Hillary's spin performance

November 3, 2017 |

Hillary Clinton took to friendly airwaves for the best TV spin performance since the days when plate jugglers appeared on “Ed Sullivan.” She somehow managed to keep a straight face throughout an interview about the sleazy “Russian dossier” on Trump that her campaign secretly paid millions for under the guise of “legal services.” It seems that unlike her emails proving corruption and vote rigging, that dossier was important information voters should have had. Why, it was merely “opposition research” (why Donald Trump Jr. holding a meeting in which Russians didn’t deliver dirt on her was “treason” while her campaign secretly paying millions for Russian dirt on Trump was just fine was not addressed.) Plus she did nothing at all wrong (even though federal election law requires candidates to declare all expenses for oppo research.)

I said she chose a “friendly” media outlet for this stunning juggling routine. Actually, it was more than that. It was the only appropriate venue. She did it on that famous fake news outlet, “The Daily Show,” on Comedy Central.



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  • Regina Dolan

    11/04/2017 08:30 AM

    Governor Huckabee, I always value your perspective and comments because I think you are probably the best person in America to give commentary on the Crooked Clinton's and they're thugs. Now they've been caught, and the truth has been exposed about their bribes, acts of treason and Global plans for America. Hillary, is now changing her story a tactic we have seen for 40 years with her. She changes to fit the political climate. I am so thankful that strong men like you, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are on the Forefront to help America see these Clinton's for what they are and to bring them to justice.
    May God continue to bless you and your family (your Sarah is terrific. Please don't let the bastards wear her down!) With strong leaders like you, Americans can fight and win against evil like the Clinton's

  • Karen K Babineaux

    11/04/2017 08:16 AM

    What I do not understand is why Hillary Clinton and Obama are still in the picture? He is no longer President and thank the lord she lost the election! And why are they still running loose and not in Federal Prison? All the covenant murders she is tangled up in and crooked dealings with George Soros and the Clinton foundation funds. Both of them lost money while in office, but have turned out to be filthy rich after leaving office? Come on am I the only person that can figure things out? I want answers and I want them now! I've always heard the FBI can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but they haven't been able to unraveled this? Something is not right at the OK Corral. I think the Soros money has a lot to do with this too! I challenge all Private I's in the country and out to race to uncover evidence on them by Christmas.

  • Janet M

    11/03/2017 05:38 PM

    That's what they all are! Actors running a circus show. Some are politicians who can't tell the difference between a lie and a fact! All NFL that takes a knee, all Hollywood that ignore the real problems going on around the world have a different way of thinking. They all think their fantasy lives are because they deserve it, patting themselves on the back. I don't see anyone of you giving up your own livestyles for the sake of your people! Trump did!

    They haven't worked an honest day of work yet!! When you have to get your material to try and be funny from the people who do what is right, just so you can all fit into your acceptable clicks. Your all looking like asses, Hillary and Her clan are the ringleaders we're supposed to accept the secrets you keep from the rest of the world because you can? Hmmmm. How's that working out for you? Obstruction and collusion is the reason why this world fails. Not any longer! You can make up words such as opposition fund to fit into your laws, but not into Gods, he knows the truth and they should all be afraid. Be very afraid. There is only one right way, and everybody should follow the same laws!

    If Trump did Opposition "Research" on you, you would of had him on a noose.