May 14, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Senate Judiciary Committee addresses Comey "contradictions"-- Mark Harris wins -- Circumventing the Electoral College -- Finding Peter -- Political correctness destroys the Boy Scouts -- Evening Edition - May 10 - Daily Proverb

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On April 26 of this year, former FBI Director James Comey told FOX News’ Bret Baier that he did not believe and had not said to lawmakers that the two FBI agents who had interviewed former national security advisor Michael Flynn didn’t think he intentionally lied.

But on March 15, 2017, Comey told a Senate Judiciary panel that the FBI agents who had interviewed Michael Flynn didn’t think he intentionally lied. According to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the committee, Comey also led them to believe that the Justice Department was unlikely to charge Flynn with making false statements during his FBI interview on January 24, 2017.

Also on March 15, 2017, Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that that the two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not detect physical signs of deception, according to a report released earlier this month. That report also quoted former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe as saying “the two people who interviewed (Flynn) didn’t think he was lying.” McCabe added that this lack of apparent deception “was not (a) great beginning of a false statement case.”


Mike Huckabee

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Mark Harris wins

By Mike Huckabee

In all the analysis of Tuesday’s Senate primary races, one interesting development got overlooked: in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district, former megachurch pastor Mark Harris defeated incumbent Rep. Robert Pittenger for the Republican nomination. At the link, Harris explains why he thinks it’s important for pastors to get involved in politics, and a spokesman for a group that promotes that idea explains how pastor-candidates could make a huge impact in 2020 with their massive grassroots support base.

Of course, there are those who say that religious believers have no place in government (we’ve seen that with some of the attacks on Trump’s Cabinet nominees). But as the article points out, the Founders would never have tolerated such an unconstitutional religious litmus test. According to the Pew Research Center, there were at least nine ministers in the Continental Congress, and six in the first US Congress, when there were only 91 members total.



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Circumventing the Electoral College

By Mike Huckabee

Connecticut just became the 11th liberal state (plus the District of Columbia) to pass a law requiring that its presidential electors vote for the candidate that wins the national popular vote. The idea is that if the movement can get states representing 270 electors (they currently have 170), it will be enough to tip every presidential race to the winner of the national majority.

Naturally, this is one more manifestation of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that’s gripped the left ever since Hillary Clinton blew an election that they somehow believed was hers by divine right. The movement would likely be challenged and overturned on Constitutional grounds, since it’s a deliberate attempt to circumvent the Electoral College, which the founders created to insure we would not have a tyranny of the majority in which the most densely populated states crushed the interests of rural states. But putting aside the worse-than-questionable constitutionality of it, it also shows a complete lack of historical perspective and of how elections work.

I’ve explained this before, but one more time for the slow-of-hearing: the fact that Hillary Clinton won a bigger share of the popular vote than Trump is utterly meaningless. That’s because it wasn’t a popular vote election. As Al Gore tried to remind Democrats when polls showed he might win the electoral vote but not the popular vote, “This is not a popularity contest” (later, he decided it was, but that’s another story.)

Having run two presidential campaigns, I can assure you that vast amounts of planning, effort and money are directed toward a strategy of piling up those 270 electoral votes. Every decision, from where to hold rallies to what kind of ads to prepare and where to run them, is based on winning electoral votes state by state, not the biggest chunk of the national popular vote. If that mattered, then the campaigns would have been run entirely differently and the vote totals would have been very different. Hillary’s winning popular margin came from California and New York, where Trump didn't bother campaigning and many Republicans probably didn’t even bother to vote because – and I’ll say it one more time – it didn’t make any difference!

The only thing we learned from Hillary’s efforts to run up her vote total in safe states while ignoring or insulting swing states where the battle is won is that we’re darn lucky she’s not in the White House planning our military strategies.

Another thing about the ginned-up outrage over the Electoral College is that people only voice it when their candidate loses a close race due to it. They never seem to look at it from a wider perspective than “I’m mad right now!” Right now, they’re mad because Hillary lost, so they want to change the law and undermine the Electoral College for the rest of eternity. They don’t consider that it would give candidates even less reason to bother campaigning in a small state like Connecticut. Besides, if Connecticut’s lawmakers had stopped to research what this law would have done if they’d passed it 50 years ago, maybe they wouldn’t have been so quick to toss the Founders’ genius into the trash can.

Looking back at every presidential race from Reagan-Carter in 1980 to 2012, we find that the popular vote in Connecticut went to the eventual winner of the national popular vote anyway, in every contest but one. So in most races, this new law would have made no difference at all. The only time it would have was in 2004. Connecticut voted heavily for John Kerry, but under this new law, their electoral votes would have gone to the national popular vote winner: George W. Bush.

All you Connecticut liberals still think this was such a great idea for promoting democracy?


Finding Peter

By Mike Huckabee

Even as atheists ramp up their attacks on the Bible as nothing but fairy tales, new archeological discoveries continue to prove that it’s as much a history text as a spiritual guide. And the story of one of the most important discoveries has now been revealed in a new book, “The Fisherman’s Tomb: The True Story of the Vatican’s Secret Search.”

It brings together an unlikely cast of characters: author John O’Neill (once the leader of the Swift Boat Veterans’ opposition to John Kerry) reveals how a philanthropic Catholic oil man from Texas anonymously funded a secret 75-year search for the remains of the Apostle Peter -- and how a pioneering female archeologist and agnostic, after much internal Church dispute and political intrigue, eventually found his bones in the Vatican, and found religious faith in the bargain. It’s being described as a real-life combination of Indiana Jones, Tom Clancy and “The DaVinci Code.”

O’Neill says despite modern skepticism about whether Christ or His teachings were real, the discovery proves that as early as the 1st and 2nd century, there was a strong Christian underground in Rome, defying oppression and penalty of death to carve their beliefs into rock just 400 yards from the Emperor’s palace.

He said the book shows, “The truth is, there really was a Peter. There really was a Jesus. Peter really was killed. His body was actually buried right there on Vatican Hill after Nero killed him by crucifying him upside down. The guys that believed in him buried him there, and they began under threat of their lives to scratch prayers and the things they believed. That all really did happen in the 1st century.”


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Political correctness destroys the Boy Scouts

By Mike Huckabee

It’s become painfully obvious that the “progressive,” PC, “social justice warrior” left ruins everything it touches, from sex to the NFL to late night comedy. Now, add to the list the Boy Scouts. Oh, sorry: just “the Scouts.” Having spent the past few years pushing boys to the back of their priority list as they admitted gay Scoutmasters, transgender Scouts and girls, the organization announced last week that it was finally dropping the icky, toxically masculine word “Boy” from its name. This was allegedly a move to make the Scouts more “inclusive,” to help boost declining membership. Well, that sure worked.

The Mormon Church, whose members account for one-fifth of Scout membership, stood by the organization through all the controversies, but this was the last straw. The church announced that it’s severing ties with the Scouts, which could result in a loss to the Scouts of 425,000 members over the next two years. Too bad there’s not a merit badge for Self-Destructive Appeasement.



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Evening Edition - May 10

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Proverb

"My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother." - Proverbs 1:8

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