February 19, 2019

Former CBS journalist Lara Logan gave a podcast interview that she said might be her “professional suicide.”  In it, she conceded that the vast majority of news media outlets slant their stories with so much liberal bias that “we’ve become political activists in a sense. And some could argue, propagandists, right?”  (I guess this is only controversial when someone who's actually in the media says it.)

Logan said about 85% of journalists are Democrats and joked that another 14% are just too lazy to register.  She also laments the rudeness to the President by White House reporters like Jim Acosta and the collapse of journalistic standards for vetting stories before running with them.  She says all these stories that rely on one unnamed anonymous source are not journalism, they’re “absolute horse---…”  Well, I won’t use her word, but she refers to what’s left on the street after a circus parade passes by, appropriately enough.

While those comments will no doubt get the most attention, I’d like to cite two other comments of hers that, together, illustrate the biggest problem with our current news media.  She mentioned how liberals point to Fox News as being on the right, but it’s only one outlet, and with every other outlet repeating the liberal line, it’s easy to believe it because it’s what everyone is saying.  She also admits that until recently, “I didn’t even notice there was a bias in the media. People would say it to me all the time, and I argued passionately and ferociously against that because I really believed when we do it well, and the majority of serious journalists were all trying to do their best to overcome those biases and rely on the facts and good systems.”  They’re like fish that can’t comprehend the concept of water because they’ve spent their entire lives immersed in it.

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This is what I tried to warn them about in my book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.” I wrote about the liberal bubbles in which the LA/DC/NYC media elites live, and how they assume their viewpoint is the only correct one because they never venture outside those bubbles to talk to anyone with a different view.  This disconnect from the viewers and readers they allegedly serve is summed up perfectly in their use of the dismissive term “Flyover Country” to describe 95% of America.  Living in cocoons of arrogant, affluent, liberal privilege makes it easy to assume that nobody who thinks differently has a legitimate reason for doing so. 

This is how we get such self-serving false narratives as the idea that voters who approve of Trump’s call to enforce immigration laws are bigots or even “white supremacists.”  That’s an easy slur to accept when you never had to worry about illegal immigrants who don’t have to pay for taxes or licenses or bonding and who work for less than minimum wage taking your job as a Hollywood star or TV news anchor or trendy liberal website editor.

When coal miners complained of President Obama deliberately trying to destroy their jobs, these bubble-dwelling elites sneered that they should “learn to code,” that is, simply retrain to be computer programmers.  It was the modern liberal equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s alleged response when told the peasants had no bread: “Let them eat cake!” 

They’re now getting a hard lesson in how that kind of disdainful arrogance feels.  When several media outlets (McClatchy, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, etc.) recently announced major layoffs of news writers, some conservatives gave them a taste of their own medicine by suggesting they “learn to code.”  Their response was to howl with fury and indignation about how cruel and unfair that was, which led to big social media platforms, as usual, suspending the accounts of conservatives who dared to use the phrase “learn to code” as if it were hate speech.    

Here are two things all these liberal bubble-dwelling journalists need to learn: (1.) They might be able to transmit leftwing horse droppings 24/7, but they can’t make us think it.  All it does is make us think less of them, as surveys of popular opinion of the media bear out.  And (2.) they might be able to get their fellow liberals in Silicon Valley to censor social media posts that tell them to “learn to code.”  But they will never stop us from thinking it.   



While the national news media have stepped on more rakes than Sideshow Bob in the past month, give credit where it’s due: many local reporters are genuine professionals who work hard to dig up the facts and bring the public real news.  For instance, while national media figures were unquestioningly repeating the Jussie Smollett attack story and using it as a weapon to attack President Trump and his supporters, some local Chicago reporters were burning shoe leather to get to the truth.  Kudos to them for showing their overpaid coastal colleagues how the job is supposed to be done.

Speaking of the Smollett story, there have been a number of new developments.  For instance, the two brothers police described as “persons of interest” released a statement claiming that contrary to previous press reports, they are from America, not Nigeria, and they are not anti-Trump. Also, Smollett has reportedly fired the attorney who represented Michael Cohen and hired new attorneys and a “crisis management team” (i.e., spin doctors).

Also, according to the local news site, federal authorities are looking into connections between an alleged threatening letter sent to Smollett and the alleged attack a week later.  It would be cool if this bizarre case were solved by the US Postal police. 

This story also reveals that there might have been a witness to the alleged attack, a woman who was looking down from her apartment window.  But what she claims she saw doesn’t sound like what Smollett described.  Of course, she probably wouldn’t make for a good witness in court since she admits she was smoking pot at the time.  But then, this entire story sounds like something someone would come up with after smoking a lot of pot. Details at the link.




If you thought the “Green New Deal” was an awfully benign and misleading name for an attempt to impose socialist control over your entire life, then try this:

There’s a bill moving through the House (H.R. 1) that allegedly “reforms” the election process.  What it would actually do is radically transform America by making vote fraud easier and criminalizing efforts to stop it, allowing all felons to vote the minute they get out of prison, usurping the right of states to run their own elections, shifting power over elections to a partisan appointed board in Washington, and in general, assuring that Democrats cement themselves into one-party rule forever.  Naturally, like the “Green New Deal,” it’s backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other deep-thinking leftwing extremists.  And what is this bill called?

The “For the People Act of 2019.”

Why am I reminded of the “Twilight Zone” episode where the space aliens’ book titled “To Serve Man” turns out to be a cookbook?



I try to be consistent in my principles and not change them to fit the shifting political winds.  For instance, I defended Brett Kavanaugh’s due process rights, but I have also defended those same rights for liberals who faced calls for their heads over accusations for which there had yet to be a trial or even any evidence.  I do that because without due process rights for anyone who is accused, there can be no justice, and in America, justice should wear a blindfold. That means it doesn’t matter who the accused is; race, gender, wealth or lack of it, political views and all other traits are irrelevant: all that matters is the evidence.  This shouldn’t be a “left or right” issue, it should be something that every American agrees on.

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Unfortunately, some Americans – some of whom have reached disturbingly high places in government – only realize the importance of such bedrock American principles as due process rights when they’re in a position to need them themselves.



It appears that Bernie Sanders will run for President again in 2020.  It will be interesting to see whether the Bernie Bros from 2016 will still feel the Bern now that he’s no longer a youthful 75 and the only socialist in the running.  This time around, the field will be crowded with candidates who are peddling the same socialist poison in sexy new packages.  Plus, never underestimate how much of Bernie’s appeal rested on the fact that he was the only alternative to Hillary Clinton (Democrats who think a Russian conspiracy was the only way Trump could have won still haven’t come to terms with just how unappealing their nominee was.)   

At least Bernie is qualified as an example of the only way that socialism ever works: he never succeeded at anything until he got into government, and now he’s worth an estimated $2 million and has a $600,000 beach house.  Too bad the only people for whom socialism works that well are the ones in “public service.”




I mentioned in writing about the tragic mass shooting last week in Aurora, Illinois, that the shooter had a felony record that should have prevented him from owning a gun.  But just as with the Parkland school shooter, the laws already in place weren’t enforced.  This is why the constant calls to pass more anti-gun laws are pointless at best and counter-productive at worst, because the only people they actually disarm are law-abiding citizens who might be able to stop criminals and mass shooters if they were armed.  Otherwise, passing more useless laws when the ones in effect now either aren’t or can’t be enforced is just adding layers of meaningless paperwork and bureaucratic burdens to already-stretched law enforcement personnel. 

I know that the gun control crowd won’t listen to me, so here’s the Aurora Police Chief admitting that the shooter would not have been in possession of a firearm if the existing laws had been enforced.



Those of us who keep a close eye on the news media have noticed the creation of a new narrative that’s been dubbed “Republicans pounce.”  Whenever the left does or says something outrageous (embracing socialism, infanticide, fake hate crimes and 90% tax rates; abolishing ICE; releasing criminal illegal aliens; replacing airplanes with trains; banning billionaires and flatulent cows; etc., etc., etc.), the media make the story about the negative reaction to it by Republicans: “Republicans pounce.”  The implication is, “How dare those partisan Republicans try to exploit the fact that Democrats have clearly gone insane!”

Be on the lookout for this tactic, because it’s becoming more and more common the crazier the Democrats get, and with AOC in the House and setting the agenda and an election year looming, the Democratic presidential debates might have to be moderated by an abnormal psychologist. 

In the meantime, leave it to the Christian satire site, the Babylon Bee, to sum this trend up with some hilariously accurate humor.



Appropriately, on the very same day that Bernie Sanders once again tossed his mangy Cossack fur hat into the presidential ring, President Trump traveled to Florida and made an epic speech denouncing socialism.  Citing Venezuela and Cuba as examples of great countries destroyed by socialism (to a raucous reception from the Miami crowd that included many Cuban and Nicaraguan immigrants), Trump said that Venezuela has exposed the ugly truth about socialism, that it’s in its twilight and is dying, and it will never come to America.  Here’s a sample: 

"We know that socialism is not about justice, it's not about equality, it's not about lifting up the poor -- it's about one thing only: power for the ruling class. And, the more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run health care, run transportation and finance, run energy, education, run everything. They want the power to decide who wins and who loses, who's up and who's down, what's true and what's false, and even who lives and who dies."

You likely heard little if anything about this from most media outlets (I assume they were too busy covering anti-Trump stories that will likely turn out to be hoaxes), but you can read about it and watch the whole thing at the link below.  And you really should.  If you’re depressed by how many naïve young people have had their heads filled with socialist nonsense at their $50,000-a-year academic indoctrination centers, this might give you a little hope for America’s future.



Let’s all give a farewell salute to an American hero who inadvertently became synonymous with the end of World War II. 

Sunday, at an assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island, George Mendonsa passed away at 95.  In 1945, Mendonsa was on leave in his Navy uniform in Times Square when word came that Japan had surrendered and the war was over.  As the crowd went wild in celebration, the jubilant Mendonsa ran down the street, grabbing and kissing any woman in sight.  Life magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was there, trying to capture the joy of the moment, when he spotted Mendonsa, followed him and snapped a photo of him kissing a nurse clad all in white.  That photo appeared under the title, “VJ Day in Times Square” and later become known as "The Kiss," one of the most iconic images of World War II. 

Eisenstaedt never got the couple’s names, but it was later determined that they were Mendonsa and Greta Zimmer Friedman, who died in 2016 at 92.

Incredibly, in the past couple of years, that photo has been branded as “controversial,” an “act of public sexual assault,” and someone even vandalized a statue of it with “MeToo” graffiti shortly after Mendonsa’s death.

For the record, here’s what Friedman had to say about the idea that she was "sexually-assaulted":

"It wasn't that much of a kiss, it was more of a jubilant act that he didn't have to go back [to fight in the war]."

I wonder how many of the self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” who condemned Mendonsa have any idea what it’s like to fight in an actual war?  Just more proof that leftists are as determined to destroy America’s past as they are to destroy its future. 



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  • Warren Gray

    03/01/2019 12:38 PM

    This day and age you wonder what you can say. I don't remember which Communist said "we don't have to conquer them now. They will do it to themselves," I hate to see it coming to pass. I hope that at some time soon the left will wake up to reality. To realize that you can't get some thing for nothing etc.

  • Robert Carter

    02/28/2019 07:47 PM

    I remember the episode of Twilight Zone well; that's when too many discovered too late that they had been, or were about to be "had" (invited over for dinner - as in "how to reduce the world's over-population problem").

  • Amelia Little

    02/22/2019 04:18 PM

    I really do get tired of every little thing, even from 50+ years ago now being sexist, homophobic, racist, etc. I suppose that those who maintain "The Kiss" is a sexual attack never bothered to hear/read Greta Zimmer Friedman's response to the accusation. I wasn't around in '45, but all I've ever read about the end of the war, EVERYBODY seemed to be celebrating, hugging, kissing, and well, CELEBRATING. I don't know, maybe the complainants are jealous that no one has ever embraced them (kiss or not) in times of jubilation. Heck, I don't think a man can say ANYTHING at the office, whether an innocent compliment or not. You (well I) KNOW a woman dresses, not only for herself, but to impress MEN or, maybe women if that's how they roll.)
    I'm glad the people act is satire, but wouldn't put it passed some of the socialist/leftist democrats to come up with something like this.
    And, of course, where are the news stories about the voter fraud that has been uncovered? I guess msm doesn't want their audience to know voter fraud IS true, it IS a fact, and it's more than the less than 1000 some of my fb friends quote.
    Kudos to the Chicago reporters--true investigative reporters who did what all journalists should be doing--checking out the story before reporting.
    Keep up the good work, and pass on the Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump to keep up THEIR good work!!! MAGA 2020

  • Scott Stuart

    02/20/2019 05:51 PM

    Hi Governor, I am all for diversity, but, we have a couple of Muslim Freshman Congress women now. I am also for the 2nd. Amendment and have a Conceal Carry License in which I had to have a background check in order to receive it. My question is, do people that are voted into Congress have background checks done, if not, WHY THE HECK NOT! We should not be giving that much power to individuals and not vett them properly for the good of the United States.
    Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!

  • Ron Martin

    02/20/2019 10:51 AM

    I was impressed by Dennis Prager's closing comments during his interview on the Judge Jeanine show on February 16th:
    "For the Left, everything is flattened out to equality. Parent/child are equal. The Left-wing mind set does not want the parent to be unequal to their child, the teacher to be unequal to their student; everything is equal. And of course, we are gods; we are equal, we are gods in our own eyes. Marx said it and Engels said it; this is the beginning of Leftism. I am my god, I don't answer to something higher than me. A child doesn't answer to a parent, a student doesn't answer to a teacher, a human doesn't answer to God. It is a flattening out in the name of equality." It's clear to me that both Leftism and Socialism reject Judeo-Christian values, including the prohibition against bearing false witness. In the past, the Judeo-Christian ethic is what has allowed our country to enjoy our freedoms without chaos, but we're now in perilous times as our country moves steadily away from truth, justice, and the traditional American way.

  • Jerry Korba

    02/20/2019 09:50 AM

    How does the Washington Post New York Times NBC ABC CBS and the list of Anti American media outlets survive? Are the owners of these outlets so wealthy or too big to fail? How many people read or buy those papers here in the middle of the country do people buy the paper? I can not watch an opinion piece at 5PM or what they used too call the evening news on these major outlets the garbage they spew is not worthy of my time. I am old enough to know the difference between right and wrong what works and what doesn't. What this country needs is a dose of a trip back to Mayberry to see how Andy and Barney handled things Common Sense, Honest, Andy could teach why America is great Schumer could play the part of Barney Chuckie would not have take any acting classes to play the part sorry Barney for the insult my point is to be civil again will take some education or maybe Louis Armstrong could sing what a Wonderful world after the National Anthem let the DEMS know on the other side of their agenda we have a wonderful country.

  • Dusty

    02/19/2019 10:56 PM

    I may not always make a comment but do try to read your articles daily. Good to get info you know is reliable anymore. Thank you, Governor for all you are doing to pass on daily information. God Bless.

  • Carl Smith

    02/19/2019 09:45 PM

    You never cease to amaze at how much you can pack into one letter that takes me hours to unpack. I have spent most of my 80 years TRYING to be the optimist and after my Service experience during the MOST misunderstood Crisis [aka the Cuban Missile Crisis] America managed to avoid all out nuclear war. I have been losing faith in Americas ability to survive as a Republic, and seeing a two tiered Justice System that has existed for many years has not given me any relief. I do not think we are out of the woods because the media has not recognized they are digging their own graves by sheer laziness and pushing a Group Think Narrative that seems to exist in DC, NYC & LA. If they succeed they will be the biggest losers and seem oblivious to reality. The current events give a glimmer of hope, BUT like a 500 MPH jet liner turning 180 degrees will take more miles that we have left to salvage this Republic.

  • Paulette W. Taylor

    02/19/2019 07:26 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I guess I too must live in a bubble. Never did I ever think in my lifetime thatour beautiful and wonderful country would be torn apart by self-serving politicians. It breaks my heart. I have one question for you and I know you will have the perfect answer: If the "deplorables" support President Trump and elected him to the Presidency, what do you call the voters her support Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, Rashida Tleb and Ilhan Omar?


    02/19/2019 07:08 PM

    Mike, where you write "I wrote about the liberal bubbles in which the LA/DC/NYC media elites live, and how they assume their viewpoint is the only correct one because they never venture outside those bubbles to talk to anyone with a different view.", unfortunately, with the vast majority of our universities spewing the same leftist propaganda, flyover states are being infiltrated. Our kids have little chance of hearing the truth. Many of our public school teachers are as indoctrinated as the college professors. Thank you for being a sane source of truth. And thanks to admittedly liberal Lara Logan for being one of the few brave and truthful news people.

  • Norman R Able

    02/19/2019 06:51 PM

    Read every one of your articles & like what you are doing to save our beloved Republic, & it is worth saving too. This article on Lara Logan is fantastic.
    Lara Logan is a very brave & courageous lady who is telling the truth about the media. Honestly, and how absolutely refreshing. We need more journalists like her to speak the truth. Now days stating an obvious truth is controversial. We've always known it, but finally someone on the inside admits it. She has great integrity in my opinion. She is the enemy of the media now, so she needs to be careful & watchful. Hope one of the conservative outlets will pick her up soon. We need her voice. May the Lord bless, protect and give her a great opportunity.

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    02/19/2019 05:51 PM

    I heard that Oregon is one of the state's suing the President for declaring an emergency. I am an Oregonian and that lawsuit does NOT speak for me. I am for building the wall long and high.
    I also read that AOC wants prisoners to be able to vote as soon as they get out of prison. I believe they gave up any voting privileges as soon as they were convicted.
    I also think that in order to vote we should be required to show proof of citizenship.
    Next, those people who tried to get the president thrown out of office need to be thrown out of the country.
    Lastly, I am still hoping that President Trump will drain the Swamp starting with Pelosi and Schumer. I know I've said it before, but it needs to be said again.

  • Marion Elizabeth Kellogg

    02/19/2019 05:51 PM

    You are right on , I agree completely. We are living in unreal times and history will mark the demonrats.

  • Sara Curtice

    02/19/2019 05:37 PM

    Good evening Govenor Huckabee! I read your input almost everyday. I agree with your views 100%. One thing I do know. Certainly it won't be too much longer before we are called to meet Jesus in the air! This old world is sinking deeper in sin, and I am thankful God saved this Texas Grandma!
    So thankful the President pulled your sweet Sarah from the 'news room'. The reporters (not real journalists!) were so ridiculous with their treatment of Sarah. She always kept her professional composure toward them, and it was noticed!
    Thank you again,
    Sara Curtice

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2019 05:26 PM

    Laura Logan factor:
    Hire for FNC, FBN.
    Knows Inside Leftist Media Machine.
    Verify, Hire her someone.