May 14, 2019

I try not to comment on everything that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says.  It’s low-hanging fruit, and besides, I have some sympathy for today’s young people who have been taught more leftwing propaganda and self-esteem than knowledge.  But her new claim that her warning that we’ll all be dead in 12 years if we don’t pass the “Green New Year” was only a joke sort of brings her into my wheelhouse.

I’ve been using humor to make political points for longer than she’s been on this poor, dying planet, and I feel that I must share with her the #1 rule of that tricky business:

"If nobody recognizes that your joke was even a joke, then the audience isn’t stupid.  You told a bad joke." 

She made the common mistake of the bombing comedian by insulting the audience for not “getting” her “dry humor” (say, doesn’t dry humor contribute to global warming?)  rather than blaming her bad material.  She snarked that Republicans who took her dire (but humorous) prediction that we’ll all be dead in 12 years (LOL!) seriously are like “Dwight from ‘The Office’” and “have the social intelligence of a sea sponge.”  (Kudos on choosing “sea sponge;” at least that’s a funny-sounding name.) 

But it’s hard to believe she was only joking when, as the linked article notes, on at least two separate occasions, she made equally disparaging remarks about anyone who treated her existential threat as a joke.  I suspect that this latest claim is like the scene in “Young Frankenstein” where Gene Wilder locks himself in with the monster and says that no matter what terrible sounds anyone hears, they must not unlock the door.  When he starts screaming in terror, they won’t open the door, and he yells, “I was JOKING!!! Don’t you people know a JOKE when you hear one?!!”  

Poor AOC found herself trapped with her own Green New Deal Frankenstein monster and is trying the Gene Wilder defense to escape from it.  I can understand that.  I’d just offer her a little friendly advice: if you’re going to claim to be injecting humor into politics, try to offer proposals that people can tell apart from jokes.  And try to tell jokes that people can recognize are meant to be funny.  For help, I’d suggest watching “Young Frankenstein” a few dozen times. 

Or better yet, AOC should check out this hilarious kid and see how comedy is done right:

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  • Denise Krozal

    08/31/2019 09:39 AM

    The threat that the world is going to end and we will all be dead in 12 years is a reckless prediction. It certainly is not based on science. The fact that this issue is so publicized in the media is dangerous. Can you imagine being a CHILD having to learn a lie and deal with the fact that you have no future. That you are going die in 12 years. Now that is child abuse. It sickens me to see children being taught a lie and suffering the consequences.

  • Diana Hickman

    07/22/2019 01:04 PM

    I went to watch the video but the family had shut down all of her accounts due to harassment and death threats. Who the hell threatens an 8 year old kid? The extreme left social justice oh so tolerant liberals... It's sad when people threaten an 8 year old child over a video...These people need to meet Thumper's mama...

  • Bud Lawson

    07/17/2019 08:46 PM

    I hope she never has any children! We don’t need an more mini morons on the planet!??

  • Audrey Skarness

    05/20/2019 08:54 AM

    Ms. Cortez IS a joke!!!

  • Joe Wilkerson

    05/19/2019 10:50 PM

    Just goes goes to show you what money will buy; in this case a bartender with, as far as I can see little common horse sense. Soros must be laughing at dem. and rep. The ones to watch out for are the two muslims.

  • James Evart

    05/19/2019 07:03 PM

    Given the responsibilities of her position and the irresponsibility of her words which, when confronted on their lack off veracity, she then guises them as meaningless off-hand humor, gives me a serious lack of respect for this woman whom I must love anyway. Her shucking, jiving and seriously impractical and unrealistic proposals make her a "no account" in my book, my hope being that her constituents will acknowledge this the next time they vote and she is on the ballot.

  • Kathleen S Wood

    05/19/2019 06:36 PM

    She is very clever! The 8 year old, I mean.

  • Amelia Little

    05/15/2019 10:45 AM

    I only see snippets of ocasio--mostly what you have in your newsletter. Don't think I could deal with more of her! It is kind of funny how her fellow democrats, especially the wanna-be Presidential candidates, have taken her deal and run full steam ahead with it. Maybe their climbing on board should be promoted widely about their being sea-sponges!! And, of course, typical of some politicians to try to find a way to back track. Let's hope her supporters are more than sea-sponges and recognize she is too extreme in her way of thinking--or, is it HER thinking, or the script she is given by the organization that chose her to be the new face of socialism?--and make sure to give their vote to someone else next election. It did take her (them) a while to try to come up with something to try the back-track. Don't think it probably worked, though. Wonder how long it will take for her to resume her end-of-days promotion?

  • Scott Schroeder

    05/14/2019 07:42 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, following everything Representative Ocasio-Cortez says is like trying to catch a bumblebee on caffeine. She seems to fly off in every direction, buzzing about issues with zippy nonsense and prefers to disregard inconvenient truths (to borrow an old Al Gore fallacious axiom). Recently I saw a youtube video of a min-AOC that was spot on with dripping satire. It was also hilarious! Usually I shy away from using our younger, innocent urchins to make political points, but in this case the irony was priceless. Especially in this PC overdrive culture I think a little good humor could be a good thing; then again I could have the entire woke masses waiting to protest me, yikes. If you can find this mini-AOC I think you might get a chuckle.

  • james randolph

    05/14/2019 02:17 PM

    Hey Mike -
    Considering the 89+ Democratic cosponsors of the AOC GND, she PRANKED the DNC.
    And they must be "as socially intelligent as sea sponges"...
    She also played her joke on the MSM fake news, since they thought she was serious ... more sea sponges ...
    It might be fun to name the cosponsors of her little PRANK ...