November 8, 2017

As for Bill DeBlasio’s landslide reelection as New York City Mayor, the sad fact is that any candidate with a D by his name would have won that, even if the D stands for “Dismal failure,” which in DeBlasio’s case, it does. Big Apple residents are now so liberal that they’ll ignore open corruption, dodge aggressive panhandlers and step over homeless people and piles of uncollected garbage to go vote for more of the same. I even saw liberals on social media, bemoaning DeBlasio’s reelection, and they probably voted for him. Whoever wins the Democratic primary there is virtually guaranteed to be mayor, and as the incumbent, DeBlasio controls the party. And as Donna Brazile has made disturbingly clear, whoever controls the Democratic Party controls the primary. So DeBlasio is likely to hold that job and keep stinking up the place as long as he wants, or until Manhattan Island is so full of trash, squeegee guys and unplowed snow that it sinks into the harbor.

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider that even back in New York’s worst days, DeBlasio’s mentor David Dinkins still beat Rudy Giuliani in his reelection bid in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Giuliani won largely because local issues boosted turnout in his strongholds of Staten Island and Queens, and then he got to work cleaning up the messes that DeBlasio is working so hard to bring back.

Again, the lesson for Republicans is that turnout is key. You’ll be amazed at how quickly conditions can degenerate when you don’t show up at the polls to prevent it (look at New York City). Remember the principle of the pro-life movement: the future belongs to those who show up for it.


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  • Barbara C. Capps

    11/08/2017 02:25 PM

    We had pretty much the same thing happen in our town here in North Carolina.. The Republicans just didn't turn out to vote.. And now we have a new Mayor with a serious Criminal background as our new Mayor.. Will have to be praying a whole lot more these days.. And trust that God is in control..But we have to do our part too. God bless you Governor Huckabee for all you do..

  • Bill Brown

    11/08/2017 02:22 PM

    Liberal media & democrats making big deal of democrat wins in areas where they should have won anyway. Big deal. Turnout IS the key to saving our country, and this fellow bass player will be at the polls next November to help conservatives retain control of Congress.