April 29, 2020


Even in California, people can only take so much Big Nanny Government. Over the weekend, an estimated 40,000 shut-ins fled their houses and went to Newport Beach. State officials are threatening to close the beach on weekends because, as Gov. Gavin Newsom put it, California “can only keep flattening the curve if we stay home and practice physical distancing.”

Two points about that: first, “flattening the curve” was something that was supposed to be done to insure the cases didn’t peak early before there were medical resources in place to handle it. It worked. But it was supposed to be a two-to-three-week process. You can’t keep a virus from spreading indefinitely by ordering everybody to hide behind locked doors indefinitely.

Second, take a look at the photo of that “crowded” beach. The people look to me as if they are keeping a safe distance from each other. In fact, getting some fresh air and UV rays in the warm sunshine might be a lot healthier for fighting the virus than staying inside and breathing recirculated air.

I realize it goes against every instinct of “progressive” California politicians to trust the people to have enough sense to act responsibly on their own. But if they don’t lighten up and start letting people get back to doing their jobs and living their lives, those Californians may soon be sunning themselves on a Texas beach, like so many other former Californians already are.


(NOTE: The original version of my Evening Edition had an incorrect number of highway deaths because our source mistakenly quoted the global death number, not the US number. We corrected it and own up to the mistake because we’re not CNN.) 

The corrected paragraph is here:

Personally, I might have pointed out that each year, over 38,000 Americans die in car accidents, which means that over Obama’s eight-year term, over 5 times as many Americans were slaughtered on the highways as died in Vietnam, and he did nothing to prevent it. I look forward to Ms Nuzzi’s article in New York Magazine calling for Obama to be brought up on war crimes charges because over 300,000 people died violently while he was in office.

And if you missed yesterday's Evening Edition, you can read it here>>>


New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio seems to be shooting for a new world record for double standards. While imposing draconian crackdowns and snitch hotlines on residents who leave their homes, he’s been spotted traveling miles to his favorite gym (nobody else is allowed to go to the gym) and taking a walk with his wife in a park 11 miles from his home, which is near a park. This went over as well as you’d expect with New Yorkers…

But even more disturbing than his “do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do” leadership is his double standard on respecting religious freedom. First, he threatened that any churches or synagogues that held services would be closed down “permanently” – not just until the lockdown ended, but “permanently.” It didn’t go unnoticed that he didn’t include mosques in that threat. Next, he announced that the city would provide 500,000 free halal meals to poor Muslims who couldn’t go to their mosques during Ramadan – fine in itself, but there was grumbling about the deference to Islam after the unconstitutional threat to churches and synogogues.

Now, despite DeBlasio’s Ramadan claim that "This is a place that truly believes in equality, something that is a profound New York City value," he’s once again threatening the city’s Jewish community, this time with arrest for violating “social distancing” rules by attending a funeral for a revered Rabbi in Brooklyn.

Critics are not defending the violation of social distancing, but they are alarmed at DeBlasio's language, at the way he repeatedly defaults to harsh criticism and threats of arrest and other strict government reprisals when he’s talking about Jews, but not other ethnic or religious groups.

DeBlasio was already under fire for appointing his wife to head a “coronavirus racial inequality task force.” If she’s looking for examples of discrimination in how the coronavirus is being handled, she could start by gazing across her own dinner table.


What do you want to bet that the media now drop this once highly-flogged story like a red hot potato?


I hope you’ll join me in praying for the victims (and their families) in what is now the deadliest virus outbreak in a longterm care facility in the US. Eighty veterans have died at Holyoke Soldiers’ Home in Massachusetts, and another 82 veterans and 81 staffers have tested positive. It’s under investigation to determine how it spread so quickly and if this was related to inferior care for veterans. It needs to be investigated and improvements made immediately, but all of us also need to be praying for all those who are still fighting this terrible disease.


Chinese citizens who tried to preserve accurate history of the coronavirus outbreak are being censored, put under surveillance and arrested. I’d ask Bill Gates what he thinks about that, but he might find it to be a distraction from not holding China accountable.


One of the problems with the media reflexively attacking and ridiculing everything that President Trump says is that when their flurry of faux outrage finally dissipates, people often realize that (A.) Trump didn’t actually say what they claimed; and (B.) Trump was right, or at least a lot closer to being right than the people who smugly claim he’s always all wrong about everything are.

For instance, like screeching that there’s “no evidence whatsoever” that UV light could kill a virus in the body. In fact, it’s already used to disinfect airliners and meat-packing plants, and a biotech company is testing an experimental method of using it inside the body.


Just as the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden from 1993 is starting to heat up (despite the best efforts of the compliant media to pour ice water on it), Hillary Clinton chose the worst possible moment to throw her full support behind Biden. And stunningly, she did it as part of a “women’s forum” for Biden.

The alleged “champion of women” is rather radioactive when it comes to this issue, since stories about her own husband and about her allegedly brutal way of dealing with women who accused him were never dealt with in the last election. They were swept under the rug, but that was about as effective in making people forget about them as shoving 20 pounds of fish under the rug and hoping nobody notices the smell. You could even be forgiven upon hearing that Hillary offered her aid to Biden if you wondered if that meant aid in intimidating his accuser into silence.

That gorilla-in-the-room did not go unnoticed by Biden’s accuser.

But as bad as all this smells, it should be noted that it’s still a he said/she said story and Biden deserves the due process and presumption of innocence that he and many of his ardent supporters refused to accord to Brett Kavanaugh or other people who aren’t part of their political tribe. Biden shouldn’t be assumed guilty, but his supporters can be assumed guilty of blatant hypocrisy.

So for that reason, I will not cite this accusation as a reason not to vote for Biden for President. Instead, I’ll point you to this article by Stephen Green of PJ Media, in which he offers multiple other reasons why neither Republicans, Libertarians, Progressives or even just decent human beings should vote for Biden for President.

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  • Carol Schwin

    05/01/2020 12:55 PM

    Mr. Huckabee...we enjoy watching your program every Sat. night on TBN. You have such a refreshing, humorous, and honest way of addressing the news! Your article today hits the nail on the head! Keep on bringing the news to us, as only you can do!

  • Lawana Waters

    04/30/2020 08:43 PM

    Mike, I read the article by Stephen Green of PJ Media that you linked to. I also read an article that Green linked to in his list of reasons why Biden is unfit for the Presidency. It was about how Biden has lied about the truck driver who was involved in the accident that killed Biden's first wife and little girl. Biden has falsely said the other driver "drank his lunch" or something to that effect, giving the impression that his wife was the victim of a drunk driver, when the accident was her fault and the driver tried to render aid to her and the baby. I have to question why someone in the conservative media hasn't covered this lie by Biden? He impugned the name of a man who, according to his daughter, was haunted by this until he died in 1999.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/30/2020 01:57 PM

    Boy is having Hillary show up to give support as good as Santa Claus ????

  • Gail Denham

    04/30/2020 12:42 PM

    When do you think people of the U.S. - the citizens who supposedly elected these CONTROLLING politicians changing and re-changing their shut down orders - and doing nefarious deeds such as DeBlazio has done with religious confinement - learn? Right now, socialism has begun. People, like sheep, are blindly obeying - being scared to death. I mourn with everyone for these awful deaths where the relatives could not even go to see the ones sick - it makes me sick - but do these politicians fail to realize that we all have brains - we have intelligence - we think and consider and care.??? We now have enough equipment to treat sick people. Now...let's become America again.

  • Ric Glenn

    04/30/2020 11:04 AM

    Governor, I have become so overwhelmed with all the double standards and hostility of today's press and politicians that I very seldom watch any news or read the headline stories. Even sports reporting is beginning to filter this crap into their stories. When will it end? To that end, I read your newsletter regularly and am impressed with the way you report the news. Your opinion on every story line is backed up by facts as well as links to outside sources so we can read for ourselves and form our own opinions. Your writings and opinions allow us to think for ourselves and are not "forced" down our throats as with mainstream media. What a fresh approach and I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work and stay on the case. We need more people like you on the hunt for truth.

  • Gail L Turnbull

    04/30/2020 10:56 AM

    Give a Democrat an inch, they take a mile... or two... or ten. Abortion was ligitimized by Roe vs. Wade for first trimester abortions specifically and exclusively. Now Blackface, KKK Northam in VA is legitimizing "aborting" killing babies while the "mother" is in labor... so sick. And KKK Blackface Northam who is a pediatric neurosurgeon... is fine "making a born alive abortion victim comfortable" while medical professionals and the mother neglect it to death. The abortion industry... i.e., Democrats, liberals, death ideology leftists... have taken at least ten miles from the inch the Supreme Court gave. Allthat said, Leftist Democrat Governors, like Virginia's are taking miles of liveral ideological ground, from the inch necessitated from the Chinese Pandemic virus of 2019.

  • dorothea jacobsen

    04/30/2020 10:16 AM

    Thank you Mike for all you do for God and country.
    Please can someone ask Mr. Alex Azar to get all info that's available on Chem-trails - the spraying of chemicals (Barium, Strontium, Aluminum, and bacterial fluids over humanity and our soils) in experiments to deflect sun-light and diminish global warming.
    This has been called the greatest crime against humanity. (globalskywatch.com) Massive disinformation has prevented the prohibiting of experiments in the skies by judiciaries.
    This affects everyone's breathing, and rivers and soil for spring planting now starting (in MA)
    At this time of national crisis, we at senior housing are delivered foods, and some of us want to plant seeds, grow veggies...but if planes are making criss-cross patterns of streaks in the sky as they did again yesterday, what can we do??? - and they are not "contrails!!!!". Please ask the President to issue an Exec. Order to "ban experiments in our skies to add further protection or a vulnerable populace." Thank you for reading this and doing what you can do, about it, asap. Dorothea Jacobsen

  • Joyce Birch

    04/30/2020 10:15 AM

    I read your newsletters daily & I like your opinion & look forward to all the top news of the day. Sometimes I just can't comment on some of the stupid people doing stupid things.
    I have a brother-in-law who lives in GA & is a total confirmed Democrat. We had a heated discussion the other day (thank God we only talk once a month). He flipped out when I said that I don't believe the Feds should bail out the states who are facing bankruptcy. I said look at CT, we never really recovered from 2008. We do have huge differences on politics. He hates Trump with a passion & has so many names for him, not nice. But, we always end the conversation with "I love you & stay safe."
    Nothing nice to say about DeBlasio, Newsom, or Biden, except they a leftist Democats (stupidty at it's best).

  • Klaus J Christoph

    04/30/2020 07:53 AM

    I wonder how many of those beach goers defying the stay at home order keep voting for Democrats.

  • Sandra Weaver

    04/30/2020 05:34 AM

    Good for Californians. Fresh air is the best for a healthy body.

  • Eddie Byrn

    04/30/2020 03:22 AM

    Most of our dear "leaders" are totalitarians and their masks are off.

  • Susan Barker

    04/30/2020 02:01 AM

    I live in So California and so upset with Newsom and his over reach! We need help to dispose of him and his tyranny ! I feel we are so oppressed with no help from Feds.

  • Frank Remski

    04/29/2020 11:52 PM

    The posture of Mayor Bill DeBlasio is obvious. He is more afraid of the Muslims than he is of Covid-19. Hence he plays up to the Muslims. In addition, his disdain of Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, and Conservative Jews is based on his promotion of abortion. Which kills more every year than all of the viruses.

    In my view, the abortion industry is based on law implemented through lies. If the same politicians who are being funded by it would have to pay for supporting it personally instead of passing the bill to taxpayers through public funding, then the industry would starve. Pelosi promising that she would hold up further temporary protection of workers until she had billions added for abortion support is further indication of how far the socialist democratic party has sunk.

  • Paul Moe

    04/29/2020 11:41 PM

    Thank you Mike for pointing out the obvious nonsense that we are dealing with here in California.
    Would you consider coming to be our governor? California needs solid leadership! Help!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Avellino

    04/29/2020 11:35 PM

    Hello Gov Huckabee...
    They (Gov Newsom) are closing our beaches in Calif and even parking areas so we cannot even sit in our cars and get fresh air at least. They are taking away our Constitutional rights and we're done!!! Also, reports are that the virus dies in warm weather...is an avg of 75 deg not warm??? If they were reasonable, I'm sure we would be more reasonable as well.
    Thanks for listening...God bless!!

  • Carol Mulshine

    04/29/2020 10:57 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    Please watch video - Mike Adams asap. & Tell President Trump.


  • Lee B.

    04/29/2020 10:55 PM

    I thought you might be interested in an article about Napa art gallery owners who have announced plans to reopen their art gallery in defiance of a county closure order. See the article at this link: https://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/napa-art-gallery-owners-announce-plan-to-reopen-defying-a-county-closure-order/article_84d35706-f548-5631-b01c-0a9cdfaf5e4f.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share

  • Donald Endicott

    04/29/2020 10:40 PM

    From the time Biden announced his run I have not even considered voting for him becau8se he would not be a good leader for the U.S. President Trump has accomplished so much we need him for another term to get the pandemic closed and the economy and the other areas he has improved going again.

  • Carmen Price

    04/29/2020 09:14 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    If I still lived in California, I would be at the beach every day, my old house had no AC and the beach was not to far to drive. Good for the 40K who enjoyed the beaches.
    Hey, did you hear with the Governor of Calif. did? He bought 1 billion $$$$ worth of masks from a car company (going out of business) in China, yup, signed the dotted line. But no one knows if the masks ever arrived, that's 5 million masks produced daily! What a dork.............glad I don't live there any more.
    And I am sure you have heard about the files that have just come out on how Gen. Flynn was blind sighted and how the FBI targeted him back in 2016, that should curl your hair! Did mine, how can the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world have that much power and get away with it, really bad.
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV


    04/29/2020 09:11 PM

    Hello, Just want to say that I enjoy your comments on what is really going on.
    So, Thank you!

  • Mona Kramer

    04/29/2020 09:04 PM

    can not open everything up ASAP. Almost everyone I talk to think we are being "at least stupid" not to use the guidelines ---- open up and get back to normal.

    This can never be the way we treat diseases again!!!! Shutting down the whole country was too drastic. As I have said before, everywhere I went the businesses were following the guidelines and they were shut down anyway. What was the point!

    If the Grocery and Hardware stores can be open and the virus is being held flat, why can't everyone be open. I need a haircut - starters.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    04/29/2020 09:02 PM

    Thank You for being a sane voice in an insane world BECAUSE of, in my opinion, A media that is suffering from Cabin Fever of their own making. Explanation. 90+% of ALL TV originates in NYC or to a smaller degree Washington D.C. ( The Left Coast is just a repeater station for the 'Center of the Universe' NYC. The propaganda Arm of the Dim Wits are like a room full of Soccer Moms holding a meeting to determine next weeks agenda and a LONE Football Mom joins in. I think even the lowest I.Q. can see the outcome. The Football Mom is NEVER going to be invited to the "A" List cocktail parties (aka pat yourself on the back drinking sessions) and will be ostracized as non conformist or persona non grata. Nobody likes to be a pariah so it's Go Along to Get Along or become an independent blogger. Even normally reliable Fox News penchant for the truth has fallen prey to the "Media Virus". The upcoming election would, in a NORMAL world, be a slam dunk for the R Party. But because over 90% of the media still have their knickers in a wad over being wrong and ALLOWING trump to be elected and will do anything to make sure their mistake is atoned for so the public can believe them again??? Stupid Is as Stupid Does.

  • Kent McDaniel

    04/29/2020 08:56 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Please don’t encourage any more Californians to come to Texas. We already have too many! They bring their liberal mindset with them. Thank You, and keep up the good work.

  • Robert M. Abarno

    04/29/2020 08:55 PM

    There is no link to the article by Stephen Green of PJ Media referenced in tonight’s Evening Edition.

  • Bonnie & MARVIN

    04/29/2020 08:53 PM

    I read somewhere that Abraham Lincoln, himself, had manic depressive disorder. Typical is it not an opportunity for a psychiatrist that had never seen this person to make a diagnosis of him. Mental diagnosis are not helpful to an individual. It does not teach them nor train them to deal properly with issues to be categorized. >>> Actually I am not sure it is right for a doctor to diagnose at trials. The situation should be whether or not a person is guilty of a particular issue not what diagnosis is made a doctor. EDUCATION & BEING A DOCTOR DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO DIAGNOSE PEOPLE THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN. So his behavior or her behavior was baffling----?????? Trials without juries and juries without trials & without the individual knowing what they are suppose to have done is the way that our President has been tried. As for me I will support his right to have proper representation and proper knowledge of what it is he is suppose to have done. The WORD says---if your brother offends you go to him, -----and I believe the reason you are suppose to go to a person is because it gives the person the opportunity to say---I DID NOT DO THAT. I LOVE AMERICA, BONNIE PARVINO