December 28, 2020

December 28, 2020      

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Bashing Christians for Christmas
  • Trump approves spending bill, but with a catch
  • Want to make some liberals’ heads explode? Follow me…
  • Logic Is Not The Left’s Strong Suit


Mike Huckabee

Bashing Christians for Christmas

By Mike Huckabee

Nathanial Blake at The Federalist examined how three prominent New York “intellectuals” spent their Christmases bashing Evangelical Christians, and the many ways in which they got their facts wrong and instead relied on false, politically-biased stereotypes.

Whenever I read one of these “New York liberal ‘deep thinker’ bashes Christian Trump supporters’ stories, I always think of the fable about the group of blind men who tried to describe what an elephant looked like when each of them could only feel one part of it. Do you know the difference between my criticisms of New York liberals and their criticisms of conservatives and Christians outside of New York? I’ve actually visited New York and talked to liberals.

Trump approves spending bill, but with a catch

By Mike Huckabee

Many conservatives were upset over the weekend at news that President Trump had signed the massive spending bill that he’d threatened to veto. But there’s more to the story.

Trump reportedly signed it because he didn’t want any more delays in getting needed support to Americans still suffering from the endless COVID-19 (Chinese) virus shutdowns. But in doing so, he invoked the little-known Impoundment Control Act of 1974. That gives him the power to “redline” provisions of the bill, such as the countless examples of wasteful spending and giveaways to other countries, and force Congress to reconsider and remove them.

There’s no requirement for them to act, and if they don’t act within 45 days, the bill will go through. But it gives the public up to 45 days to let their Congress members know what they think of this porkulus maximus and hold their feet to the fire.

There’s more information and Trump’s full statement here.

Want to make some liberals’ heads explode? Follow me…

By Mike Huckabee

Cornell University announced that all returning Caucasian students are required to get a flu vaccination. But black, indigenous and other students of color may forego flu shots because they may have concerns “based on historical injustices and current events.” They may have feelings of “distrust or powerlessness” due to “acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement.” Or people of color might feel it “suspect or exploitative” due to BIPOC bodies having “been mistreated, and used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain.”

So, having bent over backward to come up with PC justifications for not giving flu shots to students of color, the university administrators should be asked this question: “Why do you want students of color to get the flu, you institutional racists?” We all know that when the rate of flu cases rises higher among minority students than whites, it will be ascribed to racism anyway, so why not get a jump on it and just accuse Cornell of racism now? After all, if I said that a college was giving flu shots to white students but not non-white students, wouldn’t you assume that was a story out of the 1940s?

This is your brain on political correctness. The only vaccination against that is to not send your kids to a school like Cornell.

Logic Is Not The Left’s Strong Suit

By Mike Huckabee

In California, where aborting babies is considered a sacred right, the California Supreme Court declined to halt the murder prosecution of a woman whose baby was stillborn because she used meth while pregnant.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued against the prosecution, claiming it could discourage pregnant women with addiction issues from seeking healthcare and spark “additional and unnecessary scrutiny by law enforcement on every miscarriage and stillbirth.” (Becerra is Biden’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services. He’s also so radically pro-abortion that he charged multifple felonies against the undercover reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood’s brutal practices with no regard for how it might discourage the press from exposing the truth about powerful organizations.)

However, a spokesman for the Kings County D.A.’s office said this is “not a case about abortion nor women’s reproductive rights,” it’s “about a person who did specific acts that resulted in the death of a viable fetus.”

News flash to California officials: Abortion is “doing specific acts that result in the death of a viable fetus.” Some also call it "murder."

In a related story, a California judge not only awarded Planned Parenthood $2 million in damages for having their practices exposed, he added $13.5 million in legal fees.

The pro-life undercover reporters who did nothing more than what “60 Minutes” has done for decades (only they did it to a darling and big funder of Democrat politicians) expressed confidence that once the case is out of the hands of a California judge, it will be overturned and they won’t have to pay Planned Parenthood a cent. Let us pray.



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  • William Jakovac

    12/29/2020 01:11 PM

    Not related to this newsletter, but why are two senators in the same state up for reelection at the same time? Is this normal? If their elections were staggered, would this have resulted in a different outcome in Georgia?

    Thank you.

  • Niki Shepler

    12/29/2020 11:00 AM


  • Stephen Russell

    12/29/2020 10:38 AM

    Mask/lockdown confusion:
    o Can only wear inside.
    o dont need to wear dining on airline food on flight
    o Cant dine anyplace
    o Virus spreads at Pvt homes vs dining sites
    o Dine on airline food BUT cant dine indoors, outdoors?
    o Elites wear No masks.
    o for Politics & control
    (see Biden 100 days edict)

    Very confusing & frustrating alone
    No Uniform basic guidelines
    & Fauci doesnt help any.
    No Long Range view ahead for Wuhan Virus

  • Jerry

    12/29/2020 10:07 AM

    The demise of this Government structure has been in place for a minimum of 15 years the Left put in a lot of expense and time to organize the demolition of American value. With Soros and Bloomberg and Gates the CCP buying AG's Governors, Mayors, Supreme court Justices, past Presidents using their IOU's to pressure Appointed officials to destroy American value to a Global institution, destroy the election process and disregard the Constitution, once all of that is connected the chance of law and order, justice ,all are dissolved. Two tier Justice in America is alive and thriving the quest to become a Communist or Socialist or Bananna Republic is well on its way here, what is still called the United States. Harris and Biden never known for Decency or Honesty are given the power of office that was allowed for over 200 years that office is going to crumble within the next 4 years along with the Congress which is already decayed, the ignorance of the American voter keeping scum in its representation for 30 40 years are to blame. Put any Human in the position of power and it will abuse the power, greed will take over, infidelity to the oath they take will not exist after 4 years you either join the corruption or the scum will have you taken out. The MSM kept the corruption under cover for half a century it is now closing time to the American value system. The leeches of the world are now ready to suck America's assets again.

  • Barbara Larson

    12/29/2020 08:55 AM

    I'm reading Sarah's "Speaking for Myself." What a woman! You must be so proud of her. The fact that she knows the real Donald Trump and speaks so highly of him is, frankly, a relief. I'm tired of counting on someone's character only to find out my judgement was incorrect. Unlike career politicians (you're a rare exception), Trump doesn't hide his personality or thoughts. What you see is what you get--a flawed human being who is very smart, creative, deeply patriotic, and gives his all to getting America back on track. He's a no-nonsense Energizer Bunny who is fundamentally decent and trustworthy. I pray America will have another 4 years with Donald Trump in charge!

  • Stephen Russell

    12/29/2020 08:44 AM

    Impounding Control Act:
    Apply to all other spending bills ahead.
    Dont think Dems will ever use act BUT we can for 2024?
    Use more often

  • Norma Holmes

    12/29/2020 03:56 AM

    Thank you for raising questions about the motives and circumstances of Nashville bombing! The public needs some explanation about this case they are not getting! We understand details about the bomb itself may not be appropriate public knowledge but reason behind this is!

  • Yvonne Anderson

    12/28/2020 10:29 PM

    Thank you for your keen sense of humor and conservative reporting on the daily news. I dont have lots of time to listen to the news and enjoy your evening report. Thank you for standing with and for President Trump and praise God for 4 more years!

  • Gregory George Keller

    12/28/2020 09:18 PM

    Two words governor this is what we need and they are CIVIL WAR PERIOD

  • Sandra Blake

    12/28/2020 08:31 PM

    happy New Year to you and your staff!

  • James Drury Jr

    12/28/2020 07:32 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Floyd Unger

    12/28/2020 07:10 PM


  • Gladys Hizer

    12/28/2020 06:14 PM

    Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Innocents and stresses the sanctity of all life and especially the lives of the unborn. This Christian feast is in remembrance of the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem 2 years and younger. I believe this is why Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt and were homeless for 3 years.