March 2, 2020

HBO Max has convinced the six cast members to reunite for a one-hour special in May. It’s not a new episode of the series, but a cast reunion where they’ll talk about the show.

And conservative showbiz writer Christian Toto reports that CNN knows exactly how they should spend that hour: groveling and apologizing for all the jokes from 20 years ago that are now “problematic” for today’s ultrasensitive PC snowflakes. They might need more than an hour.

The Twitter mobs love to attack “Friends” because it’s popular with young viewers, but it has elements that, well, could they BE more politically incorrect? Like jokes about how fat Monica once was (body shaming!), or Chandler’s insecurity about his masculinity (homophobia!) or the lack of racial diversity of the cast. And don’t forget the more arcane triggers, like Ross being embarrassed that his wife left him for a woman or depicting Phoebe as being tougher than the others because she’d once been homeless when that could have been an “opportunity to raise viewers’ social consciousness.” (And wouldn’t that have been hilarious!)

The CNN article tsk-tsk’s, “As even devoted fans can recognize now, ‘Friends’ often ended up on the wrong side of cultural history, highlighting many troubling norms of its time.”

Speaking of troubling norms, one of the most troubling norms of our current time is the insistence on judging things and people from the past by standards that didn’t even exist at the time. Another is treating comedy as if it’s deadly serious, which is killing humor. That’s why I refuse to let it die: I will continue making fun of these humorless PC prigs, and when they slam me on Twitter, I just laugh at them. Take a tip from Ricky Gervais: they only have as much power as you give to them. So stop giving them any. They’ve done nothing to deserve it, and they see every apology not as an opportunity to forgive and move on but as weakness, some blood in the water to encourage more attacks.

I hope the “Friends” cast and creators don’t waste a lot of time in this special addressing this nonsense. After all, these sniping critics don’t seem to appreciate that in its day, “Friends” was one of the more liberal sitcoms. The creators actually thought they were creating a “social justice” landmark by airing TV’s first lesbian wedding, and even casting Newt Gingrich’s sister as the minister to poke conservatives in the eye. It was so controversial, two TV stations refused to air it. Now, just a few years later, they’re under attack by the very people they were trying to side with. It shows once again that the left always turn on and devour their own eventually.

If the “Friends” reunion turns into an hour of groveling apologies because some jokes from decades past aren’t PC enough for 2020, then someone had better start a new cable channel for Norman Lear to apologize for “All In The Family” 24 hours a day.

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