January 20, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Shutdown -- Huckabee -- #ReleasetheMemo -- Hey Bernie fans -- Newsweek should be called MAD  -- A real pro-life record -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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The deadline for a stopgap spending bill came Friday night, and the Senate (which needs a 60-vote margin to overcome a filibuster) failed to pass the bill that the House passed, so the government is officially shut down. To listen to Democrats, that means “people will DIE, and it’s all the Republicans’ fault!” In reality, it means non-essential services will be put on hold, and government workers will have to wait for their paychecks until this is settled. It's happened before, and somehow, we're all still alive.

Democrats are holding up funding because they want to include legalizing the children of illegal immigrants who are on the DACA program without including the border security measures President Trump is demanding.


Mike Huckabee


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By Mike Huckabee

Be sure to join me tonight at 8 EST, 7 CST on TBN for this week’s “Huckabee!” We’ll mark the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision with two remarkable guests: one who will give us a shocking insider look at the secrets of the abortion industry they don’t want you to know; and another who would be amazingly inspiring just for being alive, but what she’s accomplished is breathtaking. I’ll also have a special segment on the smash new movie “Forever Your Girl,” the great country band Shenandoah will play their brand new single and one of their classic #1 hits, we’ll salute another “Our Kind of Town,” plus even more fun and surprises. To find out where you can watch TBN in your area, and for info, clips and to stream previous episodes, just click the link. See you tonight!



By Mike Huckabee

One of the top trending topics on social media is #ReleaseTheMemo. It refers to a four-page memo prepared by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, detailing the FBI abuses of the FISA court to target the Trump campaign for surveillance. The report allegedly names names and contains shocking revelations that are worse than Watergate and could get some top level federal officials fired and/or prosecuted. But it’s still classified, so Congress will have to vote on whether to let the public see it.

All of the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee voted to release it, and all of the Democrats voted no. Now, it’s up to the full House, and again, Democrats are arguing that it should not be released because it’s biased and inaccurate – even though they’ve also piously declared that they refuse to read it. So they know what’s in it even though they haven’t read it? Must be the same psychic power they called on when they passed Obamacare. Or maybe they just think they’re like that kid in “The Twilight Zone” who sent people to the cornfield: all they have to do is say something, and it becomes reality.

Well, here’s some reality for them: Americans are fed up with federal agencies that should be impartial and restrained being weaponized for political purposes, and we’ve had enough of seeing the politically-connected go scot-free while others go to prison for far less. I say vote to release the memo and send that to President Trump’s desk, where my psychic powers predict he will sign it at lightning speed. Then send those who abuse federal power for their own ends to the corn field.


Hey Bernie fans

By Mike Huckabee

Attention, “progressive” college students in your Bernie Bro T-shirts: this is what your beloved socialism looks like in reality. In Venezuela, a nation rich in natural resources, people are going without medicine, so hungry they’re killing and eating defenseless zoo animals, and the money is now so worthless, they’re just throwing it away. Although they should hold on to it because it’s the closest thing to toilet paper they’re likely to be able to obtain.

So if you really want to live in a socialist country, do us all a favor: move there and quit trying to import it here.


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Newsweek should be called MAD

By Mike Huckabee

These days, turning to Newsweek magazine for news is like looking for solid information on mental illness in MAD magazine. The latest example: they seem to seriously think that if they can get rid of President Trump, Hillary can still be installed in the White House.


A real pro-life record

By Mike Huckabee

Unlike some political leaders, Trump hasn’t just given lip service to being pro-life. After just one year in office, he’s already racked up the most pro-life record of any President in history, which is even more stunning coming after eight years of the most relentlessly pro-abortion Administration ever. At the link, Vice President Pence wrote an op-ed detailing some of the victories the pro-life movement has scored under Trump.



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  • Danny C. Gantt

    01/22/2018 06:25 PM

    Why doesn't President Trump deport all the illegals that are in our prisons. That would save America a lot of money. Wave their remaining
    time for time spent already. They have broken our laws or they would not be in prison not to mention our immigration laws. Of course that
    would mean less votes for Democrats.
    I really enjoy your Huckabee Show. Keep up the good work. You should really be proud of Sarah. I would not have her job but she sure
    handles it well (the best). Danny from SC.