October 24, 2020


We’re all used to Joe Biden blurting out weird comments when he’s off the Teleprompter, but how do you explain his campaign website (which, surely, someone proofread) listing this as a rationale for more gun control laws?

“Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotguns. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children.”

Uh, pardon me, but…what?! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that federal law bans the hunting of children under all circumstances, which means it protects kids more than ducks.

This is especially bizarre when you consider that the same candidate also opposes any limits on abortion, which is the only federal-sanctioned, legal method of murdering children.


Some prominent Catholic leaders are beginning to wonder if the answer to the old question “Is the Pope Catholic?” is really so obvious anymore.


Authorities have arrested a 19-year-old male in North Carolina who reportedly had a van filled with cash, an AR-15, bomb-making materials and night vision goggles, and who was plotting to kill Joe Biden. PJ Media points out that in relating this story, it took the Washington Post 15 paragraphs to get around to mentioning that this alleged murderous nut is a Bernie Sanders supporter who somehow thought that killing Biden would help Bernie.


It’s long been said that the most annoying combination of character traits is ignorance and arrogance. I think we have a perfect new illustration of it: the smug liberals who heard President Trump say that coyotes were bringing children across the border and immediately took to Twitter to mock that moron Trump for actually thinking that a four-legged wild canine could carry a human across the border.

FYI: A “coyote” is a criminal who makes money by sneaking people across the border. It’s also an animal in Looney Tunes cartoons that thinks he’s a super genius even though everything he does blows up in his face.


David Barrett, CEO of the expense reporting software company Expensify, was so filled with fear and loathing at the idea of President Trump being reelected that he sent an email to 10 million people at 100,000 client businesses. It claimed that Trump wants to suppress people's votes, there will be a civil war if Trump wins and democracy won’t survive.

That may be the most expensive stupid decision a company has made since the major sports leagues went all-in for BLM. Many clients wrote back to complain or cancel their business, furious over both the partisan politics and the abuse of the email addresses that were entrusted to Expensify for purely business purposes. Some also corrected Barrett on his overheated assertions, pointing out that the US is not a democracy, preventing voter fraud is not “voter suppression,” and the only people threatening mob violence if Trump wins are on his side.

This is another excellent article that examines this story in greater depth. At the end is a handy list of links to the latest news about voter fraud in all 50 states, for those who keep repeating the mantra that “voter fraud doesn’t exist.”

And here’s just a general national round-up of “This Week In Voter Fraud.”


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that new unemployment claims fell to 787,000 last week, a drop of 111,000 from the previous week, and the lowest since the pandemic economic shutdown began in March. Economists expected the number to be around 875,000.

Third-quarter economic growth numbers will be released five days before the election and are expected to show a huge leap of over 30%, the largest ever, due to the strong economy reopening, at least in places where the politicians will allow people to come out of their basements and go to work before Election Day. This should be great news for America and for President Trump, but CNBC perfectly summed up the way the media will treat it in a story quoting an economist who called the huge GDP jump “totally meaningless” (was he one of the expert economists who overestimated unemployment claims by 111,000?)

The gloom-spinning CNBC story was headlined, “The GDP report next week will likely show record-breaking economic growth, but it may not help Trump.” I think we have a new contender for “Most Typical Liberal Media Headline” to rival the classic, “World to End at 6 p.m.; Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.”


Facebook has apologized for blocking an obviously humorous fake news story from the conservative satire site The Babylon Bee, saying it was a mistake. Their excuse: “Satire can be difficult for our systems to identify.”

That’s fine, except it wasn't just Facebook’s “systems.” After the initial ban, the Bee requested a manual review, and Facebook stuck by the ban. They claimed the story “incited violence.” The story claimed that Sen. Mazie Hirono demanded that Amy Coney Barrett be weighed to see if she weighs the same as a duck so she could be burned as a witch. It's clearly a comedy bit straight out of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

I don't know what's hardest to believe: that this wasn’t deliberate partisan censorship, that Facebook’s systems didn’t recognize that as satire, or that tech nerds who work at Facebook have never seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”


Chris Pratt, star of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, is under fire online because he did not attend a Joe Biden fundraiser hosted by many of his limousine leftist co-stars from the Marvel “Avengers” movie series. Pratt is an unapologetic Christian, supporter of veterans and all-around nice guy, and he didn’t even make any political statements at all. But just because he didn’t fall in line and mouth the required leftist sentiments and raise money for the anointed Democrat, he was savaged on Twitter as a racist, hater, white supremacist, blah-blah-blah, you know all the garbage cliches by now.

A big salute to him for refusing to cave, and to his co-star Robert Downey Jr., who had the courage (or maybe just the fame and massive fortune) to defend his friend online from the baseless attacks by the shrieking leftist Twitter mob.

Also, a big salute to Scott Baio, one of Hollywood’s few outspoken conservatives (definitely check out his podcasts on YouTube), who didn’t participate in a “Happy Days” cast reunion fundraiser for Biden. Baio was incensed that a show with such a nostalgic, all-American image would back a candidate and party that have aligned themselves with America-hating factions such as BLM, Antifa and other radicals. He was especially upset that it was held in Wisconsin, the setting for the show but also the site of recent riots and looting that Biden declined to condemn.

These stories have given me an idea for a project we’ll be working on and that you will see soon. Many conservatives are fed up with the leftist propaganda coming out of Hollywood and the war on Christians, conservatives and Trump voters. You often see their comments online about not paying to see a movie in X number of years.

But we all enjoy good entertainment, and there are still some entertainers brave enough to voice their conservative views. They know this can result in blacklisting, online attacks and even former friends and colleagues publicly denouncing them (look at how Kirstie Alley has been savaged just for saying she’s voting for Trump.) Instead of simply boycotting leftist entertainment, conservatives should support these brave entertainers and show Hollywood that they are losing out on a vast market by making nothing but music, movies and TV shows that appeal to AOC and the Chinese government.

So my staff and I are starting to compile a Conservative Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide. We’re looking for music and comedy CDs and movies and comedy performances on DVD by fellow conservatives, who often have to work outside the Hollywood system, financing their own projects. There are many excellent albums and shows that you and your family would love, and the stars and creators deserve our support. Many have been guests on my TBN show.

Be looking for our Conservative Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide to appear soon, so you’ll have plenty of time to do your shopping and go into 2021 with some great entertainment other than Turner Classic Movies.


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  • Rhonda Stiles

    10/30/2020 11:53 PM

    I would love to get the conservative holiday gift guide that supports Bio and Kirstie Alley who support Trump

  • Sally Jones

    10/26/2020 09:58 AM

    Just getting to your above stories. We lost all power last night due to a snowstorm. I thought it would be a regular snowfall...silly me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your stories, updates on the crazy and sound truth that is missed by those who choose to ignore it and heed their own wishes. You and your staff are a real blessing in this evil we are surrounded by. Your take on the insane we are living in is a reminder that God is in fact in control and we need to buckle up, stay strong and await His redemption. I’m so grateful for the fun you deliver with such grace. I lean into the truth that God is truly in control and His Word is our strength. Thank you all for your hard work...keep, it up, ugly continues to be rampant.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/26/2020 07:21 AM

    Be sure to put THE OAK RIDGE BOYS at the top of your conservative entertainers list. They are true-blue finest when it comes to God, faith, and family values.

  • J Howard Markley

    10/26/2020 01:12 AM

    Morning Governor,
    This is way off the political topic, but I wonder if there is a way to find out what happened. I live in Cammack Village, you may remember as the "town of speed traps." I fed the deer that roamed peacefully here every night much to the delight of most of our citizens, excepting a few pansies lovers. The U of A inherited the 40 acre patch the animal loving Cammacks willed to them. The University System complained that deer were eating their flowers we think and without warning the Game and Fish Commission we believe baited, along with the feeding the occupants were said to have been doing in a kind way, those woods to attract all of our deer to a mass slaughter they conducted last week. Perhaps they wanted the racks (some ten-pointers) or just the kill thrill. We citizens of Cammack Village have begun to ask questions, especially me, but could use a little advice on how to get more information. Children here are actually crying to learn their friends have been killed. I think they spared a doe and her twins because now they seem to be the only ones who come to my natural haven to eat at night. I monitor and save their visits with my infrared camera and can tell that they are more skittish after witnessing their family being killed by their "human friends."
    I appreciate any thing you can do to help us get over this trauma. I, for one, the main corn and protein provider, am extremely depressed to lose the deer who trusted me every night.
    Thank you.

  • Ranger Michael Vick

    10/25/2020 09:37 PM

    Amen brother! Governor Mike I love you! Will you hit the nail on the head every time. And we can stop these people by stop going to movies and buying records or CDs or anything else they make. Let’s see how they make that $1400300 a month mortgage payment now.

  • Lynn Barr

    10/25/2020 08:20 PM

    WHY? It is DISGUSTING to see Congress and Senate’s BAD dental care. Today John Thune as on Fox and when he smiled he is missing a tooth. Some people get veneers on the top front 6 and when they smile - the rest of their teeth are YELLOW or BROWN. GROSS. Someone should tell Cronyn how disgusting his teeth are. I really think they can afford proper dental care. Rachel,Duffy’s husband is another BAD example of 6 front veneers and then GAG. please tell them for me. Thanks.

  • Robert Carter

    10/25/2020 06:22 PM

    For your Holiday Gift List, there are a number of quality films in the Pure Flix library to list - we're far more addicted to this new entertainment treasure (about $7.00 per month on a yearly subscription basis) than anyone could be to the Hallmark Channel.

  • Carol Pickard

    10/25/2020 05:56 PM

    The movie gift idea is a wonderful idea. Also is there a Christian internet service that we could trust if not how about Someone starting one up! Thank you for your honest information. I look forward to your daily letters if information. May God continue to bless all that you and your family do for the Lord and our country!

  • Candice Sammons

    10/25/2020 01:29 PM

    I really enjoyed your commentory today.

  • Ben N Catlett Jr

    10/25/2020 12:35 PM

    Always a great job------

  • Joyce F Birch

    10/25/2020 11:59 AM

    I just love your take on all the news topics of the day & keep them coming. Thank you Gov. Mike & Staff. I must say, the coyote comment made me laugh! It just shows you how stupid liberals are uneducated, & just plain dumb! Also, don't lose Sen. Mazie Hirono, she should swim back to Hawaii! I never liked her since the Kavanaugh "trial"!

  • Nancy T SMALL

    10/25/2020 11:32 AM

    I've just found your Evening Edition, and, I love it! I will continue to watch for and read it! Thanks! (FYI...I voted for you, when I lived in TX, in the 2008 primary...even though McCain was already the nominee)...I wanted you to win! What an awesome president you'd have been!

  • Marlene Glasgow

    10/25/2020 11:10 AM

    Looking forward to your conservative Entertainment Guide. I am so sick and tired of these " wannabe famous" entertainers who think they know everything. I refuse to support them or their kind in the sports world!

  • Gail Denham

    10/25/2020 11:00 AM

    Great idea on the entertainers and musicians and their CDs, etc. We should hear from them - we should know that not all HOllywood and the music industry, etc. are up to their eyeballs in the far-left, the political correctness - that they actually have a mind of their own and they make intelligent decisions.

  • Jack macdonald

    10/25/2020 10:34 AM

    News flash. It just occurred to me that FBI director Wray, Barr, and Durham are as much a part a part of the deep state as Adam Schiff. Why else would the FBI sit on the lap top? Why would the DOJ slow walk info to congress? Why doesn't congress subpoena Wray and enforce the subpoena? Why is Barr no more effective than Sessions? Why hasn't Wray been replaced ? Why didn't Barr have Durham release the info he has compiled in past 2 yrs before the election so the public could cast an informed vote? Something stinks to high heaven!!

  • Kathy Wurth-Swanson

    10/25/2020 10:21 AM

    I look forward to the guide. Thx Huck

  • Nelda Rose White

    10/25/2020 10:02 AM

    I will be looking for your Holiday Gift Guide, this is such a wonderful Idea. Thank you.

  • Kurt cranford

    10/25/2020 09:52 AM

    Let’s continue to pray for the salvation of former Vice President Biden and also the care and protection of president Trump .

  • Stephen Russell

    10/25/2020 08:20 AM

    LinkedIn beginning to censor conservatives 2, FYI

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/25/2020 06:14 AM

    Hope you are going to include musicians, not just actors/actresses on your conservative list. There are some Nashvillers who need to be realized as liberals by not showing up on your list!

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/25/2020 06:08 AM

    WILE E. COYOTE Scripture:

    Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him. Proverbs 26:27

  • Patricia de la Tejera

    10/25/2020 01:26 AM

    I wish to defend the Eng
    Lish language. If writers, public figures cannot express themselves without using vulgar, blasfemous words, they should be blocked, ignored. I am sick of being offended on a daily basis!!! I am a "news junkie". 87 years old, from the hills of West Virginia. I AM Not Woke!!! Ex Democrat, Catholic convert, and grandmother of 22, 2 of which are policemen in McAllen, Texas.

  • Rosanna Fitzgerald

    10/25/2020 01:02 AM

    I like your idea on entertainers.
    John Schneider is good in his movies and songs.

  • Bill Goldsby

    10/25/2020 12:45 AM

    Thank you and God Bless you Mike for all the great things you covered today. I appreciate your covering Chris Pratt, Scott Baio and Kristy Alley's being savagely attacked on social media by their fellow actors. I feel that those who attacked them actually showed their true mentality and maturity level. It seems that there is a difference in those levels in those who are on the Left and Right sides of the Aisle and those who support them. I'm personally tired of seeing those who I pay to represent me, act like children, not that I voted for them, because I didn't vote for Pelosi, Feinstein or Harris to represent me, I was out voted. Sad to say!

    On another note, the Bible Verse, Matthew 6:14 on Forgiving. It brings up a topic I just read in a great book I would like to recommend to you, by a wonderful Pastor and good Friend of mine Shaun Nepstad, the Senior Pastor of The Fellowship Church in Antioch, California. Yes, Antioch, which funny thing is next to Brentwood, California (LOL). The name of the book is "Don't Quit in the Dip," I just completed the book and have lead a Small Group study that goes along with it and the group loved it.

    God Bless You and your family,

    Bill Goldsby
    Antioch, California

  • Ivelisse Carlo

    10/25/2020 12:40 AM

    I thank God for your integrity and your wit.