May 14, 2018

For Mother’s Day, my daughter Sarah explained how dealing with toddlers prepares one for dealing with the White House Press Corps:

In case you missed it, Sarah also posted a must-see photo of one of the world’s greatest grandchildren for Mother’s Day on her White House Press Secretary’s Twitter feed. Naturally, she got attacked by the Twitter Troll Patrol: How dare she post a personal photo on her official White House Twitter account?!

Kudos to the commenters who dug into the Twitter archives and unearthed posts from President Obama wishing his wife a happy birthday on the official POTUS account, and former Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s retweet of the Obamas’ Christmas greeting on his official Press Secretary’s account – posts the Twitter Trolls didn’t make a peep about.

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It’s amazing how, when Republicans come into power, suddenly, all the rules and regulations that were ignored for years must now be stringently enforced to the letter. Except the rules of politeness and civility, of course.

Oh, and for the record: Mother’s Day is an official US government holiday, as proclaimed in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. I’m sorry if today’s leftist Internet trolls weren’t aware of that, but I guess it’s because Wilson didn’t announce it on Twitter.

And more examples of the intolerance of the professional tolerance brigades, this time threatening boycotts and demanding blacklisting (remember when Hollywood was opposed to blacklists?) of actor Rob Lowe. His unpardonable crime? Posing for a photo with my daughter Sarah at a public event.

I wonder if this shrill leftist shrieking about anything and everything that offends them (and trust me: everything offends them) is finally starting to wear out its welcome with Americans? I detect that a lot of people who were cowed into silence during the election for fear of having their cars keyed or their houses vandalized are now moving into the “fed up with this endless tantrum garbage” phase and starting either to tune it out or openly ridicule and defy it.

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John Hawkins at has an excellent column rounding up some of the more ridiculous recent tantrums and making the case for why, if we want to preserve this great nation, it is imperative not to let over-emotional loudmouths cow us into staying silent and not giving up our right to speak and think for ourselves or to speak up to defend the truth.

Even “Saturday Night Live” seems to be coming to the realization that they’ve alienated half their audience (and as former cast member Rob Schneider noted, become angry, unfunny and predictable) with their transparently one-sided Trump-bashing after eight years of kissing Obama’s wingtips.

This weekend, instead of featuring Alec Baldwin’s tedious Trump impression, as usual, the “cold opening” of “SNL” focused on Mother’s Day, with the cast introducing their real life moms -- who then made their kids uncomfortable by telling them enough with the Trump bashing already. Yes, it was a scripted sketch, but I can’t believe the mothers would have agreed to say those lines if they were adamantly opposed to the sentiment. (See it at the link.)

It was a welcome (and overdue) admission that the cast and writers had let their partisanship harm the show, as recent lower ratings have borne out.

But another point it made, perhaps inadvertently: Trump voters, or Republicans in general, are not a big, angry mob of dumb, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic deplorables. They’re people like…well, your mom. They don’t conform to all those hysterical slanders, that Republicans want to bring back slavery, Jim Crowe laws, Bull Connor’s firehoses and internment camps for immigrants (all things that were imposed by Democrats, by the way.) They’re just nice people who love America and think everyone should obey its laws and play by the same rules. You know, like you were taught…by your mom.



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  • Ruth Forester

    05/14/2018 09:19 PM

    Thank you Governor! I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above! Most of America is, I believe, at the FED UP level of saturation with the liberal attack on America and our duly elected President! God Bless him! We must be on guard, however, as some of the libs are toning down their images in order to get elected! As Carter Lamb did. They are camouflaging their spots so as to be palatable to more moderate voters!