August 22, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Jerry Lewis dies -- Antifa are not heroes -- Chelsea Clinton's weak point -- America's prayer habits -- America Great Again  -- News Bits 


Good morning America!

One of the longest, most influential and most controversial showbiz careers in history has come to an end with the death Sunday of comedian Jerry Lewis at 91. To fans, he was a comic genius; while his detractors never ceased slamming him. But Jerry took that in stride, even admitting that when he was funny, he was hilarious, but when he wasn’t, he was “the worst there is.” After pouring his heart and soul into helping children with neuromuscular diseases and raising an estimated $2 billion for the MDA over the years with his telethon, he was still hounded for not being PC enough with some of his jokes and comments. You’d think that devoting your life to raising $2 billion for sick children might earn you a little slack from the PC brigades, but if so, then you don’t know them very well.

While many critics claimed to find Jerry’s wacky antics tiresome and “outdated,” his comic style still lives on today in countless disciples, from Martin Short and Jim Carrey to Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor” movies to “The Simpsons” to just about any current movie involving physical comedy. He also contributed a number of innovations behind the scenes, such as being the first director to videotape takes while filming so they could be reviewed immediately, an idea that revolutionized the industry in the pre-digital camera days. His book, “The Total Filmmaker,” became the go-to textbook for film students. He could also be a fine dramatic actor when given the chance, as in Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy.” And I defy even his snootiest critics to watch his hilarious live TV shows with Dean Martin and his early classics like “The Bellboy” without laughing. If they can, check to see if they haven’t died, too.

It’s disheartening to see some of our current “everything is political” media outlets using the occasion of his death to regurgitate the attacks on his conservative political views or non-PC jokes or opinions. Where I come from, you’re taught that when someone dies, you show respect by keeping your mouth shut about your petty differences and paying respect to the person’s life. Jerry Lewis may have rankled a lot of people over 91 years, but he also raised more money for charity than possibly anyone else in history and did it while creating some comedy classics that continue to inspire young comics and lift people’s spirits more than 60 years later. How many of his critics will ever accomplish a fraction as much?


Mike Huckabee



Antifa are not heroes

By Mike Huckabee

The mainstream media, Democrats and Hollywood celebrities may have gone berserk over President Trump putting blame on both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, but polls show many Americans agree with him, and his approval rating has even inched up. In fact, a petition calling on the government to officially label the laughably misnamed Antifa (anti-fascist) movement as a terrorist organization went online Friday. By Sunday, it had already garnered over 142,000 signatures. This link has a brief recounting of some of the recent actions they’ve pulled to deserve the designation. When stabbing a police horse is the least of your violent crimes, you are not peaceful American heroes.



Chelsea Clinton's weak point

By Mike Huckabee

Chelsea Clinton attempted to score some cred with the “tear down all history we don’t like” mob by comparing Confederate monuments to Satan, who rebelled against God, and tweeting, “I've never been in a church with a Lucifer statue.” To which a number of people suggested that she might want to try visiting more churches, because there are an awful lot of such statues. That’s because unlike political activists, church leaders are wise enough to understand that depicting or commemorating a historic figure or event through art is not the same thing as an endorsement.


America's prayer habits

By Mike Huckabee

We hear all the time in the media that America is becoming more secular, and along with that drop in faith has come a rise in such negative traits as selfishness and ingratitude. But maybe the media, who are obviously out of touch with most Americans politically, are just as clueless about our private spiritual beliefs as well. A new survey by the Barna group asked Americans if they pray, how often and what they pray for. If you assumed we were becoming a nation of self-centered, atheist ingrates, the answers to all those questions just might shock you.




America Great Again

By Mike Huckabee

Some things come along with timing so perfect, it seems Divinely inspired. Like the release of my Fox News colleague Kelly Wright’s video for “America Great Again” from his new album, “Songs of Inspiration.” Aside from being an ace news anchor, Kelly is a terrific singer (as fans of my TV show can attest). At a time when so many are trying to rip America apart by turning us against each other on every level (race, politics, religion, even history), this is a moving and much-needed reminder of what America is really about, a call back to our better angels, and Kelly hopes, “a seed of healing and reconciliation for our nation.” Click the link to learn more and see the video.



News Bits

Today’s Huck’s Hero is a 94-year-old widower from Morris, Minnesota, who could have just given up on life. Instead, he filled his backyard with it.



Just when you think the war on history can’t get any dumber, SJWs attack a horse over its name. A horse is a horse!



It seems one of the “core values” of Duke University is to kowtow to vandals. Not a ringing endorsement of higher education.



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  • Susan Dyar

    08/22/2017 09:21 AM

    The Dems want DJT impeached so they'll have a better chance in 2018 and 2020. You ain't seen nothing yet as to how they'll go after conservative Mike Pence. They'll brand him every name in the book. Just my thoughts.

  • Rissa Lynn Michelson

    08/22/2017 08:22 AM

    Eloquently stated Gov. Huckabee. Jerry Lewis was pure comic genius. He will be missed but never forgotten!