August 23, 2019

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard made a big splash in the second Democratic debates, where her exposure of Sen. Kamala Harris’ record as California Attorney General may have dealt a fatal blow to Harris' Presidential hopes.  But a lot of Silicon Valley money had been poured into Harris’ campaign, and Gabbard may now be facing payback.  She’s already suing Google for blocking her ads immediately after the debate when people were searching her name.  Now comes word that the DNC may be (once again?) seeking to rig a primary by blocking her from the third debates.

As Monica Showalter notes at the link, Gabbard has more than enough unique donors to qualify for the debate, and she’s higher in the polls than some candidates who’ve already been approved, like “Beto,” Julian Castro and Amy Klobuchar.  But the DNC claims the polls she’s up in aren’t the ones they consider “qualifying.”  And what makes a poll “qualifying” in their eyes?  Well, they’re not exactly forthcoming about their secret formula.  But apparently, if it’s good for someone they don’t want in the debate, then it’s not “qualifying.”

If Gabbard is unfairly kept out of the upcoming debates for making the DNC's preferred candidate look bad, Harris might feel a little less tense, but Bernie Sanders might feel a bad case of déjà vu. 

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