December 2, 2020

From Patti:

Gov. Huckabee, if President Trump is not able to get this into court or investigated by the FBI or DOJ, we are doomed. The rest of us are nobodies with no power or influence or recourse to "make" anyone hear us or take action.

I listened to the interview [between President Trump and Maria Bartiromo] and was so frustrated, I turned it off. Who in the world can get action on this if the President of the US cannot? Who hires and fires at the FBI and DOJ? I thought the President did! Why aren't heads rolling over there because no action is being taken to protect the citizens of the US? I am so angry at the FBI and DOJ and the courts! Regardless of who appointed them, is there no one left to defend the Constitution and We the People?!

Thank you for letting me comment. I want to know what We the People can do to get this fixed. I pray. I write my legislators and those in other states. I re-post the truth about election fraud to every social media account (including those that censor and those that don't). I do not know what else I can do.

Thank you for keeping us informed with the truth. I have pulled the plug on MSM and refuse to watch it anywhere. You and a few other independent news sources are all I have. Please tell us what We the People can do other than watch it go down the drain. God bless you.

From the Gov:

Thank you so much for writing, Patti. I think your letter expresses very well what so many are feeling right now. If it seems to us that even the President of the United States can only stand and watch while the Republic circles the toilet bowl, we’re bound to feel truly powerless.

Democrats and the media (same thing) are trying 24/7 to make us think we’re crazy even to consider that there’s anything strange about the election results, let alone to believe we can do anything about it. Do you know where the term “gaslighting” comes from? It’s from an old Ingrid Bergman movie called GASLIGHT, in which the main character’s husband manipulates the environment around his wife to make her think she’s insane and powerless to maintain her grip on reality. It almost works.

The reason these tactics are so effective against this character, at least for a time, is that the victim is ALONE. She essentially has only one source of information, her husband –- no other way to tell what is real and what is not. This is why social media is trying so hard to cut off access to “outside” information about this election and the hearings going on now.

The idea is to isolate conservatives and expose them only to information that furthers the one permissible narrative. The covid lockdown helps perpetuate that sense of isolation, too.

Another part of the plan is to make you feel powerless and ready to just give up and go along. To "move on." They want you to think the current is too strong for you to swim against it. If you keep trying to resist, they’ll label you as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But millions of people, and even some brave news outlets, continue to swim strongly against that current.

So how does our main character come to realize she’s not crazy? SOMEONE ELSE enters the picture, figures out what is going on, and SHOWS the victim how she is being intentionally misled and that she is perfectly sane. This is what we can do for others who are slowly being worn down by the media and "cancel culture." What you are doing --- writing legislators, posting everywhere you can, ditching the MSM and finding alternatives, and even writing letters like this one --- is important, because this is how we remind each other that we are not crazy and we have eyes.

Surveys show that a large majority of those who voted for Trump believe the vote count is way off and that Trump really did win the election. (Even a surprising number of Democrats can see this.) Statisticians are saying the anomalies they've seen virtually guarantee that these results would not just happen. And now Bill O'Reilly, who strikes me as a hardened realist, agrees.

As more evidence comes to light, I think the chorus of doubters will grow, perhaps to encompass virtually everyone who supported the President. That’s 73 million people, just including the ones whose votes made the count.

Social media can’t isolate and indoctrinate 73 million people, not in America, though they might try. In fact, one study has shown that "fact-checking" can backfire, causing people to be more likely, not less, to believe something if social media plays nanny and tries to "correct" it.

That doesn’t mean Trump will prevail in the courts, though he might. It’s impossible to predict whether he will or not. There is a balance of power and the Constitution prescribes remedies for this situation that will give us an outcome, but not necessarily a good one. Trump might tweet angrily about what has happened, and complain to Maria Bartiromo about it, but he’s not about to overstep his authority the way Democrats love to tell us he will. That's just another lie from the left. Without a doubt, the real megalomaniacs dwell on the other side of the aisle.

So right now, we must leave it to the attorneys and let this situation play out.

As I’ve said before, Trump is providing a public service to the country he loves by forcing us to take a closer look at the institution of “The Vote.” Yes, it’s in his own interest, but it’s in our interest, too, and he's well aware of that. There have long been instances of “manipulation” in elections, but if the 2020 election really turns out to be what it looks like, we can’t have this level of anarchy and continue as a democratic republic. That’s how important this is.

And whether or not Trump gets another four years, we 73 million people will have had perhaps the biggest wake-up call of our lives.

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  • Dorothy Hensley

    12/08/2020 02:10 AM

    Our God tells us,"If my people,who are called by my name,shall humble themselves and pray,then I will hear from Heaven and answer their prayer." We must pray feverishly,fervently,pray without ceasing."Father, help our Nation,our President and the people to overcome,place our faith in you,Father,in the name of Jesus."

  • Bily Burney

    12/07/2020 06:41 PM

    Thanks gov for your comments. I am still holding out hope until after Dec 14 and Jan 22.This should wake people up.

  • mike hauck

    12/07/2020 12:57 AM

    i hope trump is able to win this some way im afraid that come january all hell is going to break loose no matter who wins i think we are destined for a civil war don’t think either side is going to just roll over to much at stake this time

  • Lisa Gauger

    12/06/2020 09:26 PM

    We are not without hope. Our Lord is in control. We must pray without ceasing and continue as the persistent widow in the Bible, who kept coming to the judge for justice, which he finally gave her because she was persistent. Do not give up. I listen every weekday morning to WarRoom Pandemic and become encouraged for the day. Keep praying America!

  • Vicki Zamudio

    12/06/2020 06:30 PM

    Governor I voted for you and your answer is good but the real question is if this criminal activity is not righted, then what do we do? 73 million people and our Constitution trampled, do we charge and fight? Where is our military leaders sworn to uphold the Constitution?

  • Wanda Alvarez

    12/06/2020 07:26 AM

    I do not understand a lot if politics but I read where the electorial college will meet on the 8th to decide the election,and will they see all the fraud but then I read the SCOTUS will decide the ekection. So I'm confused. And I did not think there was 307 electorial votes in the college I quit watching FOX, and I never watched the others I just watch Newsnax and you and OAN . Thank you

  • Robert Padovano

    12/05/2020 10:20 PM

    That's all well and good Mr Huckabee but if this stands then I can't see how the 73million will ever have a voice again. Steal one election and get away with it and they will steal all the rest. I say we need to DEFUND D.C...Stop paying out taxes to a corrupt government. That's how 73 million get heard and get results. They can't t arrest 73M people. The old Tea Party needs to get back to action and start a movement to DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT.

  • Louise Self

    12/05/2020 08:43 PM

    Thank you for your comments to Patti and ultimately all of us. We All pray for our POTUS and for our country. How can we ever criticise any other country for corruption with their elections if we can't be totally legal here. ?? I am keeping faith about that.

  • Robert Blaski

    12/05/2020 06:30 PM

    DON'T STOP PRAYING, PEOPLE! In the year preceding the 2016 election, the Reverend Franklin Graham visited each State Capitol (one per week) to rally God's people to pray that HIS will be done in the upcoming election. Hillary had 90 - 99% chance of entering the White House according to worldly predictions. God, apparently, had other plans. As in 2016, I believe God's children (worldwide!) are again pleading with The Almighty for another miracle!...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. -James 5:16 KJV

  • Darwin Drake

    12/05/2020 05:01 PM

    When the truth is so evident and yet denied you know this country is doomed. Deception has we the people so blind we can no longer tell right from wrong. We are making our God so angry he is going to punish us as never before been done. No wonder the U.S.A. isn't mentioned in Revelations! Looking long and hard at what is happening here in this country makes me beg for the Rapture!

  • Tammy McCormack

    12/05/2020 04:46 PM

    Patti.... THANK YOU for all you do!! As exhaisting and hopeless as it seems, Mike is right!! We need you.. we need us together!!! I have requested many many times for a library to be built of short bullet points of facts on different topics that the lying msm doesnt report on. A social media library we the people can pull from and repost!!! Topics ranging from credible fraud stats past and current, china, Ukraine, Trumps accomplishments, money saved & spent , socialism & Globalists, even the stimulus wasn't reported accurately ( abortion & museums etc) homeless drugs, ms13 etc etc. short points we can repost!! keep it up!! THANK YOU MIKE HUCKABEE!!

  • Darwin Drake

    12/05/2020 04:46 PM

    Mr. Trump has done more good for this country than any one president I can remember and I'm pushing 80 years. And he is doing it without a paycheck! And what has Mr Biden done? Not only does he take his paycheck but steals from the government by a number we may never totally know. Then there is the collusion with our enemies abroad, treason if ever there was any! The proof is there yet he faces no trial or punishment. This is the U.S.A.? Not anymore, we have been deceived so badly we cannot tell wrong from right anymore. I say Mr. Trump not only four more years but all the time it takes to drain the swamp and bring respect back to this great country of ours. We the people need to wake up and support him.

  • Eleanor Early

    12/05/2020 04:08 PM

    Thank you for being here for us bewildered people who are still scratching our heads wondering how a “landslide” election has come to this mud puddle of a mess to a man who has stayed in his “basement” the whole time only to come out like the prover able groundhog to sniff at the elements for a few minutes before going back into his hole! It was obvious that the few times he met with reporters he was already prepared to answer their questions that had already been instructed to be asked by the so called reporters!
    We were told before the election by Pelosi that “Trump would not be our President!” So, if this wasn’t an obvious statement of what was to be expected, then I’m full of beans!
    Im so disgusted with Barr as he could have come forth before the election & presented his findings , but no he & Lahmen (sp?) said not until after the election! So, go figure there!!!
    Praying God will reveal this wickedness & justice will be done.

  • Janet Maxwell

    12/05/2020 04:05 PM

    Praying for president Trump's and pence we need him, from what I have seen with the amount of parades, signs,flags,rallies,no way ,that he didn't have more votes then Biden, Democrats cheated big time

  • Dianne Fowler

    12/05/2020 04:02 PM

    Thank you Patti for your question and Governor Huckabee for your very informative answer. It is spot on, sir.

  • Johnny Owens

    12/05/2020 03:59 PM

    I agree with you...I want something done. No way Biden won and especially with the numbers they throw out.

  • Carla HURD

    12/05/2020 03:58 PM

    Government is FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND OF THE We THE PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL of our Government, 73 million people need to remember that but God is still in control and He is not done yet.

  • Judy F Nottingham

    12/05/2020 03:56 PM

    Agree. Praying continually for our nation. We have been asleep snd the enemy ( while we were sleeping), infiltrated our homes, schools, churches, colleges, and government entities. We have a generation who knows nothing about history of America and many who think the government is to care for them. We need to get back to reality, bring back trade schools that can give many a trade in order to provide for themselves. True Americans desire to work for their Keri.

  • Tracey C. Santowski

    12/05/2020 03:55 PM

    This was a good read; however, if our Democracy allows this to happen, then it's time for a Revolution! Freedom from this type of anarchy is the very reason this Nation was formed and it was formed by fighting for our rights! It's time to fight again and many are saying this. We can't be heard by the media or even our Representatives, so it's time to find another way to be heard!

  • joyce gilkerson

    12/05/2020 03:49 PM

    pleas DEAR LORD you have been our inspiration from the day TRUMP became president and we pray ;that now is more important than ever to beg you from your hand again in bringing this troubling election to light and bring out the crocked democrats who are trying to ruin our blessed country . we want to keep this country free and safe from harm, and right now only YOU and Donald trump can do it

  • Pauline Cribbs

    12/05/2020 03:41 PM

    I feel exactly the same as Patti. I feel like we are being lied to and being cheated out of the election, that we know we won. I repost every chance I get to let everyone know how I feel. Thank you very much for all you are doing to get the truth out in the open. We have to stand up and be counted or we will all go down together. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  • Crystal Porter

    12/05/2020 03:39 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I was curious to know in the case of the Democrats running the clock out to stop our wonderful president Trump, can he implement Martial Law to step over this poor attempt to steal this election so he can prove he is the winner, the one us true American Patriots voted for???

  • Annie Thorn

    12/05/2020 03:36 PM

    I am praying and shari g. Parler is a Republican leaning social media platform. I have veen keeping up on there and sharing some to Face Book.

  • Frances Slaughter

    12/05/2020 03:32 PM

    I also share this persons frustrations. I have watched and heard some of the key states briefings where there are those with evidence of fraud and irregularities. To many of them to be ignored. Are these judges blind to the fact that it needs to be thoroughly investigated. If we lose this election, I believe we lose our God given liberties and Freedom. Our country will never be the same. It will turn into a socialist/communist third world country. People we can't let this happen. We have to fight like our lives depend on it, because in the end it really does odd. God Bless America

  • Lori Ratterman

    12/05/2020 03:31 PM

    I have sent information with regard to an absentee ballot request FROM the State of Georgia... a state in which SHE HAS NEVER LIVED!!!!... to my Congressman here in Ohio, to the White House, and several others. And NO ONE has responded! I am terribly disappointed by this!

    This action alone is perfidious in nature and proves a LOT... IMHO!