August 16, 2016

Lately, I’ve been seeing prominent media figures and editors of major news outlets sadly tug their chin whiskers and lament that the thought of a Trump presidency is so horrifying that the fourth estate has a patriotic duty to set aside its strict non-partisanship “for the first time ever” (eye-roll) and advocate for the Democratic ticket.  Some are even calling on the RNC to take drastic action and replace Trump as the nominee. 

But I have a question: why are they not demanding the same thing of the DNC?  It’s obvious how much they're sweating, trying to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line (even if she doesn’t send the same tingle up their normally non-partisan legs that Obama did).  But if their motivation is truly to prevent America from enduring a divisive, catastrophic presidency presided over by someone who is unfit for office, then maybe we should help them out by circulating a petition like this… 

"To the Democratic National Committee:

For the good of your great party, the nation and the world, we the undersigned call upon you to remove Hillary Clinton as your presidential nominee and replace her with a more suitable candidate.  Here are some, but hardly all, of the justifiable reasons for this action:


  1. The leak of DNC emails proved that Clinton obtained the nomination via unethical and illegal collusion with party officials who violated their obligation to remain impartial.  As such, her nomination deprived her opponents and their supporters of a voice at the ballot box and should therefore be nullified. 


  1. Multiple polls have consistently shown that a solid majority of Americans consider Clinton to be dishonest and untrustworthy, and a large plurality believe that she only escaped indictment for federal crimes due to favoritism.  No President can lead a nation effectively having lost the trust and respect of a majority of its population. 


  1. Clinton’s cavalier attitude toward national security has proven her unfit to be trusted with the top secret information available to Presidents.  In addition, her history of lax email security potentially exposed damaging private information to hostile foreign governments, which would be in a unique position to blackmail her, placing the nation and the entire world at risk.


  1. The leaked emails exposed Clinton’s practices of intermingling her staff between the public payroll and her private foundation, utilizing inside contacts to provide “pay for play” government access to donors, refusing to comply with basic rules for maintaining ethical and security standards, going to extraordinary lengths to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act, and lying repeatedly to the public to cover up all these transgressions.  Since protecting national security and enforcing public integrity laws and the public’s right to information are among the most important duties of our chief law enforcement officer, these actions alone disqualify her for the presidency.


  1. The FBI has requested a criminal investigation of Clinton’s charitable foundation, and it is also under scrutiny by a number of other entities.  The serious potential for a major scandal involving the Clinton Foundation would further undermine what little public confidence in Clinton’s integrity remains and create a dangerous distraction from the vital duties of the presidency, hamstringing her administration from the start. 


  1. Secretary Clinton has vowed that as President, she would press for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision (a case centered on a failed attempt to prevent criticism of her), which would undermine the First Amendment, and to stack the Supreme Court with Justices who would back the weakening of the Second Amendment.  Since a President must swear upon taking office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” her stated hostility to the Bill of Rights should disqualify her from assuming that office.   


This list could go on and on (it hasn’t even touched on the immense damage and death toll of her woeful foreign policy decisions), but these reasons alone should be enough to persuade you, the Democratic Party leadership, that for the safety, security and future of America and the world, you must replace the current unacceptable nominee with someone less divisive, corrupt and unqualified.  For example, we are sure that Vice President Joe Biden would happily step up and embrace the opportunity..."

I will believe that the people who are calling for Trump to be replaced are doing it out of pure, nonpartisan concern for the good of America when I see them sign THAT petition first. 



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  • Joe

    08/17/2016 12:00 PM

    Mike, be careful what you wish for. Better if she's indicted after she losses the election when the Department of "Justice" will actually provide justice.

  • Tim Newsom

    08/16/2016 10:57 AM

    At the core or Hillary's deception & core political belief's was revealed in her refusal to demand action during the 13 hour siege of Benghazi embassy. Early in the siege Obama & Clinton met to discuss the crisis and conveniently used the video excuse to justify their lack of action to send rescue operations. In fact, there were stand down orders to those anxious to rescue the Americans under attack. It is important that those not wanting her to step into the White House that her campaign is confronted with this question , Why did she let them die as she left the meeting early in the siege? The only excuse is indicates what her leadership would be like as president which was she allowed "others in charge of that area to handle it" as explained in the Benghazi hearings. Her surrogates Like Zimmerman, Goolsby & Combs cannot accept the fact she let them die and then lied to the families over the caskets when they reached American soil. All republicans should ask the independents and moderate democrats (if there are any left) what if this was your family? No effort was made to save these Americans. This should be the at the core of convincing those voters that are honest with themselves in choosing whom to vote for in this election.