March 2, 2020

Bernie Sanders has been rightly criticized for his rose-colored glasses views of communist dictators such as Fidel Castro, which has forced him to claim rather unconvincingly that just because he’s a socialist, that doesn’t mean he endorses authoritarianism (FYI: there has never been and could never be actual socialism without authoritarianism, which follows socialism as inevitably as dusk follows the dawn. Just ask a Venezuelan. Or read this article by a Cuban-American, about what Cuba was like before Castro seized power, and what it was like afterward.)

If Bernie doesn’t want to impose authoritarianism, he has a pretty odd way of showing it. I’m not even talking about his campaign aides who’ve been caught on video chomping at the bit to build gulags to “reeducate” people who disagree with them. I mean all the revolutionary plans he has to remake America, some of which he plans to impose through executive orders. At a rally in California over the weekend, he came up with a new one: he’ll issue an executive order making marijuana legal in all 50 states and expunging the records of most people who have been arrested for it.

I notice in that pledge no concern at all for whether any particular state wants legalized marijuana or not, or for the fact that Congress makes laws, not the President. Some might call that “authoritarian.” But there’s no denying that making drugs legal nationwide would be good for Bernie, since I fervently believe you’d have to stoned out of your mind to vote for him.

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