January 17, 2018

Fox News host Lisa Boothe points out the obvious recurring narrative over the past year: every time there is good news that reflects well on Trump, Democrats and the media gin up an outrage storm over some unsourced leak that reinforces their narrative that Trump is crazy or racist. I’d add a corollary to that: you can tell how good the news is by how overblown the ensuing ginned-up outrage is. Between the booming economy, the Dow topping 26,000, record-low unemployment rates (including for minorities) and Trump’s speech and Congressional meeting shattering the “Trump is moronic and demented” narratives, it’s no wonder the poor potty-mouthed NeverTrumpers at CNN had to say “bleep-hole” on live TV nearly 200 times in one day while calling Trump a racist, Nazi, KKK-leading terrorist to balance it out.

Rule of thumb: when you see leftists having that hysterical a meltdown over what a Republican President is doing, it must be really fantastic news for America.


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