December 23, 2017


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A big holiday Huck’s Hero salute to Daniel Konzelman, a young Washington State accountant who was driving down the highway when that doomed Amtrak train whizzed past. He immediately realized it was moving at a dangerous speed (so much for reports that the train was moving slowly), and his worst fears were realized when traffic slammed to a halt and he saw the train cars dangling from an overpass ahead.

That’s when Konzelman got out of his car and instead of running away from the danger, he became the first person on the scene to run toward it. He climbed into the wrecked train, saw a cop who also happened to be nearby when it happened, and the two went through the train, finding and helping the injured while waiting for first responders to arrive. Click the link to read this riveting story of courage and putting aid to others ahead of his own safety. And here’s a detail that should come as no surprise: Konzelman was an Eagle Scout.


Mike Huckabee


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Origin story

By Mike Huckabee

Props to Tablet magazine for uncovering what might be the poisoned root of the entire Russiagate tale, which was planted well before the “Russian dossier.” They believe it dates back to a 2007 Wall Street Journal story on Russian interactions with US lobbyists, politicians and businesses and the authors’ successful plan to surreptitiously lead investigators into “getting” Paul Manafort. It’s a convoluted tale that peels back the dubious origins of the “Russian dossier” and just how deep and early it was circulated in top Democratic government circles as an excuse to use Trump’s bad hire of Manafort to tie Trump to Russia.  

One stunning detail: Tablet reporters were able to ferret all this out partly because the author’s wife/co-writer got annoyed that her husband wasn’t getting the “credit” for creating the Russiagate scandal and foolishly bragged about it on Facebook, then deleted her posts. Oops!  She forgot that the Internet is forever.  The Tablet reporters got the screenshots.




By Mike Huckabee

A new report from the Washington Times suggests that maybe the reason the Obama Administration didn’t seem concerned about Hillary Clinton leaking classified information was that they were just annoyed that she leaked it indiscriminately.  She should have followed their standard operating procedure of leaking sensitive classified information to selected media for political reasons.



Big win

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump has had to deal with a lot of lawsuits by people trying to prevent him from enacting his agenda, and a number of very dubious rulings by federal judges. But he just scored a big win from one judge, who thankfully recognized a complaint based on the emoluments clauses of the Constitution as one of the silliest lawsuits ever filed.



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Setting the record straight

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump is taking a shellacking in the media after the near-unanimous, non-binding UN vote to rescind his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the US vetoing it (the first use of our veto power in years), and his comment that we will look at those nations that opposed us and consider if we should be sending hundreds of millions of dollars in support to nations that would try to deny us our sovereign rights. One Muslim diplomat accused him of acting like a “bully.” That’s the type of reaction I’d expect from a pompous UN diplomat: one on the level of a spoiled child who’s upset that he got punished after getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Just to set things straight: the US is not the one in the wrong here. The fact that most UN nations voted to capitulate to threats of violence and deny the sovereign right of Israel to decide which city to declare as its own capital (the one that’s been its capital for 3,000 years) and the right of the US to recognize that choice and decide where its own embassy should be reflects horribly not on Trump, the US or Israel but on the other nations. What’s right and wrong isn’t decided by majority vote, any more than you can take a vote on what time the sun should come up in the morning. It is those nations that caved in to blackmail in their habitual disregard for Israel’s rights that were trying to act like bullies and should be ashamed of themselves. Trump stood up to their appalling conduct, and thank God we finally have a President who will. Their rank cowardice should be noted in the annals of infamy as one more example of the UN’s self-serving duplicity and moral bankruptcy.


Fantasy worlds

By Mike Huckabee

A recent poll found that due to the media credulously repeating the left’s hyperbolic attacks on the new tax reform bill (which even some honest liberal outlets have admitted aren’t true), only 17% of Americans believe they will pay less or get bigger refunds, even though nearly 80% actually will.  Yesterday brought a prime example of the mass media’s power to misinform on a grand scale, when NBC “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie asked House Speaker Paul Ryan if he was “living in a fantasy world” to believe that the lowered corporate tax rate would boost the economy.  His answer is at the link, and I salute him for resisting the temptation to point out that “Today” show hosts who protected Matt Lauer’s reputation as a respected journalist for so long should know what living in a fantasy world really means.

Getting less attention is her other question, pressing him about whether the resulting growth will cover the estimated $1.5 trillion the bill would add to the deficit over time (for the record, such projections are notoriously unreliable and based on factors that are impossible to predict.)  It’s quaint to see that media people and liberal politicians who didn’t bat an eye as the Obama years doubled the national debt to $20 trillion are now suddenly born-again deficit hawks.  Frankly, I don’t like the idea of adding to the deficit either, but I refuse to believe that a government that’s spending $4 trillion a year can’t find any way to cut back that won’t throw widows and orphans into the streets.  

But here’s the problem: having already run up $20 trillion on our grandkids’ credit card, unless the economy expands at a much higher rate than 1 or 2% a year (which liberals have been desperately trying to convince us is “the new normal”) and boosts tax revenues, we’re never going to crawl out of that hole.  Will this bill create enough growth to cover the entire gap?  Maybe not.  But we’ve already seen what the left’s prescription of bigger government, higher taxes and more job-killing regulations did for the national debt.  And the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 



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