January 9, 2020

It’s not a nice thing to call a lady, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been awarded the title of 2019’s “Porker of the Year” by Citizens Against Government Waste.

AOC earned the title by scoring 54% of the vote in an online poll, easily besting runner-up Elizabeth Warren (25%), whose consolation prize was a “Porker of the Month” award back when she proposed free college tuition and paying off student loan debt. 

According to CAGW, the choice of AOC was a no-brainer (another thing it’s not nice to call her) because of her “Green New Deal” proposal, which was estimated to cost $93 trillion with only vague explanations for how to pay for it.  She said people have the mistaken idea that taxes pay for 100% of government expenditures, but “government projects are often financed by a combination of taxes, deficit spending and other kinds of investments.”  Well, that certainly clears it up. 

To be fair, though, this is only a proposal, one that if God blesses America, will never come close to passing.  Let’s also shine a light on some of the people in DC who are responsible for running up near-trillion-dollar deficits during a time of record high tax revenues and record low unemployment, and yes, that would have to include some Republicans, too.

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  • Arthur JOHN Jacobs

    01/15/2020 09:39 AM


  • Nancy Bruce Stayton

    01/11/2020 09:27 AM

    I would like to see if I could get a copy of the sermon you gave about the beatitudes on you tour of Israel February 1918. I was so moved and would love to share that with others.

    Thanks nancy

  • Michael

    01/10/2020 09:16 AM

    Let’s not forget she lost all that Amazon income for her district. All with that one big mouth.

  • Catherine Bailey

    01/10/2020 12:13 AM

    She us treasonous in her actions and remarks. She hates our nation and our leadership including the Speaker of the House. She makes threats against the Presidebt, and should be impeached and sentenced to imprisonment for threats against our President. I never thought we would have such patient people in our Senate and congress