May 29, 2020


The rioting and looting over the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, at the hands of police in Minneapolis continued for a third day, and even included the burning of a police station. President Trump has made it clear that if the city can’t stop it, he will send in the National Guard with orders to shoot rioters.

Trump has expressed how disgusted and disturbed he is by the video footage of the police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck, as he said he couldn’t breathe and bystanders urged the cop to let up. Trump has also ordered in the FBI to investigate.

Meanwhile, protests have also spread to St. Paul and turned violent in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. Racial division merchants are rushing to exploit Floyd’s death to promote more riots, calls for attacks on white people who had nothing to do with it, and burning and looting of stores and attacks on police in black neighborhoods that will only hurt the people who live, shop and work there. They even burned down a six-story apartment building that was under construction in South Minneapolis, and that was going to provide affordable housing. How is that supposed to help the people they claim to care so much about that they’re rioting on their behalf? Did anyone poll them to ask if they wanted their stores and homes burned down?

Oh, I’m sorry. I said “rioting” when, of course, I meant “protesting.” At least, that’s the PC term you have to use if you’re on NBC or MSNBC.

This was taken to the point of absurdity by an MSNBC reporter who was standing in the middle of rioters in front of a burning building when he said, “I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. This is not generally speaking unruly.” I hope for his landlord’s sake that he never throws a party that does turn “unruly.”

FYI: as is our policy here, I’m not giving any attention to stupid, incendiary tweets by leftist celebrities calling for more riots and racial violence. Why bother? They all carry the same tactic message: “Burn everything down!...Except my mansion.”


Naturally, the anti-Trump brigades such as the reliably loopy Rep. Maxine Waters are trying to blame Trump and Republicans for the “atmosphere” that led to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. So for the record:

Minneapolis has been famous for decades as one of the most liberal, one-party cities in America. The city council has 13 members: 12 from the Democratic-Farmer-Laborers Party, one from the Green Party, and zero Republicans. The council president is a DFL Party member who was previously a city planner in San Francisco. The mayor is a very liberal DFL Party member with a degree in government and a background in community organizing. The Governor, police chief and Hennepin County Attorney are all Democrats.

And worst of all for one Democrat, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the former Hennepin County D.A. During that time, she reportedly declined to prosecute multiple police officers accused of excessive force, including the killing of civilians. They also include the very officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck and another who was present and fired. The two cops combined reportedly had at least a dozen conduct complaints against them.

Sen. Klobuchar might be able to offer reasons for those decisions, or maybe she’ll pass the buck and say it was made by someone else in her office. But I doubt that even blaming Trump will prevent her erasure from Joe Biden’s VP short list.


Thursday, President Trump made good on his threat against social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that selectively censor, edit or place warning labels on posts based on political views. He signed an executive order calling on all executive agencies to consider new regulations to ensure that such companies comply narrowly with Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act in maintaining neutrality or else risk losing their immunity from legal liability.

I know that what you’ll mostly hear about this on the news is the usual hair-on-fire “Trump is a dictator” rage fits, so here’s the actual order in its entirety for you to read for yourself. See if it sounds to you as if he’s trying to do away with free speech or protect it:

For background, here’s what Section 230 of that law says: “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” In other words, if you’re offended by a post, you can’t sue the platform where it appeared, you have to sue the person who posted it. Otherwise, social media would be impossible because every post would have to be vetted before it appeared. Section 230 does allow platforms to remove posts that violate terms of service, such as being obscene or threatening, as long as the action is taken “in good faith.” And that’s it.

Strangely enough, for all the foaming at the mouth over Trump’s executive order, it seems to me as if it does nothing much more than reaffirm what Section 230 originally intended. Under pressure from the left, and their own hive-mind leftist corporate cultures, companies like Google and Twitter started adopting the left’s attitude that it was their duty not to remove merely obscene or threatening posts (indeed, they leave up plenty of posts that curse and threaten conservatives), but to determine whether a post is “true” or "misleading." Philosophers have been trying to define “what is truth” for centuries, but a group of leftist techies in Silicon Valley have finally nailed it. Under the left’s definition, their opinions are objectively true, and any opposing views are lies and misinformation.

It’s always useful in cases like this, when the anti-Trump hysteria is at its peak right after he does...well, anything (the anti-Trumpers are like Groucho Marx: “Whatever it is, I’m against it!”) to ignore their heat-of-the-moment statements and look back at what they said before Trump weighed in. So here’s an article from February on this very subject that explains a lot of the issues well, and notes that there were bipartisan concerns about the abuse of Section 230, both for the way it was being used to censor political views and to crush start-up competitors and turn the majors into monopolies.

I should also note one of the Democrats’ recurring problems: Joe Biden’s mouth. He immediately blasted Trump’s executive order on Section 230 as “an extreme abuse of power” that “demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the role and function of the federal government.” But just last December, he told the New York Times that “Section 230 should be revoked immediately.” He then repeated that twice for emphasis.

Unless Congress acts, Trump is limited in what he can do to the social media companies. Unlike the previous President, he doesn’t believe he can ignore Congress and rewrite laws with executive orders. But his EO doesn’t so much change Section 230 as reaffirm its original meaning and warn that if the tech giants don’t stop abusing the legal immunity it grants them by ignoring the strict neutrality rules, they could lose it. Not by Trump changing the law, but by him doing something the previous Administration never dreamed of: actually enforcing it. And frankly, it’s about time.


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    06/02/2020 09:32 AM

    I love President Trump. He is doing a superb job in handling these ungrateful people and all of the lies and backlash. YES! This is what it is like without Jesus. Satan is doing his best to ruin everyone since his time is getting very short. We had better let the police 'do their job' or they are going to get fed up with us all and we will never have any protection. May God put a hedge of protection around each one because they have to make 'split second decisions' and a lot of times it is not easy.

  • Gail Denham

    05/31/2020 11:21 AM

    Thanks for explaining this immunity law thing - for social media. It's hard to understand - but I do understand how they take down anything that doesn't agree with the PC agenda - anything that reeks perhaps of a conservative view - a truth told - support for good things.

  • Bob Tidwell

    05/30/2020 09:46 PM

    We are getting a glance of our society without God in the picture.

  • Bob Tidwell

    05/30/2020 08:08 PM

    We are getting a glance of our society without God in the picture.

  • Derold L Davis

    05/30/2020 06:33 PM


  • Mrs. Geraldine F Habitz

    05/30/2020 06:14 PM

    I think the President should have held back his opinion on the victim's situation. Nobody knows what happened that prompted Lloyd's being stopped or arrested. No one has heard the officer's (or officers') report on what happened. Everyone is jumping to conclusions based on emotions, hate and racism. Rioters were bussed in to exacerbate the violence and push the "murder" opinion so fast that everything went helter skelter. If the victim was drinking, resisting, had medical problems ---- I'll wait for further investigations.

  • Timothy Ward

    05/30/2020 04:41 PM

    Here lies the problem, the left constantly riots, tantrums, and obstructs to get their way. And they get everything they want as result.

    The Right hides behind the black mask of civility, and as result, loses all of their constitutional rights...

    If the right ever figure this out, never mind, it will never happen...

  • Carolyn Knowles

    05/30/2020 04:30 PM

    When I went to college in 1964, there was a pretty good relationship between the college students on campus. However, I did not know that the school and the town were known for being racist, but once I got there, racial discrimination on those levels was noticeable. I left the school in Aug 1966 and returned in Aug 67. the difference in the students was as noticeable as night and day. The NAACP had deliberately driven a wedge between black students and white students. African American became the words of the day. As one of the Roosevelts said (I think it was a Roosevelt) an American is an American only - not an American and something else. We should have lived up to what he said. To be anything, in addition to being an American is divisive.

  • Joyce Birch

    05/30/2020 02:50 PM

    Great read again! All I can say, I'm sad, angry, disturbed & can't believe what's happening to this beautiful country. We're in a pandemic, economic worries, & now this rioting & destroying of cities & businesses getting ready to open up. Hope you can see my tears along with all the rest of us. Dear God, we need your help. Amen.
    History of rioting & destroying is back. Just look back at Baltimore, never recovered.

  • David Koontz

    05/30/2020 02:00 PM

    Following up on my earlier post. George Floyd was suspected of trying to pass a fake $20 bill. I don't know the laws he might have broken, but to me, he tried to leave the store without paying for items worth less than $20. Living in the Los Angeles area where the police don't bother with a shoplifting offense of less than about $1000, it is hard for me to understand why he was handcuffed and arrested.

    According to the article I read, the suspect was sitting in a car. The first thing the officer did was to pull his firearm. Why? There was no report of the suspect brandishing a weapon. From the get go, the officer escalated a suspected $20 offense into a life threatening situation. Is it any wonder why people get killed? We don't have to have any special training to know that in a confrontational situation, you first try to diffuse the tension and keep everyone calm and rational. When you go in guns blazing, bad things happen. We need a major re-thinking about how policing is done in these United States.

  • Jim Larson

    05/30/2020 01:25 PM

    Mike, I respect your continuing labor to bring these issue to our attention. Thank you and keep up the good work. We only hope that others who would not take the time to read your messages will some day realize how important they are. God Bless and watch over AMERICA!

  • Crystal Fenton

    05/30/2020 01:16 PM

    This riot wasn't about protesting Floyd's murder, it was more about fomenting chaos so the Radical Left can keep this country off balance and continue to make Trump look bad. There isn't a race problem here, there isn't a Democrat and Republican problem, there's a God hating problem and a cold, dead heart problem!

  • David Koontz

    05/30/2020 12:59 PM

    Thank you so much for your posts. Your insight and gracious commentary is appreciated.

    The police have failed at their number one priority. The primary responsibility of those we now call law enforcement officers is to protect the community. Protecting the community involves catching bad guys, but enforcing laws is subservient to protecting the community. Time and time again we see minor offenses and minor disturbances escalate into life threatening situations when the police get involved. It is difficult to cite specific incidents because we don’t know all the facts. On the other hand, the impressions we get, even if factually incomplete, are important. The police represent and serve the community. If police actions, even within policy, inflame the community they serve, something is wrong. Smashing down doors in the wee hours and dragging terrified suspects from their beds for non-violent crimes is not acceptable. Beating up someone in handcuffs is not acceptable. Failing to protect people in police custody before or after conviction is not acceptable. Using unlimited and overwhelming force to ensure compliance is not acceptable. Behaving badly including disrespect to the people they serve is not acceptable. It is better to let the suspect get away when the peace and safety of the community cannot be assured and the human rights of the suspect cannot be respected. We have curbs on excessive speed during car chases. Why don’t we have curbs on various forms of force? Under God and under our constitution, even bad guys have value and human rights. There comes a point when we stop caring what the suspect may have done and become incensed by the brutal treatment of a fellow human being. Although we have some bad apples, it isn’t generally fair to place the blame on police officers. Revising policies, reworking oversight, changing the culture and re-training officers must come from the top. Clearly the top does not see the problem or just isn't interested.

  • Esther Morford

    05/30/2020 12:24 PM

    I am so saddened by the death of George Floyd. I thought I lived in America.
    Black freedom is what Abraham Lincoln fought so hard for.

  • Jim H.

    05/30/2020 12:06 PM

    Gov... Thanks and always appreciate...

  • Susan Crabtree

    05/30/2020 10:51 AM

    Our country is disintegrating and we are in the middle of a cold civil war where Liberals get to define the storyline . I'm afraid we will never see our country healthy again, at least not in my lifetime.

  • Marjorie Pfanstiel

    05/30/2020 10:21 AM

    Not a comment on this commentary just a thank you for your morning Bible verse and the verse with your evening posts. I look forward to them each day and have found them very helpful to remind me to spend a few minutes throughout the day with the Lord.

  • Daniel Craft

    05/30/2020 10:18 AM

    Thanks for the untainted update, Mike. Wednesday morning I made a comment on Fakebook, unintentionally missing a couple of words, that this tragic event would be fanatically embraced by the fake media, accompanied with Tump haters, demoncrats, and violence protesters, who would scream 'RACIST" at the top of their lungs, thus promoting violence and destruction, and then Blame President Trump. Needless to say, folks interpreted it to their liking and Pearl Harbored me for it. And here we are. If I remember correctly, this is exactly what happened in 2016 at just about the same time of year. Coincidence? I think not. Have a blessed day and thank you for the DBV. Daniel C.

  • Alan H Peterson

    05/30/2020 10:00 AM

    Thank you so much for keeping me informed.

  • Phil Arco

    05/30/2020 09:16 AM

    The Left loves chyna so much, the police should shoot the looters and charge their families for the bullets...just like chyna does.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/30/2020 08:56 AM

    The criticism I commented on Mlps in the past has come to life I didn't know that a spineless group of leaders could be so overmatched. It looks like the the administration is a part of this riot. I would like to see the arrests that are made and if so who or what organization is bailing the rioters out. I think this goes beyond riot over the death of one man the community was working up to 95% if people wanted to work they could no injustice there the pandemic should not have caused this type of behavior something other is going on here the police are responsible for the wrong doing of Floyd that it self made me angry we need justice for that and it does take time to build a case that will convict most people know that so why the rush? Something else is at play here the FBI should be taking charge of this and this better be done quickly the cities are at war with something more than a person dying while in custody of the police. This is what Socialism brings to the front nothing is protected people are to protect themselves is NOT the UNITED STATES. It looks like the department heads need to be brought into custody and the Marine Corp needs to come in and take control this is a job for men not a bunch of pansy lawmakers.

  • Stephen Russell

    05/30/2020 08:41 AM

    National rioting: with said rioting in place etc I guess Lockdowns can end?
    No 1 enforced lockdowns in said states with heavy riots IE NY or MN.
    NY did somewhat
    Can lockdowns end?
    Or why didn't mayors or govs use PD & NG to deter riots?
    & Yes said rioters were bused in via Antifa & BLM
    Nationwide plan like plandemic virus from China.
    When can Antifa be a terrorist organz?
    What response can Govs & Mayors give now due to riots over lockdowns??

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/30/2020 08:05 AM

    It is now Saturday morning and, while I read this newsletter last night, after I read (in your opening paragraph) the statement, "President Trump has made it clear that if the city can’t stop it, he will send in the National Guard with orders to shoot rioters," it upset me too much to either read anything beyond that statement let alone respond TO it!

    Earlier yesterday...before I read your statement....I caught a YouTube video where a black female commentator claimed that President Trump had stated that he would have the protesters shot and killed, but, because I found it so unfathomable that he would say that, I assumed that this commentator was exaggerating!.....However, once I read YOUR statement I knew that she was NOT exaggerating!

    I keep talking about the INSANITY that has motivated the thinking of the Democrats that then AUTHORS their saga OF the evil, and corruption, you are I have gotten used TO reading about their kind of insane thinking ....but, last night, I was unprepared for a kind of insane thinking that, for MY way of thinking, promised to throw this country into another REAL Civil know, the kind WHERE people shoot and kill one another! I also saw President Trump putting his own life...and the lives of his danger by his having made the statement that he made! President Trump's response to this new crisis of hatred is NOT the answer to dealing WITH this crisis...but, then, let's not blame him too much since no one who was in attendance at the National Prayer Breakfast disagreed with him when he disagreed with Arthur Brooks' statement that, according to JESUS, we are to answer hatred with love...Well, if you don't answer hatred with love, you answer hatred with hatred.....So it follows that hatred's answer to the protesters would BE "shoot them!" more time...your newsletter sent me to bed with my heart breaking...
    then, after I climb into bed, and turn my TV on, I hear a news clip about the protest that was going on in Charlotte since 6:30pm....I watched this protest until my heart could take no more pain....I made note of a few a council man and the mayor....who I may contact in response to their cries for help because of what is my (HIS) passionate love for black people AND proof that I have as to how it was this passionate love that God used to reach black gang kids and persuaded them to put down their guns!

    Mike, because I AM a vessel of Christ's unconditional love, do I dare say to you, I love Donald Trump every bit a much as you do! And BECAUSE I love him, I care more about the fact that he spend all of eternity in heaven and not in hell!
    Months ago I wrote a comment where I stated that President Trump was not a "born again" Christian because that was my gentle way of trying to tel you that... according to Jesus Christ....President Trump was heading for hell because it was JESUS who said "unless a man BE born again he CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God"....and then, when He said, "by their FRUIT you will know them" (know who IS born again)....He was essentially saying (since the fruit Jesus was referring to is agape love..the love that CAN love one's enemies)... "that man who can love like I love is the man who is born again and the man who is heading for heaven!"
    THIS is WHY President Trump's response to Arthur Brooks was a big deal for me and, if I were in attendance at that prayer breakfast, my LOVE FOR President Trump could not NOT have kept my mouth shut because agape love's greatest love, for the loved one, is that he spend all of eternity in heaven.....WHICH IS WHY

    If I hear that something has happened to him, I need to rest in the knowledge that I did everything I knew TO do to assure President Trump's ETERNAL destiny...which is far more important than his POLITICAL destiny because this earthly life is a snap of the fingers compared to a never-ending eternity....and writing to you is the only thing I know TO do since you have access TO President Trump!

  • Patricia Linszky

    05/30/2020 07:54 AM

    Governor, My biggest concern is when will those caught on camera causing destruction actually be held accountable. I believe that is when we can resume PEACEFUL "protests" that actually accomplish something worth while to the community.

  • Patricia Linszky

    05/30/2020 07:52 AM

    Governor, My bigest concern is when will those caught on camera causing destruction actually be held accountable. I believe that is when we can resume PEACEFUL "protests" that actually accomish something worth while to the community.