Technology creates ENTIRELY FAKE audio/video

July 12, 2017 |

Word to the wise: Technology can now create a completely realistic video that shows the subject appearing to speak the words of a totally separate audio track.

The story at the link talks about practical applications without addressing the nefarious purposes to which this new ability can (and will) be applied, but one can well imagine a few. It’s easy to see how a person on video could be made to “speak” a highly edited version of what he or she originally said. The result would be seamless, as if the edits hadn’t been made. See for yourself --- it is stunning.

To extend the possibilities even more, there’s a new AI called “Lyrebird” that can duplicate a person’s voice, creating entirely new sentences as if they’d actually been spoken. That’s right, with this application, we’ll literally be able to put words in someone’s mouth. We’re headed into uncharted waters, folks. If you thought politics was a dirty game before, just wait till this is in common use!


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