would seem to me that if we had an election without interference from Congress we could ask the real americans what they think about: Term limits, age limits, outrageous benefits. I thought that we, the people, elect these people to represent us but it is very obvious to me that this is not the case. They look after themselves and work for their re election only. They can also give themselves a raise and additional benefits whenever they feel like it!
    4. The real bad people like Pelosi, Schumer,Schiff, Nadler should be removed from office. These people are crooked liars and self serving. How do we get them impeached?
    Enough said for today - I feel better.
    Thank you again for your daily reports.
    Tom Post

  • Stephen Russell

    12/14/2019 11:27 AM

    Brexit vote: Prophesy for US next Nov??
    Awesome, radical shake up UK elites some

  • Jerry korba

    12/14/2019 11:22 AM

    I want a senate trial if we can rid the ideology of impeachment of presidents for less than criminal activity fact impeachment will be the continued work by anti Americans for the next year the Left has promised to continue impeachment the country needs to rid America from these anti Americans

  • Jerry

    12/14/2019 10:58 AM

    Honesty in Politics has been missing for a long time Trump has brought some Honesty back and will continue to bring back more as he tries to remove the dishonesty from the last generation of Politicians, speaking of dishonesty Hillary Clinton keeps her quest for the Presidency alive by getting face reconstruction and botox that is a disguise for a youthful appearance; what she cannot disguise is her chance to bring more corruption to our already too large and uncontrollable government. 5 years left for our President to reduce Government and make it efficient and manageable Clinton will not be the person for the job. Hillary here is a tip Pelosi has found a facelift artist it didn't cure her for contempt dishonesty and corruption she still embraces those characteristics. Hillary Get in the race so I can watch you lose again. That is if your not incarcerated!!! MAGA KAG

  • Jerry

    12/14/2019 09:36 AM

    All I want for Christmas are more Congress men like Jim Jordan I want jim and more like him in all states with the exception of California New York for they are lost causes let them be the poster for enept dysfunctional leadership looks like

  • Billy Hudson

    12/14/2019 08:46 AM

    Gov Huckabee, So the referenced Babylon Bee article regarding Trump turning back the clock to Jan 20, 2017 would be a play of the movie "Ground Hog Day". Only trouble is I don't want to relive all the stupidity of the Democratic party during that period of time. Given a million do-overs I'm not sure the degenerates on the left would ever get it right. The primary character in the movie changed their life to reflect a more loving and wholesome life that benefited others. Do you really think the "far left liberals" or whatever they chose to be called today, will recognize what is best for the nation? No, reliving the last few years would not be a good thing. Even with President Trump regenerating the economy.

  • Jerry

    12/13/2019 09:50 PM

    I have ranted about Social Security being taxed was wrong I have read from Wayne Root he believes if Our President could get the tax removed from the Senior Citizens SS it would help in the defeat of of his opponent what ever they call themselves I have been offended by this Tax for 6 years Wayne called it a double tax with a terrible rate of interest abolish the Social Security Tax and let the seniors spend the extra money we know we can't take it with us its better than letting the Government waste it on these stupid hearings. Oh by the way another day of wasteful spending on this Impeachment vote does anybody understand this rant???????????????

  • Jerry Korba

    12/13/2019 09:37 PM

    Live by the laws of the 10 Commandments, Laugh every day, and celebrate and share every time you eat , if we all could do that we would have a wonderful community and a country without Socialist Communists Democrats those bastards do not laugh they certainly do not live by the 10 commandments and they don't want to share they want to take from you as much as they can. I do the best I can to live that way BUT sometimes being around Hearings the left hold or watching A Judge having false accusations thrown at him or watching a President have false accusations thrown at him drives me to take the Lords name in vain, I say to the Lord I couldn't stop from taking you name in vain and pleading the leftists go to hell and the Lord said back I know, a mistake was made by putting the ancestors of the Left on the Ark but the devil insisted they be put on. Thats the trade we made I got the cross you got the Democrats .The Lord said the devil and I cut the cards The Lord got Donald Trump and the Devil got Nancy Pelosi so lets continue to play the game.

  • Kristina Muinos

    12/13/2019 08:49 PM

    So refreshing to read your input! Again, thank you Governor Huckabee, God Bless U & your family?? Merry Christmas ??

  • James Cockram

    12/13/2019 06:46 PM

    Love your reports. Very funny and right on target! By the way. You still posting old shows on TBN? Haven’t seen a December show yet this week.

  • Patty Aslin

    12/13/2019 06:16 PM

    Governor Huckabee your sense of humor is as sharp as a newly sharpened pair of scissors! I for one LOVE your humor ?? I am waiting with bated breath for the “EPIC” justice that is coming to ALL the evil Washington swamp dwellers...Oh and also the Hollywood elites that are in a heaping bucket full of TROUBLE! No one gets away with harming God’s creation (all the children) their justice will be SEVERE ??????

  • Emily Yeatts

    12/13/2019 06:07 PM

    If Manafort was convicted and he was why wasn’t tony pedestal charged I am so sick of the lawless dems