June 3, 2017

I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Kathy Griffin again, since she feeds off of attention like bottom-feeder fish suck up algae. And how could I possibly mock her histrionic press conference in a way that would be worse than its own self-mockery? (The Trump family “bullied” her by getting upset when she posed for a photo holding up a mock, bloody, severed head of the President; people wouldn’t be criticizing her if she were a man – wow, she really has learned a lot from Hillary; it’s an outrage that she’s had to endure nasty Internet comments – Hello! You’re KATHY GRIFFIN! Mean, nasty personal comments about celebrities are what paid for your mansion in Bel Air.)

Don’t believe for a second that this has really harmed her career. A few shows are being canceled now, but this is just political kabuki theater. It took her all of 24 hours to go from contrite apologies to playing the victim, and within a few weeks at most, her hardcore liberal fans who are equally “broken” by Trump Derangement Syndrome will be lining up to buy tickets to show their support for their martyred heroine. The cynical and tasteless stunt will have worked, at least for her. If she really cared about politics and the direction of America, she would have considered that she was handing Republicans a perfect tool on a silver platter to illustrate to voters why today’s emotionally unhinged liberals can’t be trusted with government power, or even sharp objects. And the GOP is already starting to use that tool.



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  • Marie Chadwell

    06/09/2017 12:50 PM

    Ms. Griffin has acted like the other mentally deranged people who think violence portrayed as humor is what we all agree with. Her hatred of a person is NOT funny and trying to take down the office he holds is NOT funny. Most of these young, uncontrolled protesters are not idealistic, but just mentally unstabe with their repertoire of worthless insults and physical violence. They say they feel the same as Kathy and she encourages their stupidity with her actions. It's obvious she wanted publicity, which she did get. Mrs. Trump is correct in questioning Ms. Griffin's mental stability.

  • Annita Louise Whisman-Rackley

    06/04/2017 02:41 AM

    Governor Huckabee, Sir, your post captures the very essence of the harpy called Kathy Griffin. The droll way you frame her as one of this year's most disturbed demon-ocratic crones is both clever and sage. Does the dizzy dame's red head contain grey matter that has been drenched too thoroughly with lysergic acid diethylamide? One could analogize her abomination to the bedlam of the guillotine-happy French during the primitive peak of their bloody revolution. I referenced the French folly in a previous post, and the analogy also fits Bloody Kathy's recent voodoo dead-on. History records that during the French La Terreur, women actually brought their knitting to occupy them between beheadings. When a society accepts gore as comical entertainment and considers children as fair game, some part of the human soul has been extinguished.

  • christine giannini

    06/03/2017 09:32 PM

    her antics have disgraced the USA, especially women, everywhere. Jesus forgave and I will too; but, an Elephant never forgets.

  • M.James

    06/03/2017 09:26 PM

    Enough exposure has been given to Kathy Griffin, Hillary Clinton and too many others to list. The hate mongers need to leave the USA and surrender their passports at arrival to their new host country.

  • Nancy Capps

    06/03/2017 08:15 PM

    As much as I dislike hearing more about this vile person, sometimes you have to call out the leftist cupcakes over their insanity and hypocrisy. It's a tough job, but you do it so well. Love reading the newsletter every day.

  • Sally parker goulis

    06/03/2017 07:37 PM

    From what I'm reading quite a few on the Liberal left are disgusted with her too.

  • Eva Echols Ghazi

    06/03/2017 07:04 PM

    Kathy Griffin is on record as saying that she was going after not only President Trump but Barron, as well. From what I can find, she said this on Dec. 16,2016. There is a bizarre quality to not only the image of her holding the severed head of President Trump in effigy, but of the video of her, seemingly unhinged and wearing no make-up, spouting about how she'd gone too far with the stunt and was so, so sorry. She THEN appears with Lisa Bloom, an attorney(daughter of Gloria Allred- the apple don't fall far from the tree) and seems to FLIP from being sorry about going too far showing her holding the head of the president bloody and beheaded ISIS style, to, get this: defiant and rationalizing that since she's a comic, it's ok to attack the first family and expose Barron, an 11 yr. old, to images that are extremely traumtizing. Those images were everywhere for a couple of days. They were on every channel. My own kids saw them and we're disturbed by them!
    During her "press conference", She was asked by the very first reporter to respond to her public statements from December that her plan was to "go at Trump; go at Barron". That's when Lisa Bloom stated that it's up to people to decide what we view and allow in our homes, that comics don't have to clean it up so it's good for everyone to see.

    It's time for everyone to turn off the garbage. I'm turning off my TV. I'm not allowing anymore of this sick nonsense in my home. Lisa Bloom, I'm taking your advice. I will, however, go to social media, etc...and let my opinion be known and that is this : we, the taxpayers have had enough. We've had enough of the government's "do nothing-cost billions" agenda. It seems the politicians are mostly sold out to special interests and people like Hillary Clinton are morally & ethically bankrupt, as well. They've all gotten filthy, stinking rich at the cost of the poor ole' hard working middle class. Guess what? We're paying attention, now. We'll show up on election day. We're going to be asking questions. We better be getting some answers, not more of Kathy Griffin's blubbering nonsense.

  • Trudy Tedder

    06/03/2017 07:02 PM

    I agree - it's only a matter of time before everyone moves on to something else. Personally, I haven't watched anything Jane Fonda's been in since the Vietnam war and I regularly boycott sponsors whose commercials are offensive. And I let them know. My kids didn't eat at Carl's Jr. for years!

    I never have been a Kathy Griffin fan - I wouldn't go see her show even if it was free.

    Thanks for your posts.

  • Kim nosco

    06/03/2017 06:40 PM

    She is pathetic along with the rest of the miserable liberals ???? I wish you were back on TV!