June 21, 2018

 The news that an Islamic reform group had received an apology and a nearly $3.4 million settlement from the Southern Poverty Law Center for falsely branding them as “anti-Islam extremists” has emboldened more defamed groups to stand up to the SPLC.  The SPLC used to do good work in fighting real hate groups, but it could be looking at as many as 60 lawsuits from groups they allegedly defamed simply because they hold views to the right of the SPLC’s far-left positions.

Let’s all hope and pray that this is the first strike back in a successful campaign to end, once for the all, the ludicrous slander that just because a person or group holds religious views that cause it not to embrace some particular view or practice, that means they “hate” people who do.  One of the foundations of Christianity is the idea, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”  This conflating of religious people who hold traditional moral values with “hate groups” is a damnable lie that’s been told so many times, it’s now accepted as truth.  It’s time to fight back and end it. 

 OTHERS ARE READING:  SPLC forced to apologize and pay fine

For instance, I have nothing but love in my heart for the people at the SPLC.  I only hate the fact that their group raises money through frightening some people by slandering other people.  I don’t pray for any harm to come to them, just that they see the error of their ways, repent, then go forth and sin no more.  I hope they will arrive at that self-realization on their own, but if it takes 61 lawsuits, well…the Lord works in mysterious ways.


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  • Margo netherlands

    06/25/2018 10:20 AM

    time to hold political organizations AND news media responsible for their actions.