September 26, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Republicans craft DACA alternative-- DeVos retracts Obama guidance letter-- Teacher hero  -- Supreme Court Comments -- Travel ban expanded -- News Bits 

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President Trump gave Congress six months to come up with a Constitutional alternative to DACA, and three Republican Senators already have a proposal. The SUCCEED Act tries to strike a balance between the far-right position (“Deport them all!”) and the far-left position (“Make them all citizens, and all their relatives and pets, too!”)

It would apply only to those brought to the US before age 16 by illegal immigrant parents, before mid-2012. They would have to meet a number of strict criteria over a couple of decades to work their way up from conditional permanent resident status to a green card to applying for citizenship. The sponsors expect to be slammed by the extremes on both sides, but hope to find enough support in the middle to pass the plan. I guess that, like Obamacare repeal, that will largely depend on whether the people who say they want to replace it really want a replacement more than they want an issue to run for reelection on.


Mike Huckabee



DeVos retracts Obama guidance letter

By Mike Huckabee

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is being hailed in some quarters and vilified in others for retracting the Obama “guidance letter” to colleges that resulted in students who were accused of sexual assault being assumed guilty and having their due process rights stripped away. I know this is an issue around which passions are high – and despite the false claims of feminists, every conservative male I know thinks that men guilty of rape should face punishment so severe, I won’t even describe it here (but it involves power tools). Still, that should come only after the accused is proven guilty. How can it possibly be considered controversial, especially among liberals, simply to guarantee everyone a fair hearing and basic due process rights? And yet, it now is. Wasn’t this one of the things liberals fought so hard against when it was being done to young black males in the last century?

But if there is a “rape culture” on campus – or at least, a culture of binge drinking and unsupervised libertine behavior – maybe college administrators should start taking some responsibility for policing it themselves.


Teacher hero

By Mike Huckabee

Last Wednesday, a student at Mattoon, Illinois, High School brought a shotgun into the cafeteria and opened fire, wounding another teen in the chest and arm. But just as happened Sunday at the church in Tennessee, one person heroically intervened to stop it. Math and phys. ed teacher Angela McQueen wasn’t armed, but she had taken training in how to respond to an active shooter. She knew to target his ability to aim, so she knocked the gun barrel up toward the ceiling then took him down, possibly saving countless lives.

Her mother credits her daughter’s Christian upbringing for her refusal to just stand by and let another Sandy Hook happen. She said she taught Angela that “Satan makes a mess and God cleans it up. Angela was there to clean up Satan’s mess.”

Better not let the school know that she was exercising her religious faith on school grounds. Many school officials these days enforce no religion, gun-free zones and not fighting back. We’ve seen how well that works, and now we’ve seen how strong faith, well-prepared confrontation and concealed carry permits work. Personally, when the bullets start flying, I’ll take the latter.


Travel ban expanded

By Mike Huckabee

Despite rabid criticism and lawsuits, President Trump is not only not caving in on his restrictions on immigrants from five terrorism-plagued nations, he just added three new nations to the list: North Korea, Venezuela and Chad. It’s not clear how many North Koreans would be able to leave even we let them come here, but that’s not the issue. And critics who accuse Trump of just wanting to keep Muslims out will have a harder time making that case about North Korea and Venezuela.



Supreme Court comments

By Mike Huckabee

The Supreme Court seems to think that because appeals take so long that President Trump’s initial travel ban that was blocked by federal judges is expiring, there’s no need for them to weigh in on it. Yes, there is, unless they intend to rule definitively in the next appeal that federal judges can’t usurp the explicit Constitutional power of Presidents to enforce national security.

By the way, if they need any more evidence of the intellectual bankruptcy of the challenges to Trump’s travel orders, note the baffling claim by a CAIR rep that Trump is just trying to cover up the fact that his latest travel order is a discriminatory anti-Muslim ban by including nations that have no Muslims whatsoever.


News Bits

The New York Times’ new motto: “All the news that’s fit to print, unless it reflects badly on the left.”



History trivia: guess who was the first American to know that Stalin had died. No, guess again. Try again…



News all fliers can use: the four letters on your boarding pass that mean “brace for being groped and delayed.”



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  • Jenny Bergan-Gray

    09/27/2017 01:24 AM

    It is Completely Disrespectful to not, to Not Salute and Honor your American Flag!!! It is disrespectful to our Veterans and Christians All over the United States of America!!! Our Country was built upon God and Government. But now Christians are the trampled-upon and now WE haven't any rights!!! What the Hell is going on?? We are being snuffed out and have to look for the "rainbow" people. C'Mon!!??