July 13, 2020


The Governor of Minnesota wants US taxpayers via FEMA to pick up the tab for all the destruction caused by protesters whom the Democrats who run Minneapolis allowed to riot, burn and loot for weeks after one of their own cops killed George Floyd.

The Trump Administration has now responded to the Governor's request. In short:

“You broke it, you bought it.”


Glad to see that many other people agree with my suggestion that conservatives stock up on Goya products in response to the left’s attempt to boycott the company because its CEO said positive things about President Trump. They’ve created the hashtag #BuycottGoya.

There’s a great comment on that here, along with a couple of hilarious memes illustrating the left’s hypocrisy in trying to destroy a company founded by Hispanic immigrants because they claim Trump is a racist.


Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste Dept: United Teachers Los Angeles, a major L.A. teachers’ union, is refusing to go along with reopening schools unless a list of their policy demands is met. Among them: defunding the local police, a moratorium on charter schools, passing national “Medicare For All,” several new state taxes on the wealthy, and a federal bailout of the local school system. They forgot to ask for free lifetime passes to Disneyland and for clouds to start raining lemonade.


You might have heard that Facebook and Instagram had de-platformed Roger Stone based on a report tying his posts to fake pages and white supremacist groups. Indeed, when I searched for this story on Google, all I got back in the first two pages of results were stories echoing that narrative.

Which is interesting, since Stone has already responded by denying it strongly and saying he plans to bring a lawsuit against the leftist group that created what he calls a “bogus” report that is “about 80% false, and the 20% that is accurate is misrepresented as somehow being nefarious or deceptive.” He added, “I have no choice but to bring a lawsuit VS these hucksters who are the same conmen who formulated the phony ‘Russian-troll-farm’ narrative.”

Incidentally, Stone gave his side of the story on, which is quickly shaping up to be the only social media outlet left on the Internet that actually allows free speech.


Interesting News: CNN has gone so far off the rails, substituting leftist opinionating and Trump-bashing for news, that even their own former staffers are complaining about it.


Here’s a terrifying lesson for all American voters on how quickly things can spiral out of control and your rights can spiral down the toilet if you are foolish enough to give both legislative and executive control to today’s Democrats. In the last election, Virginia voters gave Democrats full control. Look at what’s happened to their state in just the short time since…

Incidentally, this article doesn’t even get around to mentioning the draconian gun laws that resulted in massive protests that the Democrats ignored, because protests of things they support don’t matter.


Dispatch From the Frontlines of “Progressivism”: A Vermont city council voted to create an “emergency” Black Lives Matter mural, but rejected a mural featuring the American flag and the phrase “Liberty and justice for all.” Bonus: its sponsor was branded a racist, even though he’s a former public defender who’s spent the past five years raising thousands of dollars to support orphans in Uganda


I’m sorry to have to report two untimely deaths. Benjamin Keough, the 27-year-old son of Lisa Marie Presley and grandson of Elvis Presley, died Sunday of a self-inflicted gunshot.

And the beautiful actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta and star of such films as “Jerry McGuire” and “Twins,” has died at 57 after a two-year battle with breast cancer. The couple have two children, having lost their 16-year-old son Jett to Kawasaki’s disease in 2009. You can read John’s moving statement at this link.

My sincere condolences to both families and I hope you’ll remember them in your prayers.


The latest proof that statue-smashing vandals are not attacking symbols of racism but just trying to destroy all Western culture and history:

In Boston, someone set fire to a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Peter Parish. The pastor, Father John Curran spoke for many of us when he said, "I was shocked. (There's) disappointment, sadness. The image of Our Lady is so important for us and our faith. It's such a contradiction to her love. Mary would never desecrate anyone, never hurt anyone, only offer them the peace and love of Jesus. I think that's where it really hits us in our hearts."

Meanwhile, in Denmark, the beloved statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale heroine, the Little Mermaid, was defaced with graffiti reading, “Racist fish.” That would be idiotic enough by itself (she wasn’t even a whitefish), but this comes amid news that Disney is planning a live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” starring African-American singer/actress, Halle Bailey.

The Hans Christian Anderson story these people should be most afraid of is “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” That’s the one where everyone is too terrified to say what they’re really thinking about the Emperor who’s strutting around like he’s better than everyone else until one child innocently speaks the truth (“The Emperor is naked”), and he finally gets the backlash of ridicule and rejection that he richly deserves. Sound like anyone you know?


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Comments 1-25 of 56

  • Sandra Blake

    07/17/2020 08:58 PM

    thank you for giving us a fresh (and refreshing!) Take on the news!.
    your info and comments are appreciated.

  • Gwendolyn Collins

    07/14/2020 05:39 PM

    I am so glad that you are there to give us the true picture and to enlighten us about things that are omitted by others. I am a 79-year-old, white, grandmother who has taught many races of people, and none of the things happening now happened then. They were just 30 students in my class learning Algebra, or whatever and trying to look good for each other, get out of school and begin to make a living after college or whatever track they chose. And, there were the turbulent '60s. Right?

  • Marian Bouligny

    07/14/2020 04:57 PM

    I’m with President Trump. We the people and the Federal Government is not responsible for the Governor’s lack of common sense when the President offered them help. Don’t call on the Democrats cause they wouldn’t get a cent from the true Americans. They don’t represent United States of America.

  • Dot Whitley

    07/14/2020 12:12 PM

    Thanks for so much good information. I do hope Trump doesn't change his mind about helping pay for the damage caused by the destructive idiots. I would be so happy to see all those who hate America just move on to a country where they can live the rest of their lives with other people who are filled with anger and hatred.

  • Greg Passmore

    07/14/2020 10:49 AM

    If we don't get things turned around.Mr Huckabee, Do you thi.k we are headed to a one world governmet co sidering un 2030 agenda? I enjoy your news, lost faith msm news

  • Renee Kendrick

    07/14/2020 10:47 AM

    Are all of the recent events in our nation a reflection of the trophy kids' leadership, opinions, and ideas? How sad!

  • Christine Anderson

    07/14/2020 10:39 AM

    I have had enough-let's just vote on separating into Democrat or Republican states-Each state votes on whether to become D or R-and then we sit back and watch the madness. Seriously, the Republican leaders in both House and Senate need to get some testicular fortitude and stand up for America or they will pay the price in November.

  • James Hoppe

    07/14/2020 10:23 AM

    I recently saw an article that Joe has hired 600 lawyers !!!! Is he expecting
    some MAJOR OUTBREAKING NEWS on his corruption with son in the Ukraine?
    If this is true, how can a person with this hanging over him, continue to run for
    president???? Or ANY governmental office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perry Baugher

    07/14/2020 10:17 AM

    Why should any of my paid tax es to my country and thousands of tax payers money fund others lawlessness!! Absolutely Not!! True that for our President’s response.

  • Helen Tritt

    07/14/2020 08:34 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your TRUE AND FACTUAL NEWS that we probably would never hear about from the SLIME BEING THROWN AROUND in the pathetic name of news. Very sad indeed to think that so many people are so GULLIBLE as to believe the TRASH!!
    I am very proud of President Trump for denying the criminals in MN for FIXING THEIR MESS! He is correct, "You broke it, you pay for IT". HOORAY! Hope pelosi's hair is on FIRE.
    I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters, for ACCURATE INFORMATION and your BRILLIANT SENSE OF HUMOR. Thank you again and your wisdom is very assuring which we all need.
    God Bless you and your family, Governor Huckabee.

  • Jerry Korba

    07/14/2020 08:17 AM

    People all around the country are being called Racists by the Leftist Media and by the Leftist Politicians and it is having an effect in the way people that are different from each other cause doubt, when they have to interact with each other, whether its passing each other on the street or having to talk to each other it is more than awkward. The point being in New York a child less than 2 years old is murdered I watch a Dad and a grandmother have to talk about it on tv I am in the Midwest and those people 2 people may not know where the Midwest is but early this morning as I watch tears ran down my cheek not because they were Black but because I am a dad and a Grandfather and I felt their pain and the loss that happened. I also understand the Grandmother's go to Hell remark and I can not dispute it. I am outraged also by this murder and all murder. One more point Black people don't hate other people because the media wants you to; Black people don't hate other people because your politicians want you to; we the other people don't want to hate; give us the other people a chance we love peace we love being happy we love being safe; join the other people we are not the Leftist Racists they make us out be in your hearts you know it is true all you need to know is the Leftist motivation for hate is a losing proposition for all. BLM is not in anybody's interest Antifa is not in anybody's interest lets just be people without being on the Leftist side of the isle that is not anybody's interest for a good and happy ending. The Leftist created the mess we are in if people want this mess than be a Leftist.

  • Renee Kendrick

    07/14/2020 03:15 AM

    Is there any truth to the limited distribution of coins in this nation? Or is this just another scheme to bring as many things to electronic status as possible? Looks like the one world currency is getting an even greater foothold in this world! I've noticed so much more electronic emphasis in recent weeks that it is sickening. But that just means one thing...the Lord's return is very, very soon! Amen!

  • Renee Kendrick

    07/14/2020 03:05 AM

    What the US military needs are menopausal women from every race armed with AR15s! Just one minute comment toward such a woman to tick her off and the person will be a dead duck before he or she can say "grace". Amen!

  • Renee Kendrick

    07/14/2020 02:59 AM

    Canceling culture? They need to read the meaning of "culture" in Webster's dictionary. Just from the definition, have they ever realized how many types of culture are in this country alone? It will take more than election year to cancel all the different types of culture in this nation. BLM failed in 2016. By God's grace, BLM will fail again. The people in this cult want to be worshipped and have supremacy! Doesn't matter their attempts or the motives behind them, their overall "mission" will be futile. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Destroying church buildings and religious statues will not destroy the church. Jesus Himself said that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His church. It will be in existence until He comes back and raptures His bride out of this world. He will be the ONE who will eventually destroy the earth with fire and brimstone. Amen!

  • Todd leitte

    07/14/2020 02:50 AM

    Being from Minnesota (Far north of the mayhem) I am sure the liberal leftist governor will come up with some new tax to pay for HIS inaction to stop the violence before it got out of hand! I say they make the animals that caused the mess pay for it. There is enough video out there to find out who these people are, Then again since the moron shut down the state, none of the people have a job to make any money, If they ever had a job in the first place! Hey why don't he ask George Soros to help him out, after all he is the one that funds the destruction of our cities!!

  • Anthony Morrocco

    07/13/2020 11:15 PM

    These mayors and governors must pay with their own paychecks for all the destruction they’ve caused
    And any mayor or governor who allows these riots when one is murdered they should be charged with third-degree murder accessory to murder they are the ones who allowed these riots they must go to jail if anyone gets murdered in these riots this is unacceptable and really making the taxpayers really really really angry

  • Cheryl Breon

    07/13/2020 11:05 PM

    I think an important word you used is "branded". Once someone or organization or business is branded, all thoughts cease. It doesn't matter that it makes no sense or the complete opposite is true. Also, did you hear Eric Metaxas on Tucker Carlson's show tonight? He basically finally TOLD Tucker (who is always asking "why"?) WHY there is such rage and fury out there. It boiled down to Satanic hatred of anything resembling or reminding them of Christ/Christians.

  • Carol Redmann

    07/13/2020 10:10 PM

    Your comments are great!! Good to get real wisdom! Thanks!

  • David Nielsen

    07/13/2020 10:05 PM

    The leftists are consumed with hate. This hate will destroy them and everything around them. Their minds have become debased.

  • Beth Vercolen

    07/13/2020 09:37 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, your comment that is shaping up to be the only free speech social media site is incorrect. has been around since August 2016. is truly a free speech site. Gab has survived numerous attempts to smear it as a far right hate site, among other attempts to take it down. Gab protects 1A better than any other site. Andrew Torba has deeply held Christian faith, is dedicated to his family, and is a firm believer in the values upon which this country was founded. It would be great if and Andrew were recognized for the great work that has been done to keep free speech alive despite all the major forces working against him and his site since its inception.

  • Mary Stewart

    07/13/2020 09:10 PM

    Thank you for all the teal and not fake updates. Please tell me your Thgts on Deep state stuff and this govt ploy to Kill America. I hate this stuff and so do
    Many other of my Christians friends. What’s t real story.

  • Max R Dolan

    07/13/2020 08:59 PM

    Real American Patriots have HAD IT. We are armed and ready to take our country back. YOU COMMIES want a war? COME AND GET IT!!!!!

  • Martha Jane Orlando

    07/13/2020 08:54 PM

    My husband is severely compromised by this virus due to heart issues, so we're having all our groceries delivered. We are committed to adding Goya products in our next list. We do love Mexican food, and are proud of the CEO for not caving to the radical left. Governor, I so fear for the future of our country, but am praying daily for President Trump's reelection. As a faithful Christian, I do believe God has sent this man to us in our time of dire need as a nation.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  • Vicki Hoffman

    07/13/2020 08:42 PM

    Hi there, Mr. Huckabee...would like to know just why there is little, IF ANY, discussion from our elected officials regarding the current "coin shortage" in the nation. It is big news around here in Central and NW Arkansas. It seems several grocery stores in the area are already implementing a policy of "rounding up to the nearest dollar amount", so as not to return any change (coins) due a customer, and they prefer to put any "change due" as "bonus points" on the store's "reward card".........I'm sure you get the picture. Many of us are looking at a much bigger picture coming into focus now rather speedily: the prompting, "convenience" of going to a cashless society, and then sliding right on down that slippery slope toward a mark or chip in the hand, or on the forehead............Would you care to dig into this, and address it, on behalf of several of us who are not too fond of the potential outcome of this fiasco......Thank you....!!!

  • Richard Wieneke

    07/13/2020 08:42 PM

    As you know the Love Paul speaks about in the above verse is not possible unless that person knows the Lover of all mankind, Jesus Christ! I totatly agree that is where we need to encourage to love our Savior and then to be able to truely love our People!!
    Rich Wieneke