May 23, 2019

In the latest development regarding the Steele “dossier,” ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes of California has sent a letter to President Trump asking him to talk with British Prime Minister Theresa May about her country’s role in spying on American citizens working for the Trump campaign. He’s even put together a helpful list of questions for the President to ask her during his upcoming visit to the U.K.


Nunes said on HANNITY Wednesday night that we can be sure someone was “running operations” on foreign soil (British and possibly Italian, that we know of) against Trump campaign people. This might have been done by the American government, the British government, or some other entity. Members of his committee have been asking the FBI about this but to no one's surprise have not gotten any answers.


Nunes pointed out that President Trump will be heading to London in a couple of weeks and will spend some time with the Queen. Nunes himself has “spent a lot of time with intelligence officials from the U.K.,” he said, and he got the impression that they must know more.

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“They’re not idiots...” he said of the British intel people. “There is no possible way that British intelligence folks read the Christopher Steele ‘dossier’ and didn’t just laugh. Okay? So I actually believe that Mueller that the...dossier team KNEW that the Brits actually, I think, did give us some warning. But we can’t get that information.”


Nunes believes the Brits must have raised concerns about Steele’s credibility. (Of course, so did our own State Department, as we’ve just found out. And Bruce Ohr of the DOJ did as well.) He hasn’t been able to get the documentation he's looking for and hopes U.S. Attorney John Durham is able to do that.


Nunes and his colleagues have submitted criminal referrals that allege conspiracies to defraud the FISA court and to manipulate intelligence. He’s hoping the FISA court itself will come forward on this and take action against the top-level people at the DOJ and FBI who misled them with fraudulent information. In expressing this hope, he makes an outstanding point: “It’s not going to be believable [acceptable?] that we should have a secret court in this country if they can’t take action to enforce [laws against] people that deliberately lie to them.” In other words, there needs to be accountability.


It occurs to me, though Nunes didn’t specifically mention this, that Trump having a talk with the British prime minister about the spying might be an important step to take before declassifying any documents implicating the British government or other entities. This concern may be why Trump changed his mind the first time after announcing months ago that he would declassify right away. We know he does plan to declassify soon, so he might not need much convincing from Nunes to talk with May. For all we know, he’s talked with her about this already.

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Sara A. Carter offered her own insight into the spying on foreign soil. “Carter Page and George Papadopoulos apparently...told Stefan Halper,” she said, “who was spying on them for the FBI, that they were in no way...involved with the Russians and they had no idea what Stefan Halper was trying to tell them about...I think what Devin Nunes did today in his letter to the President is going to reveal extraordinary information. I know --- I spoke tonight [Wednesday] to several sources in the U.S. intelligence community that said there would be NO WAY that...British MI-5, British MI-6 senior executives, the directors of those agencies, would know about this dossier and then not share that information with John Brennan.” So, information will be coming out, she said, on what Brennan, Comey and Clapper knew and the details of how foreign intelligence played a role in the FBI’s “Trump/Russia” probe.


I realize the story of what happened with our FBI and the Justice Department as a whole has grown to encompass a huge cast of characters, even spreading around the world, plus a timeline that continues to grow in complexity. Remember, the people who did this hope that most Americans will throw up their hands in confusion and give up trying to piece everything together. My hope is that you will not let it go –- that you’ll seek answers just as single-mindedly as John Solomon, Sara Carter, Tom Fitton and some members of Congress (and we on the Huckabee team, who’ve called the investigation a “bloodless coup” from the start) continue to do –- as this is a shameful scandal, one that very likely will turn out to be the greatest political scandal in American history. (Why does it seem inevitable that the greatest political scandal in American history would involve the Clintons?)


Because this story is so important, I’d like you to have as much background as possible. What happened to George Papadopoulos turns out to be absolutely key, and for that reason I’m recommending his book DEEP STATE TARGET and also linking to Parts I and II of a long-form Mark Steyn interview with him. Part I is close to an hour in length, but when you have some time, I encourage you to watch it, as it’s much more in-depth than the brief segments shown on TV news. Papadopoulos is a serious, well-educated, patriotic young conservative man, and it’s easy to see (especially if you read the book) how he might have found himself, even in his late twenties, working on Trump’s campaign as a foreign policy adviser. At the time Steyn recorded this show, John Durham had just been appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate. Here’s Part I...


And here’s Part II, just over half an hour long…





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  • Yadja McCall

    06/05/2019 09:03 AM

    May hates Trump, but he won out because she is leaving. She Merkel, Marcon, Trudeau and all suffering now because they sold out their culture, race and country to the One World Order. France and the UK along with others taking a Hard Right. Throwing off the UN and EU One World Order. Trump told us some countries leaders called and asked him NOT to declassify the documents because it would embarrass them.

    Those of us who have listened to the congressional investigations from Comey on, know who the cast of characters are and can guess who the countries are. Trump has impacted the world and that is why Soros said at DAVOS he considered him the biggest threat to the world. Yes the biggest threat to the UN Agenda 21/2030 plan and the One World Order. His "America First" and "We are a Sovereign Nation" rang across the bow of the ship of the One World Order and shot many leaders of it down.

    DRAIN THAT SWAMP this is a war that we must win.

  • Joice Quinlin

    05/25/2019 09:07 AM

    I will not give up on wanting the truth about this. This is worst than a day time soap. We still do not have the truth no one has been held countable. As for the Clinton, they were deep in this, that is a non- shocker, The Clinton have been doing wrong for years and getting away with it. This time they have to be held countable for their wrong doing a long with all the other that disrespected the law. Thank you for your newsletters.

  • charles hildebrand

    05/24/2019 10:30 AM

    John Parker,
    Your "brave" comment about Governor Huckaby's daughter is totally out of line.You HAVE NO RIGHT to speak about ANYONE like that,although I'm sure you won't understand that,brave keyboard warrior that you are.You owe Mike and his daughter a sincere apology,which I know they won't receive,as you are a spineless waste of space.Fires of hell?You'll probably find out first hand.

    And no,I'm not related the the Huckaby's.But indecent uncivil discourse such as your's MUST BE CALLED OUT.So how about it John?You man enough,oh sorry,'Person' enough to apologize?Of course not!Too absorbed in your own self righteousness!

  • Joe Wilkerson

    05/23/2019 10:34 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, this is a little off subject, but for heavens sake please tell Pres. Trump to not EVER TO TALK TO PELOSI OR SHUMER again without the cameras rolling and that should stop a lot of their bs. I am so tired of it as many patriots are. Don't play their game. Get the cameras rolling!

  • rodney burke

    05/23/2019 09:00 PM

    Mrs. may doesn't want the truth out because she KNOWS she allowed people in the British Intel group to lie and try to take out a president which an ally doesn't do. Not we should release EVERYTHING and out MI6 and the rest. They KNEW better. They were acting like the enemy in collusion with the half wits. No time to get vicious. this is not a game, this is blind hate on public display. People in GB can be removed from office just like they can here. They need to be EXPOSED and embarrassed. They were apparently doing what the CIA and FBI couldn't. Time for nice is long past.

  • Paul Kern

    05/23/2019 06:19 PM

    They took out of SunTzu's "The Art of War" a manual over 5000 years old. The art of misdirection. Very adept at it. Used to be taught in the American War College. Best work done in the shadows, hence, the Deep Swamp.

  • Kevin Carter

    05/23/2019 05:37 PM

    My question is unrelated to all the current investigations, but do you have any idea why it is taking so long to convene a Convention of the States to force term limits, salary and benefits reductions, and elimination of separate and superior healthcare and pensions for members of Congress?

  • jack macdonald

    05/23/2019 04:38 PM

    I recommend that the cowardly Repubs respond to all the investigations into Trump and his family by initiating the same treatment to Biden, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama et. al. This would include numerous subpoenas, requests for 10 years worth of tax records, etc. etc. I would request certified Birth Certificates, College records, millions of documents regarding the Clinton foundation and endless requests for interviews under oath. jack

  • KKathy Dix

    05/23/2019 03:44 PM

    I agree Trump should be investigating those foreign countries like England and France to see
    what they know about the spying on the Trump campaign and probably even going on now as Trump is President.
    I don't blame Trump for saying he's not going to work with Pelosi and Schumer with all these crazy accusations they keep throwing at him. Pelosi is insane. She accuses him of a " cover up"
    on national TV and then gives her " deer in the headlight" looks and says , " I don't know why he (Trump) won't work with us " ? These Democrats are putting America in a very dangerous position with other countries. Do you think Iran and North Korea would be poking at us if the Democrats were working WITH our PRESIDENT ?

  • Jerry Korba

    05/23/2019 03:15 PM

    Nanci was on the set this morning she looked like a person with a gun to the back of her head the person holding the gun has a bad case of parkinson's Nanci was telling lie after lie she could not remember which lie to tell next. I beg Nanci to not pray to god for Donald her god is not the same god I pray too. I looked into those pitiful eyes of Nanci I may have seen red eyes and Satin dancing on her shoulder; what crime is Donald covering up any chance of some details Nanci? You talk of intervention for Donald I am glad your handlers let you make a slanderous fool of your self. I wonder if you are a blood relative of DeBlasio what a pair of misfits you have a lot of things in common with him NOBODY likes you for one and you have raised the bar on STUPIDITY, if that's possible.

  • Maralyn Killorn

    05/23/2019 02:36 PM

    My comment is a suggestion - America needs a writing contest. The DEMOCRATS need to hear from all Republicans (Americans) regarding support for our President. I plan to email or write a letter to the DEMORATS in the House and ask or beg or plead with them to represent America and support the President. If the House and even the Senate heard from America, they might change their mind about their stance on the President.
    Thank you, Maralyn Killorn, Union Gap, WA

  • James H. Hanks (Jim)

    05/23/2019 01:55 PM

    Get Representative Daniel Webster (R-FL), on your Sunday night program. He is a very active Constitutional conservative and has won the hearts of his constituents.

  • David ColonnaM

    05/23/2019 01:53 PM

    Thank you for sharing all the details and for keeping this in the light, we true Americans will not let this massive corruption fall by the way side. I think this is why in every press conference Nancy and/ or Chuck have, they seem to stumble in their speech and look down a lot. I hope and pray that all the perpetrators get caught and prosecuted via the law. Keep hope alive and continue to share these great revelations.

  • Anne Turner

    05/23/2019 01:38 PM

    Thanks to both you and Laura fir your great in depth commentary. Ms. Warren is a piece of work. Speaker Pelosi May be stepping in it. One problem is that even good people, Warren is not one of them, have so much emotional investment in POTUS as the devil incarnate, that they cannot give it up even with evidence before their faces. Can you imagine what is going to happen when the financial records are given to Congress? You know there will be leaks. Every nuance will be parsed. I do not care if he never gave a penny in charity. I don’t care if he suffered losses. These large companies are audited in depth repeatedly. If he was anywhere near as dishonest as the Dems want to believe, he would have been in jail long ago. Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait. The next Democrat President is going to be in for it, man, or woman, minority or not. The GOP has just about had it. Yes, I do think Trump wants them to bring impeachment proceedings. He knows the American people are tired of it. Let Congress spend all their time on this and non on campaigning. The voters Knew POTUS was a boor, a womanizer, and egotistical but they wanted results. He has given them and would have given more if we had a selfless .congress.

    Here is what they hope for: Trump is convicted, Pence is also convicted, Pelosi becomes POTUS. She appoints HRC as Vp and the resigns. LOL

  • Lisa Ford

    05/23/2019 01:10 PM

    When this is all said & done, may we the people send a bill to all the criminals in the Democrats, for them to personally payback all the wasted money? It would have to be money from their personal accounts. Nothing else acceptable.

  • Lisa Ford

    05/23/2019 01:03 PM

    I think you are right. The people are worn out about this & want to move on. But we absolutely need the truth. And these FISA things need to be held to very high & strict accountability. The American people have forgotten their expectations of privacy, thank you internet. Watch the tv series like ncis. Things happen so quickly & they get their government permissions in seconds. Then all their computer access to spot someone in their car anywhere in L.A. & this has become the accepted norm. I am not against going after the bad guys. But let's get the labelling correct. Our President Trump is not the bad guy! The bad guys are on Capitol Hill wasting our tax dollars day after day wearing us out. Isn't there any rules that states, Congress needs to actually work for their paychecks? Should accountability start there? Obvious they don't want to work together with anyone except democrats. Maybe when they come back from break, ground rules need to be laid. We must see them actually working. We don't like crooked millionaires wasting our money. And treating us like garbage, our opinions don't count, cause we a dumb. We don't understand, not like them, the & mighty. Maybe somebody might want to remind them. Pride goeth before the fall.

  • William Schlumpf

    05/23/2019 12:53 PM

    It is becoming apparent that Mueller was desperately trying to find some illegality in the Trump campaign's dealings. If there was no evidence of a conspiracy with the Russians at the conclusion of his investigation then there could not have been any at its initiation. If there was no evidence at the beginning, no probable cause, then why did he continue the probe unless to find something, anything that could be used against Trump ro remove him from office. We Americans are supposed to be protected from investigators without probable cause by the U S Constitution you know. When Attorney General Barr was appointed Mr Mueller knew the game was up and concluded his probe after wasting tens of millions of taxpayers' dollars. The report he wrote which reads like a supermarket gossip rag is filled with hearsay and allegations for which the one accused has not been afforded the opportunity to defend himself and confront the accuser. But since the accusations are not of criminal acts but rather of questionable behavior & perhaps judgement there is nothing there that could make it to a court of law. Extremely odd that an American prosecutor could pen such a document. If it were written in Stalin's Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany I'd understand.


    05/23/2019 12:40 PM

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed......I am besides myself thinking that if we don't get to the truth soon, if the documents aren't declassified soon, we'll lose the next election.

  • Elizabeth Sandberg

    05/23/2019 11:42 AM

    I am grateful for your reporting. I fear these that are continuing the hunt for truth may need body guards!

  • Debra marrero

    05/23/2019 11:25 AM

    Why id this not apparent to the US Congress, the Senate, etc.? Why is everyone with a blind fold over their eyes? Its like the statue of Liberty with a blind fold over her eyes... this is all shameful!

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    05/23/2019 11:01 AM

    I believe the Democrats are stonewalling because they know this whole thing is a hoax. They are shaking in their boots right now and with Nancy Pelosi throwing out her statement about the president and a cover up just confirms that they're not giving up. I can't believe how much money has been wasted and how much time that the Democrats could have been doing productive work for the American people has been thrown away on frivolous attacks on our administration. This is a crime against America.