June 10, 2019

(Laura asked to reply to this letter personally, as she is not as nice as the Governor.)


From Annette:

This "travesty" is just another example of what your "ruler extraordinaire" cares about –- and it certainly is not the American public! He has done absolutely nothing to defend Mr. Manafort , that I have read about. First he claimed he didn't even know him, then when the going gets rough, he throws him under the bus! Yep, this dictator is a real upstanding "leader"... See what he does for his friends? NOTHING! Yet you all but worship him... brings to mind the Jim Jones debacle.


From Laura:

Wow, Annette, Jim Jones? If anyone has drunk the Kool-Aid, it’s you. This letter demonstrates that you have no clue as to how Trump supporters view our “ruler extraordinaire.” I’m not optimistic that my response will change your mind --- even though I, being a Trump voter myself, am in a much better position to understand them than you are --- so you will probably just continue to be wrong. As (Democrat) Mark Penn has observed, we live in “the age of misinformation.” But I’ll see what I can do to enlighten you...

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Many of us –- myself included –- voted for Donald Trump in 2016 not because we all-but-worshiped him (we don’t come anywhere near) but because we simply had to do what we could to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming President. We’d seen her in the political arena for decades and did not like what we saw. We’d witnessed ample evidence of the worst character traits: deceit, secrecy, illegality, greed, hunger for power, condescension and an almost sociopathic view that rules applied to others, not to her. As she saw it, whoever was not completely on her side was a mortal enemy, to be destroyed.


And then after her loss on Election Day, she was just embarrassing, offering excuse after excuse, blaming a nonexistent “collusion” with Russia, pulling out the gender card (which especially made me sick) and every other thing she could think of. Give me a break. We had good reason to reject her. WE COULDN’T STAND HER, all right? She was unacceptable, period. That’s why Trump won. That and the wall. Plus Hillary’s appearance of extremely fragile health. Plus the fact that she didn’t campaign in Wisconsin. Plus the fact that she “deplored” us.


But then, after Trump won, a funny thing happened. We looked beyond what the media and culture were saying about him and saw that he was doing good things. We “got” his way of speaking and negotiating, in a way the “mainstream” media didn’t, and we became weary of the media bashing him whatever he did. We saw that he loved America.  We wished he’d stop tweeting (though a few were quite on-the-mark!), but the economy roared and “NOW HIRING” signs were in the windows.


Trump was RIGHT to want to “build the wall.” We NEED border security. There IS a border crisis. We DO need to “drain the swamp.” There IS “fake news.” It HAS BEEN a witch hunt, as is being proven now. I could go on at length.


We also felt he was being treated completely unfairly --- even unconstitutionally. Since this was Trump and a lot of people just didn’t like him, rules flew out the window. (He wasn’t a “legitimate” President! Voter suppression! Electoral College!) Congress was bent on investigating the man, not crimes. They vowed to impeach the President, even though they still can’t say specifically why and have to keep hunting to find some evidence. They want to investigate his family and acquaintances, whatever it takes. This, as we find convincing evidence that the FBI investigation was a set-up all along.


As for pardoning Manafort, this is yet another case in which Trump is “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.” If he doesn’t pardon Manafort, he’s throwing him “under the bus.” If he does pardon Manafort –- or even talks about it, or thinks about it –- he’s obstructing justice. Indeed, while the special counsel investigation was going on, he couldn’t say or do ANYTHING without it being called obstruction of justice. That’s why Mueller was able to conveniently leave it to Congress to decide on that point, knowing they would insist that he did obstruct.


But now that Mueller is done, Trump can declassify documents and is, thankfully, doing that. He might like to pardon Manafort as well, but it wouldn’t do any good, as he is charged with offenses in the STATE OF NEW YORK. A presidential pardon is only for federal charges; Trump CANNOT PARDON him for state offenses or act unilaterally to get him out of Rikers. My understanding is that this will take a court order. And I would think that if Manafort has some good lawyers, they should be able to accomplish it. This certainly is cruel and unusual punishment for the crimes he’s alleged to have committed. Annette, why don’t you criticize those corrupt NY State officials for what THEY are doing to this man?


One more thing:  your reference to Trump as a “dictator.” Really? Here’s what would have already happened if Trump were a dictator: CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times would be shut down and all its personnel imprisoned or shot. Brennan, Comey, McCabe and that whole crew would be shot without trial. Congress would be disbanded.  Liberal justices would be "retired."  The many protests that go on all the time against Trump would be stopped with tanks, a la Tiananmen Square. The Tony Awards would absolutely not have been held last night, but, hey, they were. And when the wall was built, perhaps it would be with your hard labor, Annette. That’s what dictators do.

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Under a dictatorship, innocent Americans would be spied on for political purposes. Oh, wait –- that’s what Obama’s Justice Department did. (Note that I am NOT calling Obama a dictator, just making a point.) As far as I can see, Trump has stood back and let the Constitution and the law work. You have no idea what you are talking about.



Here are a few more letters...


From Paula:

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791, has three provisions. The cruel and unusual punishments clause restricts the severity of punishments that state and federal governments may impose upon persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense.


From Laura:

Since I am not a lawyer (and neither is the Gov.), I am intrigued by this. Especially since Manafort hasn’t even been CONVICTED of these state crimes, only charged. I’m sure his attorneys must be on this, as the punishment certainly does not fit the (alleged) crime. Readers who are attorneys, what say you?


From Joseph:

Manafort should have a big wad of $$, then find 2 or 3 of the biggest, meanest "nothing to lose" inmates, and pay them for protection, on a monthly basis.


From Laura:

Wow, Joseph, you seem to know your way around a prison! I won’t ask why. That sounds like the best strategy Manfort could have.  Hope it won’t come to that.


From Doug:

Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and others need our help. None of them would have been even investigated much less charged with anything had they been liberal Hillary supporters. The average "Joe" like myself is very limited in what I can do. I've contributed to funds for their defense but I see no effective results. Perhaps we can organize a group called "Huckabee's Thunder Rollers" and maybe have a million of us hit Washington like the bikers.


From Laura:

Funny you should say that. Leaders of the motorcycle-riding advocacy group Rolling Thunder Inc. National, NJ, plan to hold a huge protest on Day 1 of impeachment if and when Congress starts those proceedings. (The Washington DC Rolling Thunder makes it clear on its website that it’s not involved in this; Rolling Thunder generally stays apolitical, as its mission concerns POWs and MIAs.)  The great Dan Bongino is encouraging EVERYONE to show up in Washington DC to be a part of the protest. The idea is for millions to march/ride on Washington. My husband, fellow Huckabee writer/researcher Pat Reeder, and I do not ride but intend to be there on foot that day if the Democrats are dumb/deranged enough to actually impeach the President. We’ll have more information if it starts looking imminent.


Rolling Thunder chief predicts biker descent on DC if Dems impeach Trump

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Comments 1-15 of 15

  • Janelle Alphonso

    06/11/2019 09:31 AM

    Would love to share this question from Annette and especially your response to her on social media.

  • Elaine Liming

    06/10/2019 07:28 PM

    Laura---You have made my day----- Annette sounds like so many Americans who can't think for themselves and gets their information from rags. Thanks for the excellent retort!

  • Marcia Standifer

    06/10/2019 05:21 PM

    Laura, you hit the nail(s) on the head, again!
    If dear, misinformed Annette learns anything from your response, I hope it is this line: "Annette, why don’t you criticize those corrupt NY State officials for what THEY are doing to this man?"

    Thanks for your clarity and perception, Laura. You are exactly right about my reasons to vote (and to vote again in 2020) for Trump.

  • Sherry Banaszewski

    06/10/2019 05:02 PM

    Laura Ainsworth, you were absolutely spot on in your response to “Annette.” Loved it! Thank you for so capably speaking for all of us who support our duly elected President!

  • Carol Mathews

    06/10/2019 04:03 PM

    WOW you got it right on!!!!!

  • Patricia McMahon

    06/10/2019 03:08 PM

    Laura - I agree with and support your comments. Well said.

    Patricia A. McMahon
    Sergeant First Class, USA(Ret)

  • Mary Kaufenberg

    06/10/2019 02:55 PM

    Laura, your retort to Annette was spot on! I stood up and cheered! You completely spoke my language; thank you! Bravo!!????

  • Doug Morgan

    06/10/2019 01:50 PM

    Thanks for your response. Keep us informed about any opportunity to descend upon the District of Corruption in support of Trump and his defense.

  • Ron Mullins

    06/10/2019 12:40 PM

    I LIKE LAURA....Absolutely perfect on Manafort response....

  • Amelia Little

    06/10/2019 12:33 PM

    I hope Paul Manafort's lawyers can find something against the state of NY and especially judge vance to sue the freaking socks off them. Enough to buy a nice house to replace that which he lost. There has to be something that would prevent them from making him go to Rikers, at the least. He should be getting to be in the same comfy prison as the likes of madoff and all other white collar prisoners. I think the left is using Rikers as a threat to anyone who might want to stand up to them and not lie about President Trump. Someone ought to take them to task on the wishy-washy premises of "lying" to the FBI or some freaking committee.

  • Ralph Osburn

    06/10/2019 12:21 PM

    Dear Laura, i have been greatly moved by your perfect response to Annette. how spot on the facts are. best wishes and God bless you.

  • Gloria Grace Prosper

    06/10/2019 11:59 AM

    Shalom, Laura, Thank you for speaking out, speaking clearly, and "telling it like it is". I am so very weary of all the foot shuffling of the mealy-mouthed conservatives and uncommitted wishy-washy elected Republicans, not to mention the insanity of the majority of the Democrats. Let me know when/if you decide to run for office.

  • james randolph

    06/10/2019 11:41 AM

    Regarding the accusation of "Trump Worshipper", Dan Calabrese had the best post I have ever read. The choice was DJT or HRC - and only those TWO choices. His link here -

  • Deb Bertrand

    06/10/2019 10:44 AM

    Of all the things the lying, corrupt, deceitful Obama administration gave us, Trump is my favorite. The truth is there for people to see. That they choose to believe the lies reflects on them, not Trump. We are witnessing what deranged hatred can do to people who embrace it. But...we are through giving ground politely to people whose depravity knows no bounds.

  • Deborah Davis

    06/10/2019 07:57 AM

    Thats telling them. I see 99 % on social media supporting Trump. The Democrats are dumb enough to do themselves in for 1% and however many fraudulent voters they can muster.