December 18, 2017

For those wild-eyed conspiracy mongers who think that Obama holdovers are desperate to destroy President Trump because he might uncover some shocking and nefarious abuses of power that they were counting on Hillary to keep buried…well, you’re probably right.

Kudos to Politico, for ripping the lid off the story of Project Cassandra, a major, multi-year DEA investigation of Hezbollah’s effort to raise funds by selling cocaine in the US and laundering a billion dollars – and how, just as it was gathering evidence to take down the top people, the Obama Justice and Treasury Departments started throwing insurmountable roadblocks in the way for fear it would impede their push to sign a nuclear deal with Iran. Click the link and read the entire story.  It will shock and infuriate you.

I’ve already said this once today already, but it can’t be said often enough:  I don’t want to hear any more pious lectures on government ethics from Eric Holder. 


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  • Matthew Almour

    12/19/2017 09:30 AM

    Is it really so shocking, Mike? And here you have Uncle Joe out on the talk show circuit saying the Obama presidency was the cleanest most controversy-free in history! The lies just keep on coming!

  • Frances G Schmidt

    12/18/2017 06:16 PM

    Lots of us are furious! Sessions better indict him, and many more. Obama, and Clinton included!