June 16, 2019

There is one college in America that only graduates one person at a time and only every 4 years.  It’s the Electoral College, and some people want to close it down.  In fact, all 480 Democrats running for President say they want to get rid of it, but there are some Republicans who support that as well.  And you may think that it’s an archaic and outdated process that needs to be retired along with 8 track tapes and AM transistor radios.  But like a lot of things in our Constitution created by the Founding Fathers, there is a reason they created a representative republic and not a pure democracy.  So before you say, let’s “kill the college,” let’s understand why we have one.

The founders feared a tyranny of the majority-a nation in which some voices were drowned out and drummed out of the process.  It was the rationale of having 3 separate, but equal branches of government, the legislative, executive, and judicial along with a complicated but brilliant set of checks and balances.  And instead of having a President elected strictly by a popular vote, they intentionally created the Electoral College by which the President is actually elected by electors in each of the states, based on the votes of the people in that state which have specific electoral votes based on the size of their population and Congressional representation.  It’s therefore possible for a candidate to receive a larger number of votes and still not be President.  And years ago, when I was much younger and of course knew everything, I too thought it was time to ditch the Electoral College.  But I got older, wiser, and personally was on the ballot in 2 Presidential elections, and found myself amazed at just how smart those Founders were! 

The most gifted political cartoonist alive today is a friend of mine, Michael Ramirez, a 2x Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated cartoonist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Creators Syndicate and his brilliant map of what the election would like without the Electoral College (MAP) shows that the President would be elected by voters in about 4 states, with the rest of America rendered virtually voiceless and vote-less.  And that means that candidates would never visit most of the states nor would voters in those states see or hear any of the political messages from the candidates or parties. 

Democrats whine that Hillary won the popular vote, but they fail to tell you that she primarily won big in 2 mega-liberal, solidly Democrat states, CA and NY.  Her margin of popular vote was completely in those 2 states.  In fact, the actual voting map of the 2016 election shows that President Trump won overwhelmingly in the majority of counties across the US, but lost on the fringes of the east and west coasts. (Map)  The founders were wise beyond their own understanding.  By creating the Electoral College, a person who wishes to be President has to win a combination of states throughout the nation and that forces the candidate to visit many states and personally meet farmers, schoolteachers, factory workers, construction crews, office workers, and unemployed Dads and Moms.  A system that only focuses on only the 4 most populated states means Presidential candidates would do 2 things:  go to high dollar donor events and hobnob with the swells who have all the money, and take that money and spend it advertising in those 4 states.  Most of America would never see a candidate, hear an ad, or see volunteers mobilize in their communities.  And you’d pretty much be letting CA and NY and to a lesser degree FL and TX elect your President.  You wouldn’t really matter.  With the Electoral College, a candidate has to figure out how to win enough states to arrive at the magic 270 Electoral College votes.  And it actually means that ALL of America matters in the election of the President.  SO when you hear it said “Let’s get rid of the Electoral College,” ask what other of your protections written into the Constitution would they want to get rid of as well.  Then just say “NO!”




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  • Beverly Holland

    12/05/2020 10:20 AM

    Leave the Electoral College alone. The deceitful and corrupt politicians are standing on sand. We need this safeguard against the fraud demonstrated in this election.

  • Paula Conley

    06/22/2019 03:16 PM


  • M. Rocky Hernandez

    06/21/2019 12:41 PM

    Thank you, Huck, for the Electoral College tutorial. You explained it in a way that I could understand. Now that I understand it I can explain it to others and hopefully, the ball will keep rolling! Orale!

  • Jon Jester

    06/20/2019 06:55 PM

    They should also remember that the formation of the United Sates was a series of compromises. The smaller states feared they would be completely dominated by the larger ones and needed protection, even with a Federalist system. The Electoral College was one of those protections. Arguably, without the Electoral College (and other restraints on localized power), the United States would never have been formed.

  • Donna Oates

    06/19/2019 02:10 PM

    Please keep explaining and showing the election maps until every person "gets it". The electoral college is so important. It sounds so logical that the popular vote would be more fair until you "see" and understand the purpose. Our founding fathers were so wise!!!

  • Harry Cosgrove

    06/19/2019 10:07 AM

    Is the Effort to override the electoral college legal? I believe we live in a republic and not a democracy. In a republic, we vote for people to represent us. When we vote, we do not vote for a president by for electors who will represent us and they in turn vote for the president. This is my understanding. The constitution gives the states the authority to vote for the president. Can this effort to override the electoral college be valid? Please respond.

  • Richard N. Mattis

    06/18/2019 11:43 PM

    Totally agree, and like many young people today I once thought it was stupid and am now amazed at how intelligent the founding fathers were to come up with this system. It should never be gotten rid of if we want all the people in this country to be represented!

  • Dave Alexander

    06/18/2019 08:18 PM

    The candidates would simply ignore all other states especially smaller ones ! Plus we are paying for California to buy illegals with incentives then allow them to vote!

  • Claus Markussen

    06/18/2019 03:00 PM

    Keep the Electoral College. Protect & preserve our Constitution. Don’t fix what is not broken.

  • Bella Gray

    06/18/2019 12:29 AM

    No way on Joni Ernest, we are voting out EVERYONE who interferes and prevents us from stopping the invasions.
    REPUBLICAN Senator
    Joni Ernest (R-IA)

    This Iowa senator has no respect for Americans. We are being invaded by the parasitical class of the third world at over a MILLION yearly and increasing! All while we have millions of homeless living in our streets.

    We are over 23 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt and still she is in favor of flooding us with indigents, who will destroy our culture, drive down our wages, steal our benefits, drive up our healthcare costs, and never go of welfare, nor will all their endless children for generations!


  • Patrick Flynn

    06/17/2019 04:43 PM

    I love your viewpoints, most of the time, and enjoy reading your daily reports, but you would be more effective if you hired a proofreader.

  • Deborah Kohlwey

    06/17/2019 04:28 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    your wisdom is comparatively equal with that of our founding fathers. How do we get this information out so that more and more young people (who are being groomed inaccurately) can hear and "think for themselves"?

    I struggle in conversations all of the time with younger people who are in college across the US and who just are not being taught accurately. I pray for them as well, as they will be the future for us as we turn into our golden years. I dread the thought of what could happen without future generations listening to truth.

    Thank you again for your wisdom and faith in God!

  • Audrey Skarness

    06/17/2019 02:54 PM

    The Dimms just keep getting Dimmer.

  • Mrs. Jane Kitchens

    06/17/2019 02:03 PM

    Thank you for the information. Praying for you, our country & leaders.

  • Larry Culver

    06/17/2019 01:39 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee:
    Your explanation of the electoral college was great. It something that everyone should read/watch, especially the "Millennials".

    Thanks, Larry Culver

  • Thomas H Nienburg Sr

    06/17/2019 01:30 PM

    How can the Trump campaign should get this map out to the American people?

  • Gary J Negrycz

    06/17/2019 01:13 PM

    I think if the Electoral College is erased we will have created 46 Slaves and 4 Lords who will pick the king

  • Phil Stocks

    06/17/2019 12:52 PM

    If you want New York, Illinois, Texas and California to elect our president from now on out, do away with the electoral college.
    If you want small states to have a say in our presidential elections (as our founding fathers did), maintain the electoral college.
    The matter is just that simple.

  • Norman R Able

    06/17/2019 12:46 PM

    Could you tell me why my comments never appear anymore? Thanks for Electoral College article, you explain it clearly & I am 100% for it. (The founding Fathers were wise in setting up this unique government. This country is a representative government. Thank God for them.) Without it, it will be end of the Republic.
    Voting machine must be checked before 2020, as well as improved monitoring re fraud. Need a law & hefty fine & disqualifying votes. Belated Happy Father's Day to you!

  • Arturo Devitalis

    06/17/2019 12:23 PM

    I don't believe the founding fathers were focused at all on politics, they were focused on representing ALL areas of population to obtain a representative govt of ALL people regardless of where they lived so that every diverse interest would be considered.

  • Harold Gurske

    06/17/2019 12:01 PM

    How can Trunp ever win in 2020 when states are vowing to give their electoral college votes to whoever wins the popular vote and not to the candidate that wins the state the way it was set up to be?

  • Debbie Kent

    06/17/2019 11:32 AM

    Well stated! You explained the Electoral College so that anyone should be able to understand.

  • Colette Wagner

    06/17/2019 10:39 AM

    I’m hoping you can answer a question for me. If the electoral college is part of the Constitution and can’t be eradicated without a Convention of States, isn’t the fact that 15 states have voted to circumvent it by giving their votes to whomever wins the popular vote unconstitutional? How do we stop this endrun around the Constitution and why isn’t anything being done?

  • George Wilson

    06/17/2019 07:49 AM

    Thank you Governor for explaining what would happen without the Electoral College.
    Too many people have no idea how it works but want to eliminate it anyway.
    This would be the beginning of the end of our wonderful country.
    Thanks again.

  • Elgonda Brunkhorst

    06/17/2019 01:56 AM

    (1) Electoral college MUST stay in place and voting machines MUST be checked before 2020, as well as improved monitoring re fraud.
    (2) better vetting re candidates is needed re those who want to run on Trump bandwagon, to get into the House (6 in 2018 who changed to democrat within 2 weeks) need a law and hefty fine and disqualifying if they do that.
    (3) re Perdue, this “ improvement plan” re GMO and weird agriculture plans he now has: is Monsanto bribing him? We are trying to get rid of Round-up, modified seeds , etc and become more organic as it used to be..