August 25, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Hurricane Harvey -- Transgender policy to change -- Democrat strategist warns his Party -- Nancy Pelosi forgets herself -- Fanatical movements 101  -- News Bits 


Happy Friday America!

For those of you on the Texas and Louisiana coast in the path of Hurricane Harvey, know that all of us are praying for your safety. We hope you were able to evacuate, and that if not, you are prepared to ride out the storm and its aftermath safely. Remember, if it’s too late to evacuate, do not leave home unless ordered to as a matter of survival. The hurricane is expected to bring extremely high rainfalls that can cause deadly floods. Keep a battery-powered radio or charged cell phone handy to monitor the latest weather bulletins. We don’t want to lose anyone!

And a special thank you to everyone who took the time to send a birthday message to me via my website, facebook or by email.  The warmth of your messages made me feel special. Thank you.


Mike Huckabee



Transgender policy to change

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump announced his decision to ban transgender recruits from the military via Twitter tweet, which doesn’t allow much room for details. But the details will soon be forthcoming, and the Pentagon will have six months to implement them. Don’t be surprised if that timetable is altered, though. As with the travel ban, the left is expected to pull out every legal tactic in the book to try to stop it.


Democrat strategist warns his party

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump was pilloried for saying that if we let people tear down Confederate monuments, they’d next go after Washington and Jefferson. He turned out to be right (Al Sharpton said he doesn't want his tax money paying for those monuments, which ignores the fact that my taxes pay for many things I don't support, and unlike Al, allegedly, I actually pay them).

In fact, the history-obliterating frenzy has spread so far so fast, it’s now being aimed at every monument to every human being with flaws, from Christopher Columbus to former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo. Even Dolly Parton’s Civil War-themed dinner theater is under assault. It’s become so over-the-top that even the New York Times realizes it’s threatening to hurt Democrats (being thought of as violent, irrational and insane does tend to depress your support at the polls), and Democratic strategist Paul Begala is warning his party that they are driving into a trap. However, you’ll never guess who he blames for all this monument-smashing hysteria. If you said, “Donald Trump,” give yourself a kewpie doll.


Nancy Pelosi forgets herself

By Mike Huckabee

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has jumped on the reigniting-the-Civil-War bandwagon, declaring that the statues in Congress of former members who were part of the Confederacy “have always been reprehensible,” and “if Republicans are serious about rejecting white supremacy,” she calls on them to remove those stautes immediately. No word on why, if she’s always felt that way, she never said a word about removing them during the years when she was House Speaker and Democrats were entirely in charge. She also had no comment on the Confederate monuments put up in Baltimore in the 1940s by her dad when he was mayor. I guess back then, Confederate monuments weren’t considered symbols of racist oppression. They were just statues of prominent Democrats.



Fanatical Movements 101

By Mike Huckabee

It’s said that all fanatical movements eventually start eating their own. So it only stands to reason that when you have an “anti-fascist” movement that’s built on labelling anyone who disagrees with them as a “fascist”...and they think it’s hunky-dory to attack anyone who looks like a fascist...then it was only a matter of time before they started attacking themselves. I’m surprised it isn’t happening everywhere because a lot of these anti-fascists sure look like fascists to me.


News Bits

Hey, wait! I thought Trump was the politician who shouldn’t be allowed to Tweet because he just hurts his own case.



Some well-chosen words for athletes who disrespect the red, white and blue, from a champion who proudly wore those colors.



Some cool photos showing how the White House has been renovated and upgraded since Donald Trump took office. And no, there’s no truth to the rumor that there’s now a sign on it reading “Trump White House.”



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  • Liz Wyatt

    08/26/2017 08:25 AM

    enjoy your daily writings, but I am so waiting for your new program to begin on the Trinity network this fall. Will it be similar to the program you had on Fox, including some music?

  • Helen Miller

    08/26/2017 05:01 AM

    How come no one mentions the special tribute (statue?) of MLK Jr? Wasn't that tax-payer monies and maintaining it, tax-payer monies? Wait, is he "special"?

  • Bruce Deming

    08/25/2017 03:14 PM

    Fanatical Movements 101;

    James Alex Fields was not a white supremacist, and Vanguard America has denied any ties to him. He was in the Army for less than 4 months, he failed basic training. He was an antifa member, although they keep no records. I sure would like to question him, and see if he was informed of the nature of the false flag event he was orchestrated in. Did he know that antifa and BLM were there to cause disruption and violence, or was he duped into thinking he was driving into white supremacists only? He obviously knew he had an escape route, but did he know he would be arrested anyway? I'd like to see his reaction when told he drove into antifa and BLM members. No one will get near him though, the Mayor and police chief will make sure of it. If he starts singing out of guilt for killing his own people, he will end up Clinton'ed. That may be being arranged now, perhaps another duped far left psycho will be sent on a Clinton mission, or maybe BLM will play judge, jury, and executioner. Any way you look at it, Soros should have his citizenship revoked and be deported immediately. The violence will end when the money runs dry.